Github for Windows Usage Introduction

Git has become so popular that even CodePlex now has the main push to Git. GitHub is full of high-quality open source projects, such as Ruby on rails,cocos2d and so on. For programmers accustomed to Windows GUI, the use of GitHub takes time and

Iis6 pseudo-static graphic configuration tutorial

This article shares a tutorial on iis6 pseudo-static graphic configuration. If you need to know how to configure pseudo-static iis6 in windows, refer to this article. 1. Right-click the website you want to set up 2. properties -- home directory --

Iis and apache port 80 cannot be started properly

This article introduces how to prevent apache from being started. apache port occupies port 80 by default, which is commonly used in IIS, thunder and SKYPE will also use port 80, so we can start with these guys. By default, IIS uses port 80, and

Differences between iis 404 page settings and url and file selection

The purpose of setting the 404 page is to improve the user experience of the website. In the user's opinion, we choose url or file, but in the search engine, there are many differences between url and file, the url returns status 200 and the file

How to Implement 301 redirection (apache/iis/htaccess) for websites

From the perspective of search engine optimization, the 301 redirection technology is undoubtedly the best way to handle changes to the website URL, while the 301 permanent redirection, it is nothing more than the safest and most perfect solution

Iis "Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005) unspecified error"

When iis reads data, the following error occurs: Microsoft JET Database Engine (0x80004005) is not specified! There are a lot of friends who have this problem, so I will give you a detailed solution here. Asp works normally, but the Microsoft JET

W3wp.exe process occupies too high memory Solution

Worker. This process is used to allocate a large amount of system resources. Now we have studied the following configurations: 1. Configure an independent application pool for each website in IIS. That is, they do not affect each other. 2. Set the

HTTP 500 internal server error resolution

HTTP 500 internal server errors usually occur on websites and there are thousands of solutions. Below I will summarize several common solutions for HTTP 500 internal server errors.   If the solution cannot be solved, you can view: HTTP 500-internal

The webpage you specified cannot be accessed. Error Type: 403 Forbidden

Our webmaster often encounters some website accidents \ "the webpage you specified cannot be accessed, Error Type: 403 Forbidden \" error. Generally, the default homepage is not set, and the solution is very simple. Iis setting method 1. Open the

Graphic tutorial on Serv-U Server installation and configuration (1/2)

Serv-U is a widely used FTP server software. It supports all Windows series such as 3x, 9x, ME, NT, and 2 K. You can set multiple FTP servers, set logon user permissions, log on to the main directory, and set the space size. The functions are

Apache error 0x6eec38dc command reference 0x00000000 memory cannot be read

Many friends may encounter this problem when viewing the error log in the system. Apache reports the error 0x6eec38dc command reference 0x00000000 memory cannot be \ "read, next I will introduce you to you. When Apache is started, the "0x00000000"

Htaccess 301 redirection implementation code

At present, the general space supports htaccess 301 redirection, but many friends do not know how to correctly implement htaccess 301 redirection. I will share with you a piece of correct code. The Code is as follows: Copy code

The page prompts HTTP Error 401.3-unauthorized error Solution

Sometimes we encounter an HTTP Error 401.3-unauthorized Error When configuring the server test page. This problem occurs generally because of directory configuration problems or permission problems, next I will summarize the solution for you.

HTTP 401.5 unauthorized: ISAPI-CGI application Authorization failure Solution

This article to introduce to you about HTTP 401.5 unauthorized: ISAPI-CGI application Authorization failure solution, have encountered such problems can refer to the reference. Error message: You are not authorized to view this page. The URL you

How to disable dangerous port 135 in windows

Port 135 is mainly used to use the Remote Procedure Call Protocol and provide the DCOM (Distributed Component Object Model) service, by using RPC, programs running on a computer can smoothly execute code on a remote computer. By using DCOM, you can

Solution to IIS7 large file upload restrictions in Windows

If you are using windows iis, you may find that uploading large files cannot be uploaded. Baidu later found that iis7 restricts the size of the uploaded files. We only need to modify the web. maxRequestLength in config. In IIS7, even if you are on

Iis7 configures web. config to implement pseudo-static implementation code

This article introduces how to use web. config in iis7 to implement pseudo-static pages. If it is iis6 that we must use urlRewriter to implement pseudo-static pages, I will introduce it below. In IIS7, we no longer need to install other components.

Enable GZip compression for IIS7.5/6 in windows

This article introduces how to enable GZip compression for IIS7.5/6 in windows. The text method is not an image. Because it is relatively simple, no text is sent. We know that GZip compression is a very good thing, which can greatly save the server

Install red hat enterprise linux 5 on a hard drive in win7

I searched for a lot of information on the Internet, saying that it is relatively simple to install red hat enterprise linux 5 on a CD-Rom under win7, but it is inconvenient to install the CD-Rom, I have learned from several new versions that I used

Sky bird fly, MAC address check

Document guidance]How can I query the MAC address of the Nic? For this reason, this article specifically summarizes several query methods to help you easily "Eliminate all" the MAC addresses of various types of NICs "! It is common that IP addresses

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