windows+apache2.4.10+php7.0+mysql5.6.21 Installation

First, the installation package downloadapache2.4.10 x64 thread safe IIS is used with the non thread safe, and Apache and thread safe work togethermysql5.6.21

Mangodb Windows installation

MongoDB DownloadMONGODB provides pre-compiled binaries for both 32-bit and 64-bit systems, which you can download from MongoDB website, MongoDB precompiled binary package: Http:// Note: Windows XP systems are no

MATLAB compilation matconvnet on Windows

Windows Ten BitsMatlab 2015b/2016aMatconvnet 1.0-beta20 or download git from github repositoryCUDA GPU Computing ToolKit 7.5Cudnn-rc4/cudnn-rc5All according to official website the configuration is done,Compile

Microsoft Windows 8.1 uses records

Starting today, I'll record some of the settings for Windows 8.1.Windows 10 quality control touching ... or 8.1 Easy to use, the tile Start menu is actually very useful, as long as the heart does not repel it.But Microsoft recently pushed Windows 7,

Windows installation using the Curl command

1Go to Http://;O=D website 2Download the appropriate version depending on the number of operating system bits and whether you require SSL. Download here and unzip to the directory where you

Windows core Programming 05-Registration of window classes

Window classThe window class contains data structures for various parameter information of the window. Each window has a window class that creates a window based on the window class. Each window class has a name that must be registered with the

My routines (Windows): jenkins+jmeter+ant Continuous integration

One, Jenkins download installationDownload the Jenkins.war package on the official website: Put the downloaded Jenkins.war package into the folder, such as C:\jenkins, and then open the Command Line window to go to that

Windows Azure Security Control-acl

Because of the recent busy other things, so a long time did not write articles, today saw a customer sent an e-mail that is deployed on the azure my SQL Server has an exception connection information, so I found a little time to summarize, to share

git for Windows

1. InstallationInstall the GIT for Windows program online first.Enter the following in the Gitbash" Your Name " --global [email protected]2. Create a version libraryFind a directory According to your preferences create a folder, I choose

Large file transfer (stream form) based on TCP protocol under Windows

Simple implementation of high-efficient transmission of large files under TCP Large file transfer under TCP, not as small files directly packaged in a buffer to send out, because the file is more likely to be 1g,2g or larger, the first efficiency

Windows NT/NTLM Encryption

Hash, generally translated as "hash" , there is a direct transliteration of "hash ", is the arbitrary length of the input (also known as pre-mapping,pre-image), through the hash algorithm, transformed into a fixed-length output, the output is the

Windows Desktop.ini

Win7 two desktop.ini files on the desktop do not delete, Desktop.ini files in the Win7 system are useful. Detailed Desktop.ini configuration settings file 1 51a4af870100ar7k.html detailed desktop.ini configuration

3 Ways to learn Whether a Windows program is 64-bit or 32-bit

More than 90% of Windows 8.1 installations is 64-bit and, as a result, more and more people use 64-bit operating systems and applications. Even popular applications like Google Chrome and 7-zip is now using the-the 64-bit architecture to provide

Windows 10 Client Hyper-V Guest OS Checklist

Today with Windows Hyper-V building Windows Server 2003 System, try various troubleshooting methods, possible problems are not, unable to properly install the operating system, eventually reluctantly go to Microsoft official website to see that

How to install Gitflow under Windows

Git flow is an extension set for Git that is based on the branching model of Vincent Driessen, which can be used to simplify the release process of code.This article describes how to install git flow for msysgit.Download Getopt.exeGetopt.exe

Using GitHub under Windows

1. First to registered users;2. Download git, Address: Http:// (64-bit download); Http:// (32-bit download)3. Install by default;4. The Start menu found "git", "Git Bash", pop up a similar

Learn more about what Windows handles really are

There is always a newly-introduced Windows programmer asking me what the Windows handle is, and I say you see it as a pointer-like identifier, but obviously the answer doesn't make them happy, and then I say go ask the Niang, they say not too much

What's Git for Windows inside?

What's Git for Windows inside? What is it? Git is a kind of DVCS. How do I use it?The ways of Using Git on Windows Git for Windows GitHub Desktop Git for Windowswhat it?Git originally targets Linux. Windows does not

5. Additional data for window classes and windows

The role of additional data:When registering a window, setting the size of these two data can provide the window class and the window to store their own data space.1. Window class additional dataint Cbclsextra//window class additional data buff size(

Six types of pop-up windows

Close, parent window Pop-up dialog box, child window closes directlyThis. Response.Write ("");Close, the parent window and child window do not pop up the dialog box, directly closeThis. Response.Write ("");Pop-up window refreshes the current page

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