(turn) Windows platform Time function performance comparison Queryperformancecounter,gettickcount,ftime,time,getlocaltime,getsystemtimeasfiletime

Executes 10 million times and takes 2258,369 microseconds QueryPerformanceCounterExecutes 10 million times and takes 26,347 microseconds GetTickCountExecutes 10 million times, takes 242,879 microseconds time ()Time function of C (time_t) is about 6

cleverly resolves an issue where the Windows Copy command does not accept too long paths

Today encountered a write in the bat file to perform Xcopy success, but some of the file lost problems, view the log, found a lot of hints:"The system can not find the path specified."But to see under the specified path, the file does exist, and in

IIS administrative user isolation mode FTP is built on Windows R2

Windows R2 on the building IIS managing the user's isolation mode FTPWindows Bring your own FTP can now be provided based on non- OS user management, which improves security. Even if the FTP user name and password are compromised, there is no

Install the cool iis7.x to the 80-Port shared Windows (64-bit) system to run multiple cool-swelling

Demand: 1. The mode of direct operation of the cool is self-host running. Since the win system is generally provided by IIS with multiple Web services, and first occupies 80 ports, this mode of operation can occur if you want to cool the swelling

Windows log Print statement

1. Formatted string (writes formatted data to the specified string)wchar_t szmessage[260];Pwstr pszfunction = L "Hello world!" ”;DWORD dwerror = GetLastError ();STRINGCCHPRINTFW (Szmessage, ARRAYSIZE (szmessage), L "%s failed W/err 0x%08lx",

Implementing transparent Windows under Win32

The first to write the transparent window code, after Baidu, found SetLayeredWindowAttributes () This function, but because of the lack of online case, so many people can not very good use of this method, I spent a few days to write a realization

Gearman Task distribution System deployment Windows platform _ using Cygwin

1. Download Cygwinhttp://www.cygwin.com/Then select Install from Internet, Direct Connection, select the first URL.Here is the selection of the library installation, note that you need to enter the library, and then click on the Skip, see the

Windows Application Layer Network module literacy

Speaking of Windows Application Layer network communication has to mention Winsock,winsock is working in the TCP/IP layer of the application layer (TCP/IP layer is divided into host to network layer "bit", Network interconnect layer "data frame",

Data types in Windows programming

In Windows programming, there are a lot of strange data types, beginners do not know what these represent, the following data types are listed as follows: Atom Atom (Reference to a string in an atomic table) bool Boolean variable boolean boolean

Remote management of virtual machines on Windows Azure via PowerShell

Connecting a virtual machine on Windows Azure is certainly not a difficult task especially if you connect the Windows operating system simply by clicking on the Remote Desktop Rdpwindows Azure virtual opportunity to help you automatically create the

Automatically reset Windows update components

Select Product Version: All products If you receive a Windows Update error, try the common solution for Windows Update errors. Automatically reset the Windows Update component to automatically reset the Windows Update components, click"Run Now", and

Introduction to the use of GitHub and GitHub for Windows

Many programmers put their own code on GitHub, which makes it easier for them to manage and to be consulted. So I've been working on this for a couple of days, and now just summarize how to use GitHub and GitHub for Windows.1, now GitHub register an

Windows Server-DHCP high-availability two configuration articles

After installing the DHCP role, we need to deploy the configuration in Server Manager, we can see that this small flag has a sigh good, click the Flag button650) this.width=650; "title=" 17.png "style=" height:511px;width:720px; "border=" 0 "hspace="

Windows Server-ipam real-combat

In Windows Server 2012, there is a new feature: IP address management, referred to as ipam (IP addresses Management), with the increase of DNS and DHCP servers in the enterprise, although the graphical interface allows us to easily manage, however,

Windows exception Handling

Reference book: "Windows environment 32-bit assembly language Program design" 14 chapters, "C + + disassembly and reverse analysis Technology Disclosure" 13 chapterThe effect of exception handling: The system gives the program the last chance to fix

Windows Server R2 working folder two configuration chapter

We have already deployed the Work Folders server, this one begins to configure the working folder.Select file and storage server, working folder, click New Sync Share under Tasks650) this.width=650; "Width=" 720 "height=" 541 "title=" 36.png "style="

[windows]_[Intermediate]_[using command-line tools dumpbin parsing files]

DUMPBIN (vs comes with)1. Function symbols for exporting LIB files (symbols)Dumpbin/exports Zlib1.lib[Plain]View Plaincopy Microsoft (R) coff/pe dumper Version 10.00.40219.01 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

Common Windows Batch Processing

Toggle Execution PathIf you do not change the disk:cd XXXChange the disc:cd/d xxxGet Current dateIt is important to use the date and time as the file name when writing Windows batch processing.How do I get the date?Format:%date%Results:

Windows Storage Server 2012 creates iSCSI for Vsphere

There's just an out-of-the-box HP DL380 G5, today trying to use this server to build an iSCSI storage space and connect to a vsphere host.System: Windows Server Storage Server,vsphere 5.0General installation system, add domain.I. Network-related

memcached Installation and command usage under Windows


: http://blog.couchbase.com/memcached-windows-64-bit-pre-release-availableClick on the red circle:Unzip after download, such as extract to memcached folder in D driveOpen start-up run-->cmd call the command window and use the command to enter the

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