Windows compiler Leveldb

Prerequisites, download the Boost library and compileOnce the boost library is ready, you can compile leveldb.First, download the Leveldb-windows, which is on GitHubOne.1 File-"New-" Create a new project from an existing code fileOpen the Create new

Windows installation mysql5.7

1. Search "Mysql Download" to enter the official website or click the link to enter the official website, as follows:2. Download the corresponding MySQL version as follows: Click MySQL on Windows---MySQL

Windows multithreading (vi) mutex mutex vs. critical segment CriticalSection Comparison

The same point of the key segment CS and mutex mutex: All threads have the right toBoth the critical segment and the mutex are wired to be owned by a thread. In the previous article on critical section CS, it is said that the fourth parameter of the

Installing Phpredis extensions under Windows

Installing Phpredis extensions under Windows Get your PHP information based on Phpyinfo X86,php5.6,ts,vc11 Find the corresponding version on the PECL website 5.6 Thread Safe (TS) x86 Unzip the

"Windows Programming" micro-Technology Report II

Special studies on signals and slotsIntroduction: Signals (signal) and slots (slots) are used for communication between objects. Signal / slot mechanism is an important feature of Qt. in graphical user interface programming, it is often necessary to

Windows 10 quickly opens a command line in the specified directory

First, hold down the SHIFT key and right-click on the directory you want to reach. See, this time in the pop-up menu One more option, that is, "Open command Window Here", we click to open a look.Second, but sometimes we need to open the command line

Monitoring Windows services to automatically restart services when the service is stopped

@echo offREM defines the cycle interval time and monitoring services:Set secs=60Set srvname= "ServerName" echo.Echo ========================================echo = Query the status of the computer service, = =echo = = One query per interval of%secs%

Windows Settings new text document default encoding UTF-8

1. Open Notepad to create a new blank text document, do not enter any text, and then save the document and encode it in the Save As dialog boxThe default ANSI is modified to Unicode or UTF-8, followed by the name of the file, where the new document

Tortoisegit Learning Series of Windows on the installation of Tortoisegit on the detailed

Installation preparation for the Tortoisegit First you have to install the msysgit under Windows. Install the version controller client Tortoisegit [friends who are not accustomed to English, can also be the next language pack]. :

Windows 7 JDK 1.8.171 + Tomcat 9.0.8 Environment configuration

Windows environmentC:\>systeminfo|find "OS"OS 名称: Microsoft Windows 7 专业版OS 版本: 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601OS 制造商: Microsoft CorporationOS 配置: 独立工作站OS 构件类型: Multiprocessor FreeBIOS 版本: American

Compiling the deployment Rap2 on Windows

Compiling the deployment Rap2 on Windows Introduction Install the required environment Installing the back-end site Create a database PM2 and typescript are installed globally

Installation of Nginx on Windows and Configuration and optimization of Nginx

1. Download Nginx Download stable version, take nginx/windows-1.12.2 as an example, download directly nginx-1.12.2.zipUnzip after download, unzip as follows2. Start NginxThere are a number of ways to start Nginx(1)

Build SVN server and install client under Windows environment

First,Download1.Http:// Service SideThis document is used in conjunction with VISUALSVN server servers and TORTOISESVN clients.Click on the VISUALSVN link above to download VISUALSVN server3.Download

Installation of the Windows Server 2R Server version domain controller and building of the domain environment (image download)

This article with you to share the server server version of the network building, there is a system image to provide free download (install the same as the WIN10 version of the installation, there will be 4 versions of the installation process to

Ethereum-windows-Private Chain-build (non-source)

First contact with Ethereum, only installed, not reasonable:1.WIN10 system, 64-bit2. Ethereum Wallet3. Ethereum Geth ClientGeth and wallets can be downloaded to's library, which provides a domestic mirror and an official website

Windows Server Summary

What is a domain?Logically organize the computers in the network together for centralized management, a centrally managed environment called DomainWhat is a domain controller (DC)In the domain, there is at least one domain controller, and the domain

RABBITMQ Installing the deployment documentation on Windows systems

1.RAbbitabout MQMQ is all called the message queue, and Message Queuing (MQ) is an application-to-application communication method. Applications communicate by reading and writing messages to and from the queue (data for the application), without

Publish the Windows 10 Desktop Pool automatic Desktop pool View composer Link clone

The following is a newly created virtual machine for the Windows 10 operating system, Vmtools is already installed, and then the system is activated with a KMS serverCurrently the system is active, the next will use the previously released link to

Windows 10 installation Uwsgi: Not feasible, failed

Windows 10 Home Chinese version, Python 3.6.4,uwsgi-2.0.17.tar.gz, compression tool -7-zipHint: Please do not like me to try, wasting time, go to play on Linux!Several hours of installation experienceYesterday afternoon to learn to deploy "Django

Publish the Windows 7 Desktop Pool automatic Desktop pool View composer Link clone

1. Log in to the VMware Horizon View Web Console, locate the desktop pool in the Directory drop-down menu, click Add, open the Desktop Pool New Wizard Select the desktop pool type, select the automatic desktop pool2, select the user assignment type,

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