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mac and Windows computer which is good

Apple Mac series computers have been a niche product, with fewer people. Some friends have labeled "X" and "flashy" for friends who use the MacBook series, while users who use the MacBook think the Microsoft system is difficult to use UI and ugly, here's a few important differences between Apple Mac and other PCs, To help readers more clearly choose the computer that suits them better.

Price difference

It can be said that, in the same configuration, the Mac computer is almost one times more expensive than the other computers.

Apple website quotes

Apple's new MacBook Pro laptop, for example, has a low version of only 2.0GHZ dual core Intel Core i5 processor, a 13-inch display, 8GB memory, 256GB pci-e SSD, no video card, and its price is as high as 11488 yuan. The same level of other brands notebook, the price will not be higher than 4000 yuan, but buy MacBook Pro is really a person stupid money?

In many people's subconscious, the "configuration" is limited to the CPU, graphics and other indicators, while ignoring the network card, keyboard, screen, battery and other hardware parameters. If the "configuration" is limited to running points or 3D game frame rate and so on a limited number of indicators, then the MAC series naturally is a big cut. Because the day-to-day use of the notebook will encounter the endurance, stability, and screen, keyboard experience and other practical problems are "run points" can not be reflected.

The main reason the Mac is often raised as a target is that it has enough visibility and that it has no low-end series at all. In fact, Microsoft's Surfacestudio is cheaper than Mac-series computers. Of course, the author is not without brain-blown Mac computer is good, in addition to OS X system, design factors, brand Premium is also one of the important reasons for the expensive Mac computer. Believe in faith, and you will pay for your faith.

Mac computer and win computer system contrast

Mac and windows are very different because of the bottom of the system and the design concept. Let's look at some of the major differences between the two operating systems.

(1) Ease of use

OS X and iOS similar, is a not learning difficult operating system, ease of use. For example, to remove a software, the need to open the Control Panel on Windows, and then click Uninstall Full operation, for beginners, understanding the deletion and uninstall is a difficult thing. and on the OS X is very convenient, delete an application is to the application directory, the program to be deleted (the user sees is a program icon, not a folder) into the garbage can be OK, keep the semantic consistency with the deletion behavior. Such differences in the two operating systems there are many, such as the installation of software selection directory, installation drive and so on.

(2) Compatibility

When Windows 10 was first introduced, a friend of the early adopters of Windows 10 complained of poor compatibility, but Windows 10 compatibility was far better than OS X. Many of the software on OS X is not, strictly speaking, not compatibility. For example, network silver is not available, and some professional software does not support Macs.

(3) Games entertaining

Because of the high popularity of Windows systems, many software and games are developed for the system, and neither quantity nor quality is comparable to Mac OS X.

(4) Design and use

Some friends think OS X system is more suitable for design use, but this view is not correct. Because a lot of people buy a PC is the pursuit of high cost or even absolute low price, so, they are in the quality is absolutely not keep up with the apple of excellence, which also caused a PC is not suitable for graphics processing impression.

And, to create a comparable to Apple and even beyond the Apple platform of the graphics processing platform products, is a more troublesome thing, for many graphics processing people, it is better to buy directly an Apple computer to simple. So it is generally believed that OS X system is more suitable for design use.

Choosing the right one is the best

Finally, let's talk about the UI, which is user Interface. I disagree with the fact that many people think that Windows UI is ugly and the OS X is in the sky.

Windows Ten UI


Because OS X has some advantages in sealing, software is downloaded from App Store, so it is comfortable to be in order, simplicity and symmetry. So objectively speaking, if you do not have any Third-party software installed, Windows is orderly beautiful. If you think the Windows system is ugly, in fact, because Microsoft compatibility is high, the chaos built by the third party to destroy, so in the UI aspect of the author personally feel the Windows 10 UI better.

In total, minimalist system logic, highly customizable systems, gorgeous interface effects, and OS X centralization management are really comfortable for users. But for some special needs, or professional users, OS X sometimes poses problems that are no less than Windows. Many times it's just a parrot.

In fact, this is a product design can not avoid the problem, the more closed product, product logic, the simpler the ease of use, but also will be more difficult to customize the user, the system homogeneity of the more serious, this is unavoidable. Of course, the customization of Windows is not too high, can only say that compared to OS X more flexible.

So, say so much, in the end should buy an Apple computer?

If you're a game, go ahead and use Windows. If it's just office, you can try the Mac. Not that Mac has no games, but relative to Windows, especially in this big environment, Windows games are more. In addition, iOS development engineers, graphic design, video editing and other workers to use the Apple Computer is still very necessary.

Of course, liking is the most important thing. If you just like the appearance of the Apple Computer, buy back to the Internet and install X, then buy it, the best for their own.

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