installation process for Windows Bpython

Just started to learn python when using the Ipython interpreter, very useful, and later found that Bpython more powerful, Linux system installed basically no problem, but installation in Windows is not easy ah. Using Google search, found

Windows Svchost.exe caused the appearance of inexplicable its second window loses focus

I do not know you met No, anyway, I met, and now I will give you the solution, of course, are from the online finishing downThis loss of focus can be divided into two kinds, one is the virus, one is the system comes with the problemFirst of all, you

Experience Windows Catalog \ use/Replace in actual development

#include try not to use \, but use/, this way to migrate code into the Linux environmentThe code is as follows:#include "stdafx.h"#include #include #include using namespace Std;int _tmain (int argc, _tchar* argv[]){Char utfbuffer[256] =

Make an OpenStack Windows Mirroring template (official image)

First, hardware and software preparation1, the physical machine one: requires support for hardware virtualization, the CENTOS7 installed on the physical machine2, Windows7 ISO, can use any official image, here take windows7-x86 as an example.3.

Windows SDK 7.1 Installation Tutorial

The new version of MATLAB requires Windows SDK 7.1, not the previous, when running the Mex library. NET4. And because. NET4 + Visual C + + 10 and SDK 7.1 have a certain conflict, the former must be uninstalled before installing the latter one.In the

Windows Timer Learning


A timer is a kernel object that is fired at a specific time or regular interval. Asynchronous program calls that combine timers allow the callback function to execute when any timer is fired.You can create a timer by calling CreateWaitableTimer (),

"Original" Superset installation configuration under Windows

Superset is an open source BI data analytics and visualization platform (formerly known as Caravel, Panoramix) by Airbnb (a reputable online house rental company), which features self-service analysis, custom dashboards, visualization of analysis

Configure Samba sharing with Windows-enabled access under Ubuntu

First, install Ubuntu Samba server$ sudo apt-get install Samba$ sudo apt-get install smbclient # Linux client Test withIi. Creating a Samba configuration file1. Back up the original configuration file$ sudo

ESP32 Getting Started experience-windows


This post is suitable for entry-level personnel, but at the same time welcome new and old readers to criticize.A treasure bought a esp32, there is a ESP32 development guide book.And then the environment is built. The above is written mainly on Linux,

The difference between "literacy" "32-bit and 64-bit Windows

When a user buys a Windows installation disk or re-installs the operating system, they usually encounter this problem, that is, do not know how to choose to use 32-bit operating system and 64-bit operating system, some people say that the 64-bit

Uploading a 51cto blog using Windows Live Writer

Upload a 51cto blog previously summary using Windows Live Writer Not accustomed to blogging using online Web pages, but fortunately 51cto provides the live writer upload feature. But the online introduction, although good, there is no

Compiling and using libevent under Windows

Libevent Official website: 7 under compilation:Compilation environment: Windows 7 + VS2010(1) Unzip libevent to F:\libevent\libevent-2.0.21-stable(2) Open the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 command-line tool(3) Modify the

Compiling libevent source code (Windows)

Study notes, just record this success with Libevent source code to compile. The environment is Mingw+vs2008+msys.0. Download Libevent Library the stable stable version of the library.1. CompilingAt first I compiled it

Testlink Learning II: Windows Build Testlink Environment

Environment Preparation :Build php5.4.39+apache2.2+mysq5.5.28l Environment(Refer to testlink1.9.13 requires more than php5.4.)First, Testlink environment constructionDownload the Testlink

Windows Application Run Permissions settings

In later versions of Windows in Vista, there are times when you need to elevate the post-build program's permissions to let the generated program run as an administrator. Although in general, you can use the right mouse button to choose the way to

Windows Desktop and folder right-click Open command-line window

Windows Desktop and folder right-click Open command-line window1. Press SHIFT first, then right-click to run cmd (not Administrator privileges)I've added the right button and the system has PS instead of CMD, so it's "open the Powershell window here2

Windows Server AD Site and domain Deployment Series (ii) Create a forest domain control

This blog post began to enter the domain and the formal deployment of the site, first at the BJ site PC01 host side, create virtual machine ds01, leveling Create the first domain in the forest , the deployment steps are as follows:Network

Call Windows 7 in English mixed read aloud

1. Windows7 built-in speech recognition2, text-to-speech added Microsoft Lili-chinese (China), support Chinese-English mixed reading3, female voice, part of the phrase basic pronunciation accurateI have the impulse to make a small program, as

"Windows Socket+udpserverclient"

Windows sockets+udpserverclient     Winsockis the standard for socket under Windows.          1.UDP Socket Programming : UDP (User Datagram Protocol) is a no-connection. Unreliable transmission of data, its characteristics are simple and fast.

Windows Server 2008 Activation serial number, activation key Daquan

The Storm Win10 activation Tool is a small compilation of the latest Windows Server 2008 activation key serial number. Not many people to use, but most of the activation codes are here.650) this.width=650; "class=" Alignnone size-full wp-image-2284 "

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