Key to accessing the database using the ODBC API under Windows

This article uses the SQL2005 + VS2008 environment to successfully connect to the database in ODBC API mode.1.SQL Installation and Environment configurationThis part of the Web-based random search has a lot of information, and it is easy to

Chapter III-windows Procedures

This chapter I do not know how to write, hehe ~ ~After all, Win32 is a very esoteric system, but I am not allowed to this kind of junior here judge, but I am to write to those who are in the entry stage of the friends to see, and not to those who do

memcached (Windows) installation and configuration

Keyword: memcached (Windows) installation and configuration 1. Download the Windows version of memcached: 2. After decompression, put in the directory of the hard disk, such as: D:\memcached. Then enter cmd

27th: PCI In Windows driver, DMA, ISR, DPC, Scattergater, Mapregsiter, Commonbuffer, Configspace

Some people recently asked me about PCI device drivers, and after communicating with them, I recommend that they take a look at > This book, personal feeling, this book is very consistent and smooth.PCI Device driver basically includes the resource

"Windows core Programming" IO completion port (IOCP) Copy file small sample before simple description

1, about IOCPIOCP is an IO completion port, which is a highly scalable and efficient asynchronous Io method, a device or file associated with an IO completion port, and when the asynchronous IO operation of a file or device is completed, the

Kinect for Windows V2.0 new features

Appearance:       second GenerationKinect for Windowslooks withKinect for Xbox OneThe same, the difference isWindowsversionKinectIt says on the top ofKinect,Xboxversion has only one greenX. kinect for Windows 2.0 kinect for Xbox One

One up when network management (a) DHCP configuration on--windows server

School laboratory large and small equipment, network environment, although not complex, but also more complex than the home, when practicing practiced hand bar, just write some articles, lest later the laboratory network no one tube. So let's start

"Windows core Programming" an example of API interception

API blockingModify the Import function address of the PE file import segment to the new function addressThis involves a image_import_descriptor descriptor structure for each implicitly linked DLL in the import table and Iat,pe file in the PE file

Integration of Apache HTTP Server and Tomcat under Windows

Integration Preparation:1, Apache HTTP Server (hereinafter abbreviated with Apache)2, Tomcat 7 or 83, (tomcat-connectors)-This file is used to link the HTTP server with Tomcat Bridge:

Windows notes-A simple Windows GUI application

#include //write header files that Windows programs must containLRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (Hwnd,uint,wparam,lparam); declaring window function prototypesint WINAPI WinMain (hinstance hinstance,HInstance hPrevInstance,LPSTR lpCmdLine,int

Windows Apache configuration SSL to support HTTPS and error resolution

Step one: Install Apache, enable it to support SSL, and install PHP1. Install the apache,apache_2.2.8-win32-x86-openssl-0.9.8g with SSL module2. Configure Apache to support SSL:1) Open the Apache configuration file conf/httpd.confLoadModule

Installing Deployment Exchange 2010 on Windows Server R2

Recently came nothing to do, pounded the drum Exchange Server 2010 Service installation and debugging.First, plan ahead:Two servers, one domain DC, one for Exchange server;Exchange 2010 installs all the features on one machine here.DC ExchangeWindow

Nodejs installation and configuration under Windows system

about Nodejs Chinese station, now the best active knowledge station should be, and less active. Express.js is an MVC development framework for NODEJS and supports a variety of templates such as Jade,

In-depth learning: Getting Started with Windows git tutorial (top)

One, install the git:1.1linux on the install command:sudo apt-get install git1.2 Install git on Windows:Using the Windows version of the Msysgit, the official:, click to enter the official website, if the official website

Windows Kernel principle Series 01-Basic Concepts

1.Windows APIThe Windows application Programming Interface (API) is a system programming interface for WINDWOS operating system user mode, which is included in the WINDWOSSDK.2. About. NET. NET consists of a class library called the FCL and a common

Several ways to login passwords for Windows XP

There are a number of ways to hack Windows XP login passwords online, but many are not. I now summarize myself have tried several, these methods are actually compared vegetables, but feasible. WINDOWS XP login is managed by Sam files, the overall

Hard disk (no CD-ROM) installation under Windows XP system Ubuntu-14.04-server

1. Download Ubuntu14.04iso image, you can go to (Ubuntu website) [] Download, for example, we download is UBUNTU-14.04-SERVER-AMD64.ISO2. Configure startup Item 2.1 Download Grub4dos, you can go to Google's project

Entering the Windows Programming World-----window registration and Creation

1 window register and create 1.1WIN32 window program creation steps1. Definition of WinMain entry function2. Definition of WindowProc function3. Registration window classRegisterClass, RegisterClassEx4. Create a windowCreateWindow,

Solve matplotlib Chinese garbled problem (Windows)

Matplotlib is a well-known Python drawing library that does not support Chinese display by default and therefore cannot display Chinese correctly without modification. This article describes how to solve this problem.The main online method is to

Blocking system shutdown under Windows 7

Starting from Vista, want to prevent the system shutdown began to become troublesome, not only to intercept wm_queryendsession, the operating system only give an application two seconds to save their own things, two seconds later, no matter done no,

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