Resolves python2.7 ' ASCII ' codec can ' t encode character in Windows environments

Under python2.7, the "Unicodeencodeerror: ' ASCII ' codec can ' encode character U ' \xa0 ' in position ' error will appear when writing a string to a file, The reason is that because Python handles characters based on ASCII, an error message occurs

Configuring multiple sites under Windows Apache

1. httpd.conf find the following two lines to remove the comment:# Include Conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf# Include Conf/extra/httpd-vhosts.conf2. httpd-vhosts.conf file, add multiple Site Settings:### #ServerAdmin [email protected]# #DocumentRoot

Windows Server uses FTP "Current security settings do not allow download of files from this location" warning

For security, Windows Server disables the security option to download files from the Web by default. This error is present here, so turn this option on:Control Panel--internet Option--security--find "Custom Level"--Find "Download" item, which has

[Leetcode] Minimum window substring min character windows

Given a string S and a string T, find the minimum window in S which would contain all the characters in T in complexity O (n ).For example,S = "Adobecodebanc"T = "ABC"Minimum window is "BANC".Note:If There is no such window in S so covers all

Windows NT WinLogon Notify

In the NT-series Windows operating system, malware can make itself bootable by correlating winlogon specific events, such as Lock,logoff,logon,shutdown,startscreensaver,startshell, Startup,stopscreensaver,unlock and so on, which can even allow

Windows Server Volume Activation Tips

This was Scott McArthur, a supportability program Manager for Windows and Surface. With the launch of Windows Server I wanted to share some information on Volume activation: Updating your existing KMS hosts to support Windows Server 2016

WINDOWS+GIT+TORTOISEGIT+COPSSH installation Tutorials and problem collection

Preparatory work:1, Git-, Copssh_4.1.0_installer.exe:, Tortoisegit-

Windows uses composer to introduce the official GitHub expansion pack

Windows uses composer to introduce the official GitHub expansion pack1. When you open the mighty RC4 version of the link, pull down you can see this, then you have to do is to think, Baidu composer, see what is a ghost, don't think too much, follow

Windows Program Packaging script [bat]

The process of packaging scripts is basically the same as automatic packaging:1. Compiling the Software2. Copy the required content3. Code Signing4. Package as installation files5. Re-sign and change the installation file name to the desired format--

Windows self-removal programs and DLLs

Windows self-removal programs and DLLsPhoto article a self-removal program selfdelete.Code download (My ftpserver,usernamepassword=pub):Ftp://pub:[email

Windows Hook Hook Example

1. First write a Win32 DLL project." stdafx.h "int WINAPI Add (int A,int b) { return a +b;}BOOL apientry DllMain (HANDLE hmodule, DWORD ul_reason_for_call, lpvoid lpreserved) { return TRUE;}Add an

To manually install a third-party module in Windows

Python's power is also reflected in the installation of third-party modules, in the Linux environment can be maintained with PIP, in the Windows environment, if the offline installation, you need to manually download and install yourself.Environment:

Windows Server 2012 Version activation methods

Windows Server 2012 Activation TutorialThis article includes the following two versions of the activation process: (Note that the RC version is not activated!) 1. Windows Server 2012 Trial Version Activation 2, Windows Server 2012 official version

Windows Utility Scripts


Organize a few more command tool scripts that are used on everyday windows.Delete all files in directory and directory@echo onCD/D E:\testFOR/R%%s in (., *) do rd/q/s%%s\ new FolderExitREM Deletes all the specified folders under a directorySecond,

NodeJS, NPM installation configuration steps (Windows version)

Nodejs installation under Windows is convenient (after v0.6.0 version, support Windows native), only need to login the official website (, you can see the homepage of the "Install" button, A direct click will automatically

Windows font Display knowledge

Windwos font display. Use the textmetric structure to store font display fields. Baseline generally by ascentcalculations. The height of the font contains ascent and descent. Calculates the body font, which can be usedHeight, can also be used the

Windows Server 2003 installs the IIS service and configures the Web site

First, install the IIS serviceBrief introductionIIS (Internet Information Server, Internet Information Service) is a Web (Web page) service component that includes Web servers, FTP servers, NNTP servers, and SMTP servers, respectively, for web

Installing with batch processing, compiling COCOS2D-X 3.0---Windows

This document applies: Win7 32bits (XP 32bits may apply, not tested) Development target Environment Android Software version number May 2014 was downloaded as a newer version number.Since the cocos2d-x from 2.x to 3.0 compilation

Windows Active Directory Management (1) Overview Deployment Domain Services

(a) AD brief:1. Active Directory: is a directory service in a Windows network, and for Active Directory Domain Services AD DS concepts, there are two active directories that are a directory: Active Directory is a service.Advantages and Features:

Windows Batch processing small note

Tag:windows    batch processing     @echo  off &setlocal enabledelayedexpansionecho  Modify the Hosts file:: type c:\windows\ system32\drivers\etc\hosts^ | findstr /n  ". *": mainecho  ======================== =======echo    Select the action echo  

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