Compilation of sqlite3 static libraries and dynamic libraries under windows

1, download Sqlite3 Source:,, Sqlite-dll-win32-x64-xxxxxxx.zipDynamic Library Compilation:PS: If there are no special requirements, you can

Some ideas of VS2015--WIN32 engineering configuration Min/max conflicts with Min/max macros in Windows

Today is still configuring a project, encountered this problem, use min prompt: Enter the correct identifier.Look at the following code:#include#include#includeint main(){ autostd::min(12);//错误,应输入标识符 return0;}If you comment out the header

Windows program message mechanism (WinForm interface Update)

1. Windows program Message mechanismThe Windows GUI program is message-based and has a main thread that maintains the message pump. This message pump keeps Windows programs alive.Windows programs have a message queue, and all messages on the form

Windows cmd command Search order

To execute a command without a suffix in cmd (without a path), first search in a system command (such as CD, DIR, etc.) with no prefix, and execute the command if found.(dir is a system command with no suffix, so take precedence, ignoring Dir.exe in

Deploying SOLR 4.7.0 in the Tomcat environment of Windows

The main steps are as follows:1, download solr-4.7.0.tgz;2, decompression solr-4.7.0.tgz, unzip the directory structure as follows:3. Copy the Solr.war from the Example/webapps directory into the WebApps directory of Tomcat;4, start the Tomcat


Recent project requirements to learn the knowledge of Nginx, because of their own learning to shallow, a day more finally basically built out, afraid to forget later, so in this recordNginx history, applications and all kinds of not recorded,

Windows Nginx+tomcat+memcache Load Balancer Tomcat cluster session sharing build

Using Nginx to do load balancing memcached session sharingEnvironment Windows 7 X64Java:jdk-7windows-x64.rarNginx:, here we recommend download stable version (stable versions), this article uses

How to connect with Xcode after the Windows 7 virtual machine successfully builds the SVN server under Mac and upload detailed steps for the original project

---restore content starts---This article focuses on how to connect with Xcode after the Windows 7 virtual machine successfully builds the SVN server under Mac and upload detailed steps for the original project.For information on how to configure a

SVN automates full-scale backup (Windows Server)

One, SVN full-scale backup script:1) New file Backup.bat , open the editor and enter the following:echo offinstallation directory for REM subversionSet svn_home="C:\Program Files (x86) \visualsvn Server"REM Parent directory for all repositorySet svn_

WDS Automation installs Windows Server R2

Experimental environmentCommon PC One system: Windows Server 2008r2ip: steps1, find a PC 2, install the system Windows Server, and configure the IP3, join the domain or become a domain control (this experiment is Domain

Windows Apache configures multiple service sites

OriginalMethod One: Multiple Apache servicesChange the root directory of the first site:Look for the DocumentRoot attribute in file apache2.2/conf/httpd.conf, and change the following path to the path of your primary site.such as: D:/www/web1To

"Translated from MoS article" Oraagent Memory Leak under the Windows platform

From:Oraagent Memory Leak (document ID 1956840.1)Applies To:Oracle database-enterprise edition-version and laterInformation in this document applies to any platform.Note:this document is based on the analysis performed in a Windows

Quickly install and run Laravel 5.x on Windows

Install PHP Note One: Laravel 5.0 started on the PHP version of the requirement is >=5.4 that Laravel 5.1 requires PHP version >=5.5.9 , so, we recommend you try to install the latest version of 5.5.x, when writing this article, the latest

GitHub for Windows clients use the action flow

Git is a distributed version control system that was originally written by Linus Torvalds and used as the management of Linux kernel code. As a programmer, we need to master its usage.As an open source code base and version control system, GitHub

Windows 10 driver Signature _win 10 Drivers Digital Signature _ Driver Signing considerations

Currently for driver developers are often faced with a problem--windows 10 drive digital signature problem, according to Symantec VeriSign Code signature China agent Shenzhen yi-dimensional letter customer service, the current issue of Symantec

Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) to develop DLLs under Windows involves data synchronization locks and DLL initialization termination functions

Using TDM-GCC (MinGW) to develop a DLL under Windows if you want to use a data sync lock, you can theoretically use the critical section implementation provided by the Windows API (the function that needs to be used is initializecriticalsection,

The simplest way to install a Windows operating system without making a startup disk

The first few steps of the online and well-known way to reinstall the Windows operating system are usually to make a USB drive boot disk or disc boot disk, and install the operating system completely after restarting the calculation. This is a

Libcurl with HTTPS supported under Windows compilation

This article refer to you very much.A few HTTP GET requests are used in the company project, using the Libcurl Open Source Library.When new requirements are connected to third-party

Windows PowerShell 1.0 Localized installation

Windows PowerShell 1.0 localization installation package for Windows XP (KB926140) of the. NET Framework releases and download link

[Official Tutorials] [ES4 Package Tutorial] 2. Use Easy Sysprep v4 to encapsulate Windows XP

(i) Back up the current operating systemThe first step in encapsulation is actually to back up the currently installed operating system. Avoid problems in the next steps, so that we have to reinstall the operating system, wasting time and

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