Configuring Wampserver under Windows

First, open LAN accessProfile: Click on the WAMP server tray in the lower right corner and select apache>httpd.confSearch for the keyword "deny from", you will find a "deny from all" to delete him, and then found that there is a line "Allow from 127.

Tomcat Automatic cutting log (Windows)

First step: Get CronologDownload Cronolog-win32Step Two: Unzip and place the Cronolog.exe in the Tomcat bin directoryStep Three: Modify Tomcat's Startup.bat fileCall "%executable%" Start %cmd_line_args%Replaced byCall "%executable%" run

Remember the installation of Windows one time

When using the original installation, tools such as the win General installation assistant are required to select the Install.wim in the image sources directory to install, and you cannot double-click the setup in the image to install the

Use Gethashes to get Windows user password hash value

Gethashes is an early hash password acquisition software for Insidepro Corporation. Try it on the Win7, it has no way to catch the hash value of Sam file, but on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, this gadget is very useful.Gethashes is a

Fix windows 7 under IE11 Unable to uninstall, unable to reinstall, prompted to install the updated IE version

User feedback when installing IE11 on a Windows 7 system, the installer appears to be having problems, waiting for a long time to be unresponsive and then disconnecting the computer from power. After the IE11 browser can be used, but cannot install

Talking about RDS of next generation Windows Server

The official version of Windows 10 is about to be released this month, and the next version of Windows Server is still in the tech preview, so what's new in the next version of RDS?Here I actually pay more attention to the change of Vgpu, because in

Resource allocation for system Windows processes About Archive Categories Pages Tags Limit MongoDB Memory use on Windows without virtualizationI ' ve seen the question of how to

Mutual communication between different subscriptions for Windows Azure

For Windows Azure subscriptions, it's not just a commercially billable approach, it's also a stand-alone resource pool subscription. Different subscriptions are not accessible to each other, so today it's easy to configure the communication between

Build Gitolite server through Cygwin in Windows environment

This article references: team was even using VSS before contacting Git last year, and the outsourcing team introduced git in an outsourced project because of the need to work

OpenSSL under Windows compilation

SOURCE Download: 1.0.2CCompiler tool: ActiveState Perl from Http:// (I'm using VS2015)In fact, the entire compilation process, OpenSSL written very clearly, there are many

IIS7 installation URL Rewrite (URL rewrite) module under Windows Server

The URL Rewrite module is a rule-based URL rewrite engine that changes the URL of the request before the URL is processed by the Web server. For dynamic Web applications, it can provide friendly url,url overrides and redirects for users and

Windows keyboard Message Processing

Original link: of this article is from MSDN and netizens blog, I made some summary on the basis of practice. 1, Virtual key (vk_*) Each key on the keyboard corresponds to a scan code, scan

Windows Curl SSL Version compilation

Compile Curl-ssl version hit a lot of pits, here to record. Hands-on testing, note version number!!!!! 1. Download curl-7.43.0 libssh2-1.3.0 openssl-1.0.0s ActivePerl5 zlib nasm2. Compile OpenSSL, you can refer to this article at the time of

Windows 7 Hard Drive installation Ubuntu 14.04 Graphics tutorial

Ubuntu has officially released the official version of Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and claims it is a ready version for cloud computing. This version is a good addition to the reliability, performance, and interactivity of the cloud platform and scaling

System image Backup restores Windows 10 system

What is a system image? System image is a copy of the entire system, if the system is damaged or missing files, causing the computer system failure to stop working, you can restore the system to the state before the failure. The system image

Wizard Framework: A self-developed Windows Forms-based Wizards development framework

Recently, due to project needs, I have designed and developed a Windows Forms-based wizard Development framework that I have now open up and released a NuGet installation package. One of the more embarrassing things is that when I released the NuGet

Github for Windows Usage tutorials

I believe most people are skilled at using git and GitHub under Linux, and some of them may not be familiar with the use of Windows, and some of them who do not have Linux installed may start using GitHub from the start of Windows. Let me just

Windows Server DNS Server

Company Name is ABC Company, build DNS server. Head Office in Beijing, the company's registered domain name is . Your company has two branches, the first for Asian companies (Asia), the company is headquartered in Beijing, the second is a

POSIX in Windows real: Gentoo-prefix/interix

Introduction: Whether it is mingw or Cygwin, including the recent rise of MSYS2, there are all kinds of strange, a word, is inseparable from windows, but also to POSIX heart itch difficult to scratch. Gentoo prefix allows you to practice POSIX

Modify Erlang default path under Windows system

Create a new. Erlang File:Io:format ("consulting. Erlang in ~p~n", [Element (2, FILE:GET_CWD ())]).C:CD ("C:/erl5.7.2/work"). % Note is the symbol "/" instead of "\". The catalogue changes according to individual needsIo:format ("Now in:~p~n",

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