Install SQLServer2012 cluster on Windows Server R2 System (abbreviated)

4 Servers (1 AD, 2 SQL Server, 1 iSCSI storage server)9 IP (1 AD IP, 2 SQL Server IP, 2 heartbeat IP, 1 iSCSI Storage server IP, one cluster IP, 1 DTC IP, one cluster IP)1. Build a domain environmentThe IP address of the Dcserver is configured as 192

Install mysql5.7 on Windows

Preparation before installation:System: windows7-x64Mysql:mysql5.7.19-x64-windows Compressed PackageInstallation steps:There are two ways to install MySQL on Windows, one is to install the MySQL compression package, the other is a graphical

No need to crack: Windows Server R2 At least 900 days of free use

No need to crack: Windows Server R2 at least 900 days free October 30, 2009 Friday 02:10 1. After first installation, there is a 180-day trial period. 2. At the end of the 180-day trial period, activate SVR R2 with the following

I finally activated Windows Server2008 R2!!

After my unremitting efforts, after reloading the system two times, I finally realized the win2008 KMS activation. This approach avoids the hassle of virtual machines setting up KMS servers. The activation method is now published as follows.The

Quick access to Windows Update via the desktop right-click menu

With the WIN10 RS3 official release date approaching, Microsoft recently pushed the new build for the WIN10 preview is very frequent, I believe many readers can not wait to open the settings to find updates, for Windows Insider preview of the fans,

Windows must learn commands

One, PingIt is a command to check whether the network is unobstructed or the speed of the network connection. As an administrator or hacker living on the network, the ping command is the first DOS command that must be mastered, and it uses the same

AD Script KiXtart Three (add Windows shared printer)

in the article, the user script is done on the basis ofIn the script file Kixtart.kix, add the following:---------------------------------------IF INGROUP ("Color_printer")If addprinterconnection

JS Windows.document Object

Quad selector: class, ID, name, labelTo get an object from a selector:...................................  ClassName ("); --Class Selector...............................  Name ("); --Name Selector................................  TagName ("); --Tag

Resolution "Missing Print_winsock_errors.obj" is reported when Windows compiles libevent

First, the summaryLibevent is a lightweight, open source high-performance event notification library written in C.In the Libevent official website ( Download the source package, in the Windows platform compile, will be reported

No response downtime for VMware platform Windows Server 2012

Our production servers are deployed on the VMware ESXi 5.5 platform, and in the last half-year time, occasionally there is no response (unresponsive) to the server operating system for Windows Servre 2012, and in the event of a problem, The server

Zabbix3.0.4 Monitor Windows CPU usage percentage and trigger alarms at CPU usage above 90%

Zabbix3.0.4 monitoring the percentage of CPU usage for WindowsZabbix module does not have the CPU utilization (percentage) This monitoring item, we can realize CPU percent monitoring by adding counter.1. Add CPU percent monitoring project on Zabbix

Windows client configures the SSH public key for GitHub

Check the settings for SSH keys$ CD ~/.ssh/If "No such file or directory" is displayed, skip to step three, otherwise continue.Back up and remove the original SSH key settingsIf a key file already exists, you need to back up the data and delete it$

Windows virtual Memory mechanism

In Windows systems, each process has its own separate virtual address space. The size of this address space is related to the computer hardware, the operating system, and the application.For 32-bit programs, you can use up to 2GB space

Install Apache and PHP7 separately under Windows

Preface: A year of PHP did not have their own environment, with the integration of the environment, and recently wanted to use PHP7 and Laravel5.5, so decided to build a local environment.1. download Apache (due to PHP7 requirements, so to download 2

Running Kafka on Windows Setup

First, install the Java JDK1. Download the installation packageHttp:// Download the corresponding installation package according to the 32/64-bit operating system2. Add

Hard disk installation Windows Server 2008 (Resolve system drive letter to D Drive)

Hard disk installation Windows 2008 System methods Download the ISO image file first. Load the Win2008 image file and copy all of the files to the hard disk, such as D:\win2008. Copy the "Bootmgr" and "Boot" folders inside the win2008 to the

Tutorial on using JNI under Windows

The use of JNI generally has the following 4 steps:First, write the native method in JavaSecond, the C + + header file generated with the Javah commandThird, write the corresponding C + + program to implement the method declared in the header file,

Windows 2003 Windows 2012 export domain-controlled hash method

Quarkspwdump The author describes the usage: 1. Windows 2008 Microsoft recently implements VSS (Volume Shadow Copy Service) which allow a administrator to make FileSystem

Figure Windows Build 16273 Update release: New variable font bahnschrift

After three weeks of waiting, Microsoft finally released the Windows build 16273 update for fast channel users for Windows Insider projects today. In fact, Microsoft should have released a new version two weeks ago, but due to some bugs in the

Windows error handling mechanism

One, the wrong handling mechanism1.1, in the execution of each function, there will be a special queue.1.2, in these special queues, will maintain some things.1.3, these queues are in memory, and memory is stored in a number of values.1.4, these

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