Install Wamp and WordPress under Windows

Installing WampWamp is a PHP development integration environment on Windows, with one-click installation of Php,apache and MySQL, very convenient.Double-click the Wampserver2.2exxxxxxxxxx.exe file to install, and the next step in the installation

apache2.2+php5.4 Configuring instances on Windows

These days have been win8.1 on the configuration of the apache+php environment, read a lot of articles on the Internet, and made a lot of mistakes before the configuration of success, for the novice is really a little difficult.I'm going to write

Google Protobuf Learning Note one: Under Windows environment configuration

Welcome reprint, Reproduced please specify the original address: and principle of protobuf, please view: PROTOBUF

Windows configuration JDK

First, JDK1.6 downloadCurrently the latest JDK version is JDK1.6, to can download JDK1.6.Second, JDK1.6 installationThe installation of the JDK is very simple, just follow the wizard step after step.

64-bit Windows 7 successfully configured Tortoisegit using the GitHub server

This tutorial explains the use of third-party tools Tortoisegit submit code to GitHub, which GitHub provides itself with a sync tool. There are video tutorials available on GitHub's own web-based tool.Git is a distributed version control system that

Building an IIS server on local Windows 7/8

1. Open "Control Panel", Select "Programs and Features"(view small icon), 2. After entering the interface, click "Turn Windows features on or off". Then tick the two marquee (select All) in the picture, be sure to show it as a tick, not a black

Windows Azure creates a virtual machine and publishes a test site

Many people have just started using Windows Azure and want to test the most basic features: using a virtual machine to publish a test site. Most of the features of an azure virtual machine are similar to local, and some settings require users to do

Windows Azure Storage (20) uses azure File

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  When we are hosting the environmental operations website in a traditional IDC, we often encounter multiple Web servers with load balancing, followed by the same networked storage (SAN). In this way,

The easiest way to install Gnuradio under Windows (no one)

The author in the Windows XP SP3 32-bit under pro-test passed, theoretically Win7 also no problem.1. If Python is installed on the system, please uninstall Python first.2. Download and install Python (x, y)

Installing PCL point Cloud Library under Windows

SOURCE Link: Introduction: There are probably two ways to install the PCL Point Cloud Library under Windows: First, All-in-one-installer, this is only two versions of 1.5.1 and 1.6.0, and as

Jenkins Master in Windows

Jenkins Master installs on Windows1 JenkinsJenkins was renamed from the previous Hudson. The main function of Jenkins is to monitor the execution of repetitive work, such as the construction of software engineering or jobs set up under cron. In

Windows Server 2008 building a file sharing service

Environmental requirements:1. Company organization structureGeneral Manager (person in charge: Boss)Finance Department of Research and Development Department Administration departmentMember (YANFA1) member (XZ1) member (CW1)2. Permission Assignment(1

Overview of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) architecture and its main concepts. Code samples demonstrate WCF conventions, endpoints, and behaviors

Summary:Overview of the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) architecture and its main concepts. The code example demonstrates WCF conventions, endpoints, and behaviors. Contents of this pageBrief introductionWCF Basicscode exampleSummaryBrief

installation of. net+ memcached under Windows

Reprint please indicate source: official: an introduction to memcached, please refer to: memcached depth analysisDownload the server side

Github for Windows Usage Introduction

Git has become so popular that even CodePlex now has the main push to Git. GitHub is full of high-quality open source projects, such as Ruby on rails,cocos2d and so on. For programmers accustomed to Windows GUI, the use of GitHub takes time and

Windows user Security Tips

This article applies to all Windows systems that have administrator users and standard users, such as Windows 2000 above the operating system, and UAC is feature-capable over Windows Vista versions.A newly installed Windows system or a newly

Install Memcache under Windows 7 and Wamp server

1. Installing the PHP memcache extension1). Download memcache extension Https:// Note: A. x86 or 64 bit depends on version B of Wamp server. PHP version 2). Copy to ext directory copy php_memcache.dll to ext directory 3).

Migrating 2003 to 2012R2 by using Windows Migration Tools IP Migration

when it comes to IP migration, I really want to write a blog, this technology, at that time is probably the 2013 time to learn the technology, but has not found a good opportunity to practice, a while ago, the author is responsible for a research

Configure Squid reverse proxy server under Windows

Squid is a very popular server software under a UNIX-like system, and its most important function is to establish a cache between the client and the service. So squid can be used as a reverse proxy, deploy multilevel caches or build CDNs, whatever

Dell Dell Server R510 more than 2T how to install Windows operating system single partition over 2T

Dell Dell Server R510 more than 2T how to install Windows operating system single partition over 2TBackground: The company's data volume is too large, ready to buy a hard disk to build a storage server, bought 6 2T of SAS hard disk. Build RAID5,

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