SSH connection to the Git library under Windows, using the public key method

Project development under Windows, using Git to connect to git libraries via ssh, while SSH uses public key to connect. First you need to download the mygit and use Git bash after installation. Git bash (with GUI interface, such as tortoisegit after

Create. gitignore files under Windows (some files are ignored when Git commits)

I believe that when you submit a file using Eclipse's Git plug-in, There is a problem with the possibility of accidentally submitting unnecessary documents (such as the. project,.classpath file or the. Settings folder and the files below), and there

Windows Time synchronization settings

Windows Time synchronization settings Sometimes when our local computer is out of time, we can use the Network Time Protocol NTP (Network time protocal) to synchronize with the external time server or Windows domain server to correct the local time.

VC6 Add custom messages (the main window sends messages to child windows)

To send a message to a child window from the main window, you can add a custom message to the child window, and then you need a place to call the message in the main window. Call Method: 1. Add the child window to the member variable of the main

Configuration method that Windows Apache uses. htaccess URL overrides

Step one: Find Apache configuration file httpd.conf (files in the Conf directory) Second step: You must first have to let the server support Mod_rewrite, if you are using a virtual host, please ask your host provider in advance. Open httpd.conf

Obtain the true IP and MAC address of Windows version client when using reverse proxy such as Nginx

Note: There are two limitations to the code: 1. The client must be a Windows operating system 2. The program code deployed to Linux when the desired effect, access to the IP is so IP access to the MAC address is also inaccurate, to be

Windows System Vulnerability claim

Suppose you've uploaded Webshell on the target server. To view information about the target server: User: Network, Port: Component: Then execute the cmd command: Click to execute: From this you can know that the system Cmd.exe is not

Windows API One Day Practice (CreateIoCompletionPort) and GetQueuedCompletionStatus function __ function

In Windows systems, using a completion port is one of the high-performance methods, such as using the completion port to the thread pool and the network server. Now it's time to introduce how to use the completion port through the thread pool method,

Windows git bash display in Chinese

1, C:\Program Files\git\etc\git-completion.bash: Alias ls= ' ls--show-control-chars--color=auto ' Description: Allows you to enter the LS command in Git Bash to display the Chinese file name correctly. 2, C:\Program FILES\GIT\ETC\INPUTRC: Set Output-

Windows Tomcat project update and database backup script __ Database

I use a batch processing, that is executed with CMD, if the use of PowerShell execution may have problems Mine is the installation version of the TOMCAT,TOMCAT has been installed into service Automatically update projects and deploy to delete

Create Windows timed, system services, uninstall and install detailed steps

1 new Windows Service project 2 Add custom settings file 3 Configure basic parameters, You can use the constant Timing_WX_L.Settings1.Default.span defined here in your program as follows, 4 Set installation parameters can refer to

Configure Tomcat + OpenSSL on Windows platform

Turn from: It's clear enough, I'll just pick it up right here. Because of the single sign-on system that configures CAs, you need to configure Tomcat SSL first, in the configuration of Tomcat SSL process, I

Windows Memcache Installation and testing

In recent projects, some data needs to be cached using memcache to reduce the number of queries to the database. This article documented the installation and simple testing process for memcache, and the installation memcache includes two steps,

Modify the service port under memcached under Windows

Always loyal to the local memcached port is different from the server, always modify the configuration file. Read the n long memcached.exe Help, in the installation of services, there is no way to specify parameters. In command mode, you can use

To see which process is occupied by a port number under Windows

Collated from the network, for reference. First, see which process the port number is occupied by Netstat-ano, but-O can only show the PID of the process Take port number 1521 for example: C:\Documents and Settings\administrator>netstat-ano | Find "1

Get rid of annoying dos windows

Background: Friends provide a windows2003 as a version of the server (if it is Linux will not have this piece) so have to start the Svnserve in the DOS window, annoying is to shut down the DOS window, the service is stopped, but always open that DOS

The Windows Server 2008 W3SVC service failed to start, error 1068: Dependent service or component failed to start

Startup occurs after Windows Server 2008 opens the IIS service: Wesvc failed to start, error 1068: Dependent service or build failed to start Solution: 1. Ctrl+r, input Services.msc 2. Find the World Wide Web Publishing Service services, the

Windows 7 UBUNTU10.10 shared folder running under virtual machine vmware

In order to build a Linux cross-compilation environment, the author needs to install Ubuntu in the virtual machine, many packages need to be acquired through the WIN7 shared folders. There are a lot of people have questions, ask what without

STM32F4 series MCU, Windows watchdog WWDG bug

Bug in STM32F4 Series MCU, window watchdog WWDG. 1. If it is possible to pre-feed the dog interrupt, then the following two points must be met (1) Before turning on the WWDG interrupt, the EWI flag bit in the SR register must be zeroed out,

Windows API text Output (i)

---restore content starts---One, draw and redraw1,windows does not preserve the contents of the window, when the window is overwritten and then restored, Windows sends the WM_PAINT Message notification window process to redraw the client area (the

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