Windows thread Synchronization Detailed

Thread Synchronization Issues In multithreaded programming, errors are extremely easy to produce. The cause of the error: two or more threads concurrently access shared resources (such as global variables, handles, space, etc.), resulting in

gvim8.0 compiler configuration under Windows

Recently due to various reasons, the IDE from the source insight into vim, referring to a lot of blog articles, tossing a long time to toss a general appearance, now summarize experience:Main references:Transform Vim into source insightConstruction

Windows periodically deletes log files that are n days before the specified path

The contents of the Windows under Bat script file are1. Delete all files up to 5 days before the specified path.@echo offset Srcdir=e:\work\gitset daysago=5forfiles/p%srcdir%/s/m *.*/d-%daysago%/C "cmd/c del/f/q/a @path"2. Delete all log files up to

The private key is generated under Windows to generate the public key and the SFTP in the configuration FileZilla

Win under the need to use to PuTTYgen.exe to generate the public key, you can refer to this article on YouTube: Secure Shell (SSH) key pair for SFTP vaultPuTTYgen.exe: articles about

Windows core Programming (1)

I. Creating a process message loop1.WinMain First call the API function registerclass Register a window class, this class definesThe window's important properties, such as window procedure address, default background color, icon. by WNDCLASS

Windows asynchronous I/O explanation

When we read and write to the file, the thread should be blocked, that is, the thread is waiting for the end of the read and write operation, which is calledsynchronous I/O。 Windows provides us with an efficient mechanism at the system

Installing the Zabbix Agent client on Windows

Download: In the Windows system C-drive new Zabbix directory, unzip the downloaded installation package ( into the c:/zabbix/directory:     zabbix_ Agents_3

Windows Server 2003 appears as a solution for the Directory Listing Denied This Virtual directory does isn't allow contents to be listed.

Directory Listing DeniedThis Virtual Directory does isn't allow contents to be an issue where directory permissions cannot be accessedSolution:Right---rights---add--Advanced--click on the search results inside everyone-> OK--click Full

Spin locks available in Windows and Pthread

Spin locks are available in both Windows and POSIX, and we can also implement spin locks with c++11 Atomic. So what is the relationship between the two properties? Introduce the implementation code first:#ifndef

Use Nginx, Consul, Consul template to build load balancing and service discovery services in Windows environments

The purpose of building load balancing and service discovery ServicesAs the business of the website continues to improve, the performance of individual servers becomes increasingly difficult to meet the customer's business needs, so in many cases,

Installation and simple configuration of nginx in Windows environment

Copyright NOTICE: This article for Bo Master original article, without Bo Master permission not reproduced.I. Download and install NginxGo to nginx website to downloadI choose nginx/windows-1.10.3 version here, download and extract it, the extracted

Install configuration on Windows SSH Tutorial (7)--Several ways to compare

Server side: Windows XPClient: Windows 10Since Cygwin can also install OpenSSH, the client can actually install OpenSSH directly using Cygwin, so there are two ways to use SCP (secure copy) under Windows————————————————Scenario 1: Graphical

Windows Server 2016-Manage Site Replication (ii)

To keep directory data on all domain controllers consistent and up-to-date, Active directory replicates directory changes on a regular basis. Replication is based on standard network protocols and uses change tracking information to prevent

Download patches offline using WSUS and install them in a non-networked Windows system (for example, Windows Server R2)

First, I lost Finding-and-downloading-all-available-win2008-r2-and-w7-32bit-patches-without-u found a way for WSUS to install Windows Server 2008 offline.and into

Add YAF under Windows, generate YAF framework

Native environmentPHP7.0Apache 2.4.23YAF Framework Extensions Add1: Download Add extensionHttps:// Unzip the Php_yaf.dll file into the current PHP ext directoryEdit php.ini Join Yaf.dll and configure the corresponding

A collection of Windows platform rights to exploit, a small harvest of the code-browsing cloud

These two days stroll a bit cloud, accidentally saw this library, collected.The vulnerability list is as follows:#Security Bulletin #KB #Description #Operating Systemcve-2017-0213 [Windows COM Elevation of Privilege vulnerability] (Windows 10/8.1/7/2

Windows Server 2016-Manage Site Replication (ii)

To keep directory data on all domain controllers consistent and up-to-date, Active directory replicates directory changes on a regular basis. Replication is based on standard network protocols and uses change tracking information to prevent

Windows Compute program Run time (high precision timing)

First, meet the Clock () and GetTickCount ():One, clock ()Clock () is a timing function in C/s + +, and its associated data type is clock_t. In MSDN, the check for the clock function is defined as follows:clock_t clock (void);In simple terms, it is

Windows Server 2016-Manage Site replication (i)

You can use the Active Directory Sites and Services snap-in to manage site-specific objects that implement intersite replication topologies. These objects are stored in the site container of Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS). Domain

Install the Windows system in command line mode

It is well known that there is a limit to the number of partitions installed in Windows, so it is generally recommended to use command-line mode.Installation at the beginning of the installation interface: SHIFT+F10 #进入命令行模式 DiskPart #

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