Transfer plsql under Windows to Ubuntu

1, first download the installation wine, install the unsuccessful update under the source can be.2,ctal+alt+t Open the console:CD ~/.wine/drive_cMkdir-p Oracle/binMkdir-p Oracle/networkCopy the Tnsnames.ora under Windows Oracle Server into the

Windows system time (SYSTEMTIME)

The GetSystemTime function obtains the current UTC time, Getlocaltime gets the current local timeUTC is an abbreviation for Coordinated Universal Time (Universal time coordinated), which is defined and recommended by the International Radio Advisory

Understanding Windows Kernel mode and user mode

 1. BasicThe processor in the computer running Windows has two different modes: User mode and kernel mode. Depending on the type of code running on the processor, the processor switches between two modes. The application runs in user mode, and

"Windows core programming" DLL-related (3)

DLL redirectionBecause the search path for the DLL is sequential, let's say that there are scenarios like this:App1.exe uses Mydll1.0.dll, App2.exe uses Mydll2.0.dll, MyDll1.0 and MyDll2.0 are two versions of the same DLL, 1.0 for the old version,

Windows Application Advanced Controls (i)

1.ErrorProvider Controls(1) Purpose: Without affecting the user operation of the situation to show the user error occurred, generally in verifying that the user input data is commonly used to the control, this is like a Web application in the

EJBCA installation on Windows

In order to do EJBCA packaging test, in my own computer installed a, but in the domestic development of the introduction is too little, and some are just some silly installation introduction, this is introduced in the Windows installation process,

57 using SED to process line terminators in Windows and UNIX documents

The plain text Format of UNIX and dos/windows systems is different, and dos/windows-based text files have a CR (carriage return) and LF (line break) at the end of each line, and UNIX text has only one line break.If you want to convert a UNIX text to

To integrate the Cygwin command-line window into the Windows right-click menu

You know that in Windows shift+ Right-click menu can be called out "open command Line Window" menu item, under the current path to execute some commands, very convenient. Is the effect that is made:So how do you open Cygwin's command-line window in

"Windows Socket+http Server Client"

Windows sockets+http Server Client     Winsockis the standard for socket under Windows.         1.HTTP Protocol : HTTP is a client/server-based request-Response protocol. Request: Initiated by the client to the server, specifying the resources

LVS Dr Mode Realserver is configured for Windows clients

LVS Dr Mode Windows 2000,windows2003 client Configuration Control Panel-Add hardware-Select Yes, I have connected this device click Next-Choose Add a new hardware device in the list-option "Ann load me up from manual ... " -Select "Microsoft

Use batch processing to export/import wireless network information in Windows, copy Save as Bat

@echo offTitle Export/import wireless network information in Windows: BeginEcho ========================echo Please select the action:Echo 1 View available wireless networksEcho 2 Export Wireless network configurationEcho 3 Import Wireless network

Hard disk install Win 7 system Windows 7 system hard disk installation tutorial (illustrated)

at present, Win 7 market share is about to surpass XP became the first big system, many people also use Win 7, you are still wandering? Is it because XP is used to it, or does it not install Win7? Win7 installation In fact no trouble, no matter what

"Windows core programming" DLL-related (2)

About deferred loading of DLLsLazy load DLL, using the implicit loading method, when the DLL used by the DLLs specified as lazy loading, the connector will "import segment" of the EXE to remove the information about the DLL, while embedding a new

Use MinGW to statically compile assimp under Windows

Using MinGW to statically compile AssimpBy the May, did not write a log, so I took an article from the Knowledge Base sucks it. This is going to explain how to use MinGW to statically compile assimp under Windows.Assimp is currently a relatively

Windows compilation OpenSSL

Installation Instructions Reference OpenSSL under the source folder INSTALL. W32Step1Environment constructioninstallation perl,visual StudioDownload Openssl The latest version of the source . I'm under the version for openssl-1.0.0g.Step2Start

[note] using the API function GETACP get the Windows System current code page

A code page is a character set encoding alias, also known as an "Inner code table ", which is a table for a specific language's character set.There are two types of code pages: one is the ANSI code page, and the other is the OEM code page.The ⑴OEM

Fundamentals of Windows Programming

Fundamentals of Windows ProgrammingCreate a Win32 Application EX_SDK , constructs an edit box control and a button in the program. The edit box is used to enter the coefficients of the unary two-second equation, separated by commas, when the

Fail to install the Windows SDK for Win7

after almost three weeks have not written blog, feel a write on the stop! Because the heart of the accumulation of many want to say, many of their own in the near period of time to think about the small harvest. But let's go back to this problem

GitHub for Windows Getting Started tutorial

GitHub for Windows Getting Started tutorialGitHub is a very useful code management tool, there are many tutorials on the web, but are older or more cumbersome, here because do not need too complex features, to give you a simple introduction of the

LVS Load Balancing solution (Windows IIS)

LVS Load Balancing SolutionBecause the main platform for our products is windows+iis+sqlserver (over 2000), Lvs+keepalived is the four-tier load balancer under Linux. It has the following characteristics:The LVS cluster uses IP load balancing

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