Roracle installation under Windows

Roracle Introduction:Roracle is an R connection access Oracle database a DBI (Oracledatabase interface) interface, which is a DBI-compliant Oracle driver based on OCI.For detailed instructions see:

Customizing the Boot interface of XP to replace the background and Windows words

(a) Modify the interface with scroll bars1, make a pair of 640*480 bitmap, 4 bit 16 color, size less than 200Kb.2, the name of the bitmap is boot.bmp, and copy it to the C:/windows root directory3. Modify the boot. ini file. My

[windows]_[Intermediate]_[using command-line tools dumpbin parsing files]

DUMPBIN (vs comes with)1. Function symbols for exporting LIB files (symbols)Dumpbin/exports Zlib1.lib[Plain]View Plaincopy Microsoft (R) coff/pe dumper Version 10.00.40219.01 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

[Label] [Phalcon] How to install Phalcon extension for Zend Server 6.3.0 for Windows 7 64bit

At first, you should download Phalcon DLL file.You can download from this link under., you should abstract this zipped file.To add the extension, got to the extension

Instructions for installing memcached under Windows

(In fact, installation under Windows is still relatively simple)SOURCE Package Preparation:1,memcached 1.2.1 for Win32 binariesThis is the WIN32 server-side memcached the latest version, directly download it;2,php_memcache-5.2-win32-vc6-x86-20090408.

The Windows platform does not provide a two string manipulation function.

When looking at some open source code, we often see some string manipulation functions, which are available under the Linux platform, but MS is not provided on the Windows platform. Therefore, the software must be implemented by itself. Common

Use Jigdo to download Debian [Windows environment]

download Debian using JigdoThis address: work:Download jigdo: description of Debian:, install the Jigdo, select the download

Add SSL module under Windows Apache

Reference: environment: Windows2003 32-bit + Apache2.4 + PHP5.4First, the preparatory workInstall Apache + OpenSSL.Win32openssl, it's best to

Installing Apache under Windows

First, Apache downloadApache download is a big problem, and for an official control, it is a hard and careful project to find a win under MSI version in a bunch of official documents. And the latest version is basically compiled installation

memcached Installation and command usage under Windows


: on the red circle:Unzip after download, such as extract to memcached folder in D driveOpen start-up run-->cmd call the command window and use the command to enter the

Get Windows System specific directory path

Get Windows System specific directory path Uses Shlobj Get method: function GetPath (Fid:integer): string;VarPidl:pitemidlist;Path:array[0..max_path] of Char;BeginSHGetSpecialFolderLocation (0, FID, pidl);SHGetPathFromIDList (pidl, path);Result: =

Od:protection for Heap in Windows

Microsoft has also added some security checks to the heap, making it difficult to heap overflow that was otherwise not easy:* PEB Random: After Windows XP SP2, Microsoft no longer uses a fixed PEB base address 0x7ffdf000, but uses a somewhat random

[Windows Driver] Driver Pack (Driver Packages)

To install a driver under Windows, we need to pack all the software you need-called a driver package. The driver package includes the general installation tools provided by the system for all device classes, and includes device-specific components

User Essentials 103 Windows XP Run command

User Essentials 103 Windows XP Run commandAccessibility OptionsAccess.cplAdd Hardware WizardHdwwiz.cplAdd or Remove ProgramsAppwiz.cplManagement toolsControl AdminToolsAutomatic UpdatesWuaucpl.cplBluetooth File Transfer WizardFsquirt

Detect file changes under Windows

This is primarily the application of the Scripting Hot load feature mentioned in my previous blog post. The main implementation of the function detects changes in the file in the folder (change, add, delete, rename), notify Lua to reload the script

LabVIEW for Windows Download Daquan-32-bit 64-bit including Student edition in English and Chinese

NI LabVIEW 2012 (English 32-bit and 64-bit)Http:// LabVIEW

Color Console module: Use a colorful console terminal on the Windows command Line (console)

Recently wrote a network module, with the command line Windows comes out debugging information, debugging information a bit more, monochrome slightly monotonous, so took a little time to do the following small modules.The code is very small, the use

Installing the Rabbit MQ Guide on Windows

RABBITMQ is an enterprise messaging system that is complete and can be taken on a standard based on the AMQP protocol. He follows the Mozilla Public License open source agreement. An industrial-grade Message Queuing (MQ) server implemented with

Redmine Deploying to Windows Azure

Fortunately, today you can try to deploy Redmine to Windows Azure, and make a note of it to make it easy for you to checkStep one: Install Ubuntu VMs in Windows AzureProblems, the cloud service, cloud storage subscription cap issues are prompted

Several download addresses for Windows development

Microsoft Windows SDK for Windows 7 and. NET Framework 4 (ISO)The Windows SDK provides tools, compilers, headers, libraries, code samples, and a new Help system, which developers can use To create applications this run on Microsoft Windows. You can

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