How to install IIS in Windows XP Home Edition

How to break the restrictions of XP Home on IIS. 1. First, we must upload a 2000 pro or server.2. Use the composer to open your c: \ windows \ INF \ sysoc. inf3. Find this line: IIS = IIS. dll, ocentry, IIS. inf, hide, 7Changed to: IIS = iis2.dll,

Install Windows 7 with a USB flash drive

In the library, I borrowed a book "final solutions win7", which describes how to install a Windows 7 system with a USB flash drive. Summary: Format the USB flash disk. After the formatting dialog box pops up, click "Restore device default" and

Get ready for 64-bit windows

Msnd Linke: (V = vs.85). aspx ABSTRACT Data Models Every application and every operating system has an abstract data model, using application do not explicitly expose. Llp64 model, only pointers

Windows Live Messenger 8.0.0812 final

Windows Live Messenger will be the next generation of MSN Messenger. it still includes all the features of your favorite messenger-your contact list, illustration, and instant contact with your friends using text, sound, and video-In addition, it

Windows optimization master v7.72 build 7.0429 perfect cracking Special Edition download

Software name: Windows optimization master Software: 4.95 MB Software type: domestic software/optimization settings Running Environment: win2003, WINXP, Win2000, NT, winme, Win9x Authorization method: Special Edition Software language:

[Share] Windows 8 little-known 50 tips

According to foreign media reports, there is still some time before the official version of Windows 8 is released. However, the Windows 8 Developer Preview version has shown us many new features, it includes a variety of Metro user interfaces,

Windows 7 PE Ram boot disk and WIM image creation

With the windows PE boot board and imagex command, you can easily package the system and installed software into a WIM image for future recovery of the system.This article first introduces how to create a PE boot disk for Windows 7, and then back up

Windows Installer Service Solution

Symptom: when installing the software, how can this problem be solved? "You cannot access the Windows Installer Service. You may be running Windows in safe mode or the Windows Installer is not correctly installed. Please contact your support staff

Install and configure apache2.2.8, php5.2.6, mysql5, and phpmyadmin2.11.6 in Windows Vista

Recently, we started to use PHP. Therefore, we need to configure the development environment of haoxing. Considering that the current system is vista, we decided to run on Vista first, if you are free, install Ubuntu in the virtual machine to run

Windows scripts use Windows Script file (. WSF) 2/4

To simplify script writing, you can divide a script into multiple parts. Using this method, A. WSF file is created and used as the starting point for execution. Other parts can be. js or. vbs files. These files will be referenced from the. WSF file.

How to install IIS in Windows XP Home Edition

From:Http:// is not feasible to obtain the IIS File from disk 2003 for installation, so I have to use iis5.0) Place the Windows 2000 Pro/Server/adv server CD on the optical drive.

Windows XP switch speed Optimization

1. Speed up XP boot and Shutdown Choose Start> RUN> Regedit 〕 Find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Desktop key and change waittokillapptimeout of the right window to 1000.(The original value: 20000) is

How to install IIS in Windows XP Home Edition

Place the Windows 2000 Pro/Server/adv server CD on the optical drive. Prepare the i386 category of the XP Home Edition Security disc (sometimes stored in c: \ windows \ i386) Program program c: \ windows \ INF \ sysoc. inf, will:IIS = IIS. dll,

Restore Windows/XP Administrator Password

1. Delete the Sam file and clear the Administrator account and password. 2. Search for the password from the Sam File 3. Reset the disk with the password Iv. Modify Screen Saver files 5. Use the software to change the password Windows. xp.2000.nt.

Windows Azure cloud computing study Note 2-Windows Azure in-depth observation

The previous Windows Azure cloud computing study Note 1-Windows Azure introduction is a general overview of Azure, which will be discussed in depth in this article.   Create a Windows Azure Application ------------------------------------------------

How to build an SVN server in WINDOWS (Subversion)

1. Obtain the svn Program 2. Install the Subversion (SVN) server and client. The downloaded Server is a zip package, which can be decompressed directly. For example, I can decompress the package to E: \ subversion. The Client installation file is

Iis and apache port 80 cannot be started properly

This article introduces how to prevent apache from being started. apache port occupies port 80 by default, which is commonly used in IIS, thunder and SKYPE will also use port 80, so we can start with these guys. By default, IIS uses port 80, and

. Htaccess redirection and url rewriting

. Htaccess requires apache to enable VM support. htaccess can implement the following functions. Next I will introduce it. htaccess blocks access from some ip addresses, redirects and url rewriting, limits access to special resources, and implements

How to solve the problem of "227 Entering Passive Mode" during FTP connection

Yesterday, the "227 Entering Passive Mode" error was prompted when I connected the ftp server configured on a Windows server. Next I will introduce the solution to this problem. Two FTP service modes: • Port mode (active mode). connection process:

Solution to IIS7 large file upload restrictions in Windows

If you are using windows iis, you may find that uploading large files cannot be uploaded. Baidu later found that iis7 restricts the size of the uploaded files. We only need to modify the web. maxRequestLength in config. In IIS7, even if you are on

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