ms17-010 eternalblue SMB Remote Windows Kernel Pool corruption 2017-05-18 16:45

Wget " Modules/exploits/windows/smb/ms17_010_eternalblue.rb "-o/usr/share/metasploit-framework/modules/exploits/

Common functions for Windows APIs

Transferred from: NET Although the class library is very strong, but there are some times the function is limited, master common API functions,Will give us an alternative way of thinking about

Windows Programming dialog box loading displays BMP images and refreshes

Reference article: loading and display of pictures is also part of the window drawing. So its code is written under the WM_PAINT message of the message function.(This code picture path is

Windows dig Domain name resolution tool installation and use

The nslookup parsing command tools under Windows are already familiar. In addition, on Linux or UNIX, the Dig command tool is more dominant in parsing.Under the main instructions below, dig how to install and use the Dig Command tool under

Differences between Windows authentication and hybrid authentication

The different two authentication methods are mainly focused on trusting connections and untrusted connections.Windows authentication is more secure relative to mixed mode, and SQL does not infer Sapassword when using this connection mode. Instead of

Initial introduction of Nginx-windows under Nginx

The company has just used Nginx, pre-learning. Since the machine does not have a Linux environment, it is familiar under Windows.Download1):http://nginx.orgAt present (2017-05-30), Nginx stable version is, in the official website to download first, 1

Windows Server 2003 64bit SP2 under Installation RABBITMQ

I. BACKGROUNDRecently made a small base component, the main role is asynchronous message notification, cache maintenance, and time-consuming task processing.In this process, the message notification and time-consuming tasks are handled using the

Installing Gvim Records on Windows

The cause is interest in programming, as well as picking up what you learned at school, and trying to learn a new programming language from scratch, filtered to Python. Editor want to choose a lightweight and easy to use software, do not need a

Wine (CrossOver) makes you silky smooth running Windows apps on MacOS Platform

As we all know, MacOS platform, a variety of applications are few, on the Windows platform, some common applications, on the MacOS platform is more difficult to find the trace, and sometimes the corresponding Mac version, but generally relatively

Windows under Scrapy crawler frame

1. Install python Download the Python installation package according to your needs and install Python (this article is based on python27) the installation default installation path to facilitate

Several ways to use Windows system font installation

Simple Font installation method:1. Open the Fonts folder under Windows of the system disk;2. Use another window to open the folder where the fonts are stored;3. Select the fonts you want to install in the folder where the fonts are stored (some or

A summary of the Chinese garbled problem in the program development under Windows

The author encounters the problem background:Windows use notepad++6.7, FTP connection remote Ubuntu Host, local create remote host file, after editing the upload appears in Chinese garbled.I do not understand the problem at first, because set the

"10" Force full game "Ti" zx53ve-New Flight Fortress Notebook (Windows home/new seven-generation standard pressure I7-7700HQ/GTX 1050Ti 4g/8g memory/1TB+128GB)

"10" Force full game "Ti" zx53ve-New Flight Fortress Notebook (Windows home/new seven-generation standard pressure I7-7700HQ/GTX 1050Ti 4g/8g memory/1TB+128GB)Http:// ¥7199.00 (save ¥700.00) market

Windows Common DOS commands

1. View network connections and routing statusNetstat-a See which ports are open, common Netstat-anNetstat-n View Port network connectivity, common Netstat-anNetstat-v viewing work in progressNETSTAT-P protocol name to view the usage of a protocol

Windows Server2012 R2 Deploying a network File system

Network File System PreviewThe network File system services and Roles feature in Windows server2012 R2 with Windows server2012 contains the file and storage server roles. The network File system provides enterprise-class file sharing solutions that

Install storm1.1.0 under Windows

Zookeeper and Python need to be taken care of before installing storm, so let's take 3 steps below:First, zookeeper1, on below download to the new page, you have to point a middle download, and then select a mirror

005 Windows Messaging Mechanism

#windows消息机制Create a new first WIN32 applicationVS2015 New Project Win32 application//Win32WindowDemo.cpp: Defines the entry point for the application. //#include"stdafx.h"#include"Win32WindowDemo.h"#defineMax_loadstring 100//Global

Windows under Latex Graphviz font settings

FC-LIST:LANG=ZH-CN > X:\zn.txtEnglishCalibri,calibri Light,calibri Light italic:style=Light Italic,italiccambria:style=boldarial,arial Narrow:style=Narrow,normal,oby?ejné,standard,κανονικ?,regular,normaali,normál,normale,standaard,normalny,обычный,

A collection of common Windows tips

1. How to eliminate carriage return characters in WordFILE-Options-show-tick off paragraph mark2. Windows does not restart to make environment variable changes take effectTo modify the environment variable "PATH" as an example, after the

Windows hides the system function pop-up window

OverviewThe following program is a window popup issue that resolves when you call the system () function under WindowsHeader file#include Source/** * @brief ordinary character-width character * * @param lpcszstr Ordinary character * @param lpwszstr

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