Spring ' Wave update:installing Dynamics CRM on Tablets for Windows 8.1

One of the added bonuses of Dynamics CRM is it ability go where you go! with the Spring ' waves Update, you can now download CRM to your tablet with Windows 8.1. If you currently has the CRM for tablets installed, make sure to uninstall it before

Windows manually add boot entry

@ Method 1.Add the full path of the program to the registry HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Runor add to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run@ Method 2.Add an. lnk file to the

Iis7+windows 64-bit configuration considerations

Problems and Solutions1 if the site is asp: Re-enable parent path in ASP2 The operation must use an updatable query: give the user Iis_iusrs a Full Control permission3 Windows (64-bit IIS) did not register the "microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0" provider on

The use of pthread under Qt+windows

Pthread is a fantastic cross-platform line libraries, no need to introduce more.Download Pthread-win32, unzip the x86 in the PthreadVC2.dll into the system32 directory, will pthreadVC2.lib into the project, QT project contains pthread.h can use

Windows configuration Windows cluster

A cluster is a group of systems that collectively provide network resources to clientsIn the actual application according to the cluster realization function can be divided into 2 categoriesNetwork Load Balancing cluster (NLB) support for up to 32

The best way to watch a movie and play flash games in sinox2014 is to install the Windows version of Firefox

In fact, the Han O Sinox itself does not have native flashplayer, no matter how to tinker, are from Adobe to get Linux or Windows version flashplayer, instead of constantly tinkering with the Linux version flashplayer, I do not know the installation

Using the Windows Scheduler to run a SharePoint PowerShell Backup Script

ProblemSharePoint administrators need to run regular backups using PowerShell, the STSADM tool or in central administration. There is no ' built in ' to automate these backups. Wouldn ' t it being great to devise a method to automated these

Implementation of TCP/IP under Windows

The Windows implementation of the TCP/IP protocol is built on the OSI foundation of the previous blog post. User Configuration is implemented by Ws2_32.dll and some other service provider DLLs, where Ws2_32.dll is a framework that can accommodate

Windows cleanup Log

Wevtutil.exe cl "Aceeventlog"Wevtutil.exe CL "Application"Wevtutil.exe cl "Hardwareevents"Wevtutil.exe cl "Internet Explorer"Wevtutil.exe cl "Key Management Service"Wevtutil.exe cl "Media Center"Wevtutil.exe cl

Build an SSH-based SFTP server under Windows 7

Windows XP to build an SSH-based sftp server, server can be used freesshd,f-secure server, etc.,FileZilla server is not available, before the silly with Filezi Lla to do the server, can not find any configuration options for SFTP, recommended with

Summary of usage of LIBXML2 Library in Windows environment

(1)--construction of the environment, download and installation of LIBXML2 and Iconv           LIBXML2 is a C-language XML library, It is simple and convenient to provide various operations on XML documents, and support XPath queries, as well as

memcached notes of Windows 7 below installation memcached error

Windows 7 Installation memcached errorTwo cases:A: The service has indeed been installed. If you need to reinstall, of course, first memcached.exe-d UninstallTwo: Strange is that the service did not install the situation, in the Memcached.exe-d

Install decrypt OpenSSL under Windows platform

1 Download OpenSSL installation on the OpenSSL website, this machine is 64-bit win 8.1 system Http://slproweb.com/products/Win32OpenSSL.html Download: Win64 OpenSSL V0.9.8ZB Visual C + + redistributables (x64) 2 Downloads ActivePerl

Configuring SSL Secure connections under Windows Apache

What is SSL?SSL (Secure Socket Layer): is a secure protocol for HTTP transport, with certificate authentication to ensure that the data between the client and the Web server is secure. Open ssl:http://www.openssl.org/source/First, download and

Invoking browser components using Windows API functions

#include #include#include#include#pragmaComment (lib, "ATL")#pragmaComment (lib, "User32.lib")CComModule _module;ConstTCHAR *url[9] ={_t ("http://www.csdn.net/"), _t ("http://www.zol.com.cn/"), _t ("http://www.cnblogs.com/"), _t

Microsoft Post Internal recommendation-sde2 (Windows driver)

Microsoft's recent open positions:SDE2 (Windows driver)Job Title:software Development Engineer 2Location:shanghai, ChinaDo you want to join Microsoft and work on the latest Windows devices? Do you want to impact hundreds of millions of Windows

Doxygen + Graphviz windows under Installation configuration (illustrated)

To see some open source code is often called by some functions to get around, through the online access to information, found this easy to use, and to share with you the installation and application process.I often use the Windows system, so the

Deploying Cacti monitoring Windows

First, the Installation lamp architectureThis article mainly introduces cacti how to monitor the Windows host, cacti the building process is also very simple, similarly, monitoring the Linux host is not difficult. Here are the main records of two

Release memory after a large number of copies of Windows Server 2008

Management of the server has a Windows 2008, the server has recently copied hundreds of thousands of of the picture, the copy is very large, the maintenance of the discovery of each copy, the operating system memory usage will be close to 100%,

php5.3 php5.4 install and config on Windows VC6 and VC9

SenarioYii2 framework begins to require PHP version above PHP 5.4.0 eg. This code is used in Yii2 PHP 5.3.5 does not support $extension = ['name' => $package->getName(),'version' => $package->getVersion(),];Download & Install PHP5.4

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