Summary of the "Tips Summary" command line download file under Windows

0x00 PowershellWin2003, WinXP not supported$client = new-object System.Net.WebClient$client.DownloadFile(‘’, ‘E:\file.tar.gz’)Download files via IE$ie = New-Object -Com

Windows Developer day-windows AI Platform

This time Windows Developer Day, the most worth looking forward to is the Windows AI Platform, it can be said that awaited started out. For developers who watch live streaming, the most popular messages are Windows AI Platform.The following is a

Windows periodically deletes a batch script for a file a day ago

Note:1. If there is no forfiles.exe under XP, copy the Forfiles.exe file under Windows2003 to the System32 directory of XP to use the Forfiles command.2. This document applies to Windows client operating system XP Win7/8/10,windows server-side

Setup of user isolation for Windows Server FTP server

# What is User isolation?Simple to introduce you, isolate the user is, on the server to the client users to create a landing user, and to each user to create a directory of their own files, users can access only access to their own file directory,

Analysis of Windows security log under domain control scenario--Audit authentication behavior and History of commands

First, domain-controlled Windows security log basic operations1. Open PowerShell or cmd1 #gpedit. mscTo open the configuration:Policy configuration on account security where to configure the account2. Open Control Panel, System and security, Event

Conemu, MSYS2 tool integration for improved console productivity under Windows

Compared with Windows cmd git-bash this kind of console tool is very useful, but the Git-bash command and function is relatively simple, the function is not easy to expand, Git-bash itself is based on Msys.Yesterday found that using both MSYS2 and

Scapy installation on Windows

You need the following for the software to install Scapy on Windows:Python:python 2.7 or 3.3 +. After installation, add the Python installation directory and its foot book directory to your path. According to your Python version, the default is C: \

Windows re-install system

This article is mainly for those who do not reinstall the system Windows users, although the reinstallation of the system Win7 or win10 is very simple, but there are some small white do not understand how to install a new system, it is not clear

Windows 10 installs Hyper-V and creates a virtual machine

1. Open Control Panel (Control Panel can be found through windows built-in search)2. Select the program3. Turn features on or off4. Select the Hyper-V feature5. Click Confirm and installComplete the installation5. Open Hyper-V through search6. Open

Windows Server 2016-active Directory Domain Services overview

Active Directory(AD) is a directory service that Microsoft uses to develop a Windows domain network. It is included in most Windows Server operating systems as a set of processes and services. Initially, Active directory is responsible only for

Windows Swoole Development Environment Configuration

Stayed in Windows, into the JetBrains's family bucket. Prepare to get started swoole, it's impossible to run a little bit of change every minute git push . So you want to windows configure the swoole run environment on. A comparison of several Linux

Windows Server 2016-graphical migration FSMO role

In the previous section we briefly introduced three different ways to view the FSMO host role information, before opening our brief review of the FSMO Five operations master roles: There are two types of forest-scoped operations master roles (schema

Windows server, NTP configuration, enables member server and client time synchronization with domain controller time

recently, found that the company domain member user time and the domain server time is not synchronized, to achieve: 1, the domain member server and intra-domain client and domain NTP server synchronization, 2, the domain NTP server as the client

Using selenium to manipulate browser problem records under Windows

Problem: Executing program code error:Webdriverexception:message: ' geckodriver ' executable needs to BES in PathOrSelenium.common.exceptions.WebDriverException:Message: ' geckodriver ' executable needs to is in PATH.Solution, Geckodriver is an

Zookeeper on two Windows environment Building pseudo-cluster

Create zoo1.cfg,zoo2.cfg,zoo3.cfg under the Conf directoryZoo1.cfgticktime=2000initlimit=10synclimit=5datadir=e:\\programfiles\\zookeeper-3.4.10\\data\\1datalogdir=e:\\ Programfiles\\zookeeper-3.4.10\\logs\\1clientport=2181server.1=localhost:2287:338

Socket network Programming-Windows-based

First, socket programmingRun the server first, this article uses threads to run the server, and then run the client.Ii. Basic ConceptsIP: Can uniquely identify a host on the network;Protocol + port: can uniquely identify a process in the host;So the

Installing and running Hadoop under Windows

Install Hadoop under Windows and go directly to the website using simple brute force methods:1. Download the installation package for Hadoop:> to the left releases-> Point Mirror site-> Point/HTTP/

X-windows Desktop


When it comes to x-windows desktops, the first thing people think about is KDE and GNOME. Most of the desktop environments on Linux distributions now use these two items. Indeed, KDE and GNOME are well-done, aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, and

Brief introduction of the difference between System.Windows.Forms.Timer and System.Timers.Timer usage

System.Windows.Forms.TimerForm-based applicationsBlocking synchronizationSingle ThreadA timer with a longer processing time results in a significant timing error.System.Timers.TimerService-basedNon-blocking asynchronousMultithreading ///

How does one disable automatic Update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Home Edition?

How does one disable automatic Update for Windows 10 and Windows 10 for Home Edition? The automatic update of Windows 10 is always too "conscious", and there will always be a "Update and shutdown" prompt during shutdown, Which is annoying. Windows 1

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