MySql5.6 read-Write separation under windows

Description1. MYSQL Version 5.62. The master-slave server IP used in this example is:;, configure the master server1. ConfigurationIn My.ini [MYSQLD] is configured as

Meld Diff for Windows installation configuration

Meld Diff for Windows installation configurationIf you are developing under Ubuntu, Meld diff is a tool you will never be unfamiliar with and very useful. Before on the Internet to see meld for Windows installation package, and then very happy to

On the fundamentals of Windows message-driven (. NET platform)

The most recent lesson setting involves invoking system API functions and sending form messages, overloading receiving, and so on. Therefore, to publish a text, I hope to work with you to explore, learning.First, Windows is a Windows-based

How do I copy an entire directory and ignore some files and directories (including Windows)?

I have a directory A, which has a subdirectory B, and the file C.log, I want to put directory A in addition to the B and C.log files and directories to the D directory, in addition to exclude all SVN directory, how to write this statement?Method One:

Can a Windows DLL retrieve its own filename?

Http:// Windows EXE file has access to the command string which invoked it, including its path and filename. eg.C:\MyApp\MyApp.exe--help.It's not so for a DLL invoked via

Windows CE First Contact (one-time upgrade of Changan to still XT Gold navigation experience)

It was not previously known that the Windows operating system also has an application in car navigation, Windows CE.Help upgrade a "Changan to still XT" car on the Windows CE under the German navigation, notice that this is Baidu acquired, provide

My first Windows program

#include LRESULT CALLBACK WndProc (HWND, UINT, WPARAM, LPARAM);The WinMain function is assigned a WINAPI type (all Windows functions defined in the header file are assigned this type), and the WndProc function is assigned a callback pattern. Both

Ant and Ivy Installation and configuration (Windows)

Note Install ant before installing Ivy, because Ivy is Ant-based.Installation and configuration of ANTFirst, check if the system has been installed ant   Shortcut key Win+r Call up the Run dialog box, enter cmd Click OK to open the DOS window.      (

How to open odt file under Windows FileThe ODT is a Openoffice archive file format, Openoffice is a cross-platform suite of office software that Openoffice can perform on operating systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS X (X11)

Windows process Communication--shared memory (1)

The way that shared memory works is to map a physical memory to the respective virtual address space of different processes so that each process can read the same data to enable process communication. It is the most efficient method of data exchange

How to build an FTP server on Windows

FTP (file Transfer Protocol) is a protocol that transmits files to two computers on a TCP/IP network, allowing files to be shared between hosts. There are a lot of software that can do this now, but Windows comes with IIS that can help you build an

Under Windows configuration using MemCached

Under Windows configuration using memcached Tools: memcached Service-side program (for Win) Memcached manager Win's Memcached management tool Memcached. NET client Library c#/.net

Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server) Hyper-V experience

650) this.width=650; "height=" 268 "title=" clip_image001 "style=" margin:0px;border:0px;padding-top:0px; Padding-right:0px;padding-left:0px;background-image:none, "alt=" clip_image001 "src=" Attachment/201410/8/2661587_1412755

New experience with Windows 10 (ii): Talking about the desktop thing.

Yesterday, and we shared the Windows 10 installation process, today let's experience the interface changes.First of all, of course, the new Start menu, after all, was plagued by Windows 8 for a long time. Obviously, this is a close to the classic

Spit slot Windows 8, haven't seen such a rotten tablet OS

This article carries the serious personal emotion color, the disgusted person is cautious into.CSDN Blog won a prize, Lenovo's tablet computer, MIIX2 8, the system is Windows 8.Today's daughter-in-law used it again and provoked me to spit again.In a

Configuring time synchronization for Windows Server R2 domain controllers

1.specify an external time source and synchronize it with the Administrator command line on the domain controllerwhere the PDC resides (the PDC role (the default authoritative time service source within the domain)). W32tm/config/manualpeerlist:

Kinect for Windows SDK Development Primer (19): Kinect Fusion

Original: Kinect fusion feature was introduced in Kinect for Windows SDK1.7. This feature has been improved and enhanced in the 1.8 SDK, and Kinect fusion allows us to use the Kinect for Windows

Windows Test multicast RTP packet drops

Scenario Description: Test the number of lost RTP packets that are applied to the Windows platformMultiCastRecv.cpp:Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include "stdafx.h"#include #include #pragma comment (lib,

Microsoft's Windows Live Mail mail store location changes, LDAP settings

Today because of the job needs, the company said to change the previous client to Windows Live Mail, so in advance to install the test in the computer ...: Windows Live MailNote: This is to be installed online, if you want to install offline, the

Getting Started with Windows Azure Service Bus (2) queuing (queue)

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog Service Bus queues (queue)The queue for Service bus is ideal for distributed applications. When a service Bus queue is used, the components of the distributed application do not communicate directly.-

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