Windows platform Sybase download, installation, FAQs

One, Sybase download resources:SAP has incorporated Sybase acquisitions and the 15.7 and previous Sybase download links have been completely invalidated. The SAP website provides a new version of the 16.0 download resources, you can download it

Problems with "is not accessible" in Windows 7,8 (application default profile storage location)

Windows 7, 8 users will not be able to open and be prompted "C:\xxxx is not accessible when they access the Programdata directory and the Documents and Settings directories. Access is denied. " Access is denied because of insufficient permissions.

VC + + Development Windows system global Hooks

Most of the content of this article belongs to the practice and practice of a web-based text, at the same time reference also a book, here to the web and the author of the book Pay tribute.This program is a Windows System keyboard monitoring program,

MDT Update 1 Preview Deployment Windows 10 MDT 2013 Installation Configuration

First, install MDT Update1 Preview:1. Double-click microsoftdeploymenttoolkit2013_x64 Update1 Preview installation package:650) this.width=650; "src=" "/>2. Select "Next" to

MDT Update 1 Preview Deployment Windows 10 MDT Deployment bug fix

The main content of this chapter is to repair the MDT 2013Update 1 Preview related configuration bug, so as to provide configuration support for the deployment of Windows 10, may be compared to the previous automation setup is more complex, we

Windows Server 2012 publishes resources to AD DS

When enterprise IT resources are enriched, it is difficult to find and use a resource, and administrators can use the AD DS resource Publishing feature to publish IT resources to AD DS for easy lookup and use by domain users. The resources that can

Upgrade of the DHCP server for Windows server 2003-2012

Upgrade of the DHCP server for Windows server 2003-2012Several previous articles introduced the construction of DHCP server, backup and restore, and the migration of DHCP server. So today I would like to introduce you or the relevant content, and

Differences between Windows Azure service Bus (4) service Bus queue and storage queue

Windows Azure Platform Family of articles Catalog  Readers familiar with the author's article understand that Azure offers two different ways of queue Message Queuing:1.Azure Storage QueueFor details, refer to:Windows Azure Cloud Service (PAAs) Web

Windows Server R2 building an IIS server

Windows Server R2 Build IIS ServerThe main function of LAN Web server is to realize the sharing of resources, and to realize the synchronization of information effectively through the access page of LAN server. With Web servers, we can upload our

Windows R2 IP Security policy settings

Win+r-->secpol.msc--Enter open the Security Policy Management ConsoleOn the left column, click IP Security Policy on the local computer.Right-click to create IP Security policy.Next-fill in the name and description-Next ... CompleteDouble-click the

What's a Windows USB device path and how are it formatted? Windows operating systems rely on a unique device path to uniquely identify each USB device/interface connected to the SYS Tem. A device path string

Under windows at command use detailed

The T command is a built-in command in Windows XP, and it can be comparable to "Scheduled Tasks" in Windows, and the AT command has more powerful and magical features in terms of scheduling, task management, and handling of work transactions. The AT

Windows 64-bit system installation Apache2.4

Windows 64-bit system installation Apache2.4from: Baidu Experience: most of the one-button installation package is 32-bit, does not support 64-bit, directly on the 64-bit system use will error, so I would like to say here how

Install git flow under Windows

Easy 4 steps to get it done Oh!  Original document Address: Https:// =================================================================== Pre-condition: The computer has git installed (the installation package is

User management for getting started with Windows Server R2

Today brings the Windows Server R2 to the user management, so that everyone is more familiar with the 2008R2 workgroup user, group creation, deletion, daily management, etc., then we go directly into the text.First, User account Overview:"Users" is

Windows Driver Development-Fundamentals 1

The original driver development was WDM (Windows Driver Model), when Microsoft introduced the DDK (Driver Developer Kit) tool.Now Microsoft is upgrading from WDF (Windows Driver Foundation) to replace WDM, while introducing the WDK (Windows Driver

Maradns Server Setup under Windows

Android mobile phone to the hosts need root permission, really do not want to root, you set up a DNS Server, the specified domain resolution to a specific IP.Maradns Server Setup: download

Install atlassian-jira-6.0.4 under windows and crack the Chinese (just 2 steps, another illustration)

16JUL One, advance preparation   1 : JDK Download and install: jdk-6u45-windows-i586.exe  2 : MySQL JDBC Connection driver:   3 : MySQL database download and install: This is

How to compile Libcurl under Windows

I tested it, like I'm not OK.This was a short note about building CURL with SSL in Windows.Tools Required: Curl Source:download Latest Curl source from here. Microsoft Visual C + + or Express edition:it looks like Edition Express are no

Tomcat Catalina.out (one, catalina.out under Windows)

Recently in the study of the project, found that the Linux operating system, catalina_home/logs/catalina.out files have several g size, then the Internet to check the generation of this file and how to avoid, the following is the material I

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