Telnet under Windows

Click "Start" → "Control Panel" → "Program", "in the program and function" to find and click on "Turn on or off Windows features" into the Windows Feature Settings dialog box. Locate and tick the Telnet client and Telnet server, and finally "OK"

OpenSSH for Windows configuration

Note that configuring the OpenSSH for Windows key authentication process, Memo———————————————————-1. Create a Windows user SSH dedicated to SSH remote login.SSH Local login can be set in the local security policy, but it is not convenient to debug a

Nodejs Chinese tutorial-windows the installation and configuration of NODEJS development environment __JS

Is it node.js? Also server-side JavaScript? For this concept I do not explain this article, you can go to search to understand, server-side JS is not a new technology, but the recent node.js of the hot let him broke out, I will explain in the future

Ubuntu mounts Windows partitions and reads and writes NTFS partitions automatically

A Edit the Mount script Autowinfs by executing the following command. sudo gedit/usr/sbin/autowinfs Copy and paste the following referenced content,Save the file and exit. #!/bin/sh##autowinfs Auto Mount Windows disks## Copyright (c) Jiahua Huang

Windows System Metasploit Installation and FAQ

First step: Download Metasploit installation package from the official website Step Two: Turn off antivirus software and firewalls on your host Step Three: If it is a windows7 system, go to the Control Panel->

Metasploit-Learning 4---installation under Windows 7

Note: Windows7 Install the Metasploit program, after the installation of some modules rely on other programs, but also need to install other programs, some commonly used features no problem. It is recommended that you install it under Linux,

Part I: The detailed process of using ireport to make reports (under Windows environment)

Hint: in some plate, the picture in the article does not see, suggest to my blog browsing article: article will cover 3 elements: Part I: The detailed process of using ireport to make reports (under Windows

Principles of DHCP authorization in Windows domains

Principles of DHCP authorization in Windows domains In a network of Windows, you can prevent illegal DHCP servers from being present by authorizing DHCP servers in domain mode. How does it work? A DHCP server running Windows Server 2003, which

How to install memcached under Windows XP

First, download memercached for Windows Second, installation steps 1, extract to the specified directory, such as: C:\Memcached\memcached-win32-1.4.4-14. 2, with cmd Open command window, go to extract the directory, input "memcached.exe-d install".

Getting Started with Git and GitHub Warehouse management projects under Windows

1 Installation There are several implementations of the current version of Git for Windows, but we chose the Msysgit release, which is currently the best compatibility. Download Address: Http:// When the

Windows how to find memcached extensions and how to install memcached into a service

first, in the window PHP operation memcached need to find a suitable extension, extended in the official download, address is: Windows extended indexing site for PHP 5.2/5.3:Here you can find things like Php_oci8.dll, Php_memcache.dll,

Deploying services on the Windows Azure platform

Announcement: This blog is the mirror blog of Microsoft Cloud Computing Chinese Blog. some of the articles will affect the reading experience because of blog compatibility issues. If in this case, please visit the original blog. Brief

"Windows Programming" Reading notes------------->> text output--Multiple lines of text <<

Because TextOut is not able to use/N for multiline output, the position of each of its rows is determined by coordinates, so to achieve multiple lines of output is to calculate the position of each row, so you need to know the height of each row

Windows Remote Desktop (MSTSC) access to Ubuntu through the RDP protocol

1. Install XRDP zhou@desktop:~$ sudo apt-get install xrdp [sudo] password for Zhou:Reading Package List ... CompleteAnalyzing Dependency tree for PackageReading status information ... CompleteThe following additional packages will be

Installation and use of Git under Windows

Git what is a thing, I do not introduce here, if we still do not understand, you can go to Baidu. I'm here to give an introduction to the URL: Git profile here is leaving an address

Tomcat7.0.22 the detailed configuration process under Windows

First, JDK1.7 installation 1, download jdk, download address: 2, add system environment variable, my Computer-> attribute-> advanced-> environment variable (if the

SSH connection to the Git library under Windows, using the public key method

Project development under Windows, using Git to connect to git libraries via ssh, while SSH uses public key to connect. First you need to download the mygit and use Git bash after installation. Git bash (with GUI interface, such as tortoisegit after

Create. gitignore files under Windows (some files are ignored when Git commits)

I believe that when you submit a file using Eclipse's Git plug-in, There is a problem with the possibility of accidentally submitting unnecessary documents (such as the. project,.classpath file or the. Settings folder and the files below), and there

Windows 7 Installation HyperTerminal connect COM port devices

Windows 7 has no HyperTerminal and can only be implemented in an opportunistic way.1. Configure the phone firstFill in the information and click OK.2, download this terminal to run, note: To run as an administrator.Link:

How to create a virtual environment under Windows (by default)

Many small partners usually use Python, some projects need to use Python2 to develop, and some projects need Python3 to develop. When it is unclear how to separate the environment, at this time the two environments began to fight, each other silly

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