Scheduled backup of the server database (with Windows Task Scheduler and Mysqldump)

More community recently, considering the security of data, to backup the database once a day, just in case;Linux is not very well known, first use the windows of the scheduled task it;The general idea is to borrow a scheduled task from Windows to

Windows 10 (64-bit) implements Vs20120c++ called the. dll,.lib,.h file generated by the M file written by Matlab r2014a

Title.Environment: WINDOWS10 64-bit, vs 2010,matlab r2014a, configuration succeeded, build. dll,.h,.lib file succeeded.Step one: Matlab dynamic link library file compilation build1) write the sample file add.mfunction c = Add (A, b);c = a + B;End2)

Installing Docker under Windows

Windows users can install Docker software using Docker Toolbox. Docker Toolbox includes the following Docker tools: docker CLI client: Creating the Docker engine for image and container docker machine: Support for performing Docker

. NET object with Windows handle (ii): Examples of handle classifications and. NET handle leaks

The previous article describes the basic concepts of handles and describes the process of creating file handles in C #. We already know that handles represent Windows internal objects, and file objects are one of them, but there are obviously more

Windows Client Development-Preparing for internationalization

A good Windows client, of course, to do internationalization.Let's start with a few functions today to get the language of the Windows operating system.getsystemdefaultlcid functionThis function is simple and has no parameters, only the return value:

Official version of Windows versions of the original system download

Windows version of the original system download (including WIN10) installation, use soft disk, etc. write to the USB flash drive installation, do not use other third-party PE tools, or will be included in the installation process of third-party PE

Windows Live Writer Configuration steps

Windows Live Writer Configuration steps2009-03-01 01:32 from the Blog Park team Note: Windows Live writer has stopped updating and it is recommended to install Open Live Writer: Live writer is a blog client that

Using Git tools in Windows to connect to GitHub (config-chapter)

Git is now a big part of the source-control world, and many of the open source projects go to GitHub. For example: JQuery, Reddit, Sparkle, Curl, Ruby on Rails, node. js, Clicktoflash, erlang/otp,cakephp, Redis. This article explains in detail

Windows Kernel analysis--ntcreatedebugobject function analysis

The first article analyzing the Windows kernel is to strengthen learning and memory. This kind of note will be written later, as pig-man said, the knowledge learned is only practiced and can be spoken to truly master.Program from ReactOS or

Operations commands under Windows

Dos:-----------1. Dir List Directory2. Dir/? Help3, dir/w widescreen display4. dir/p pagination Display5, D: is the PLATE Plus: number is the switch letter6, Tab completion key, such as to enter a file cd+ Enter the letter before the file name hold

Installing the WinCE6.0 development environment under Windows XP

how to compile WinCE6.0 and develop applications under Windows. The following introduction (You must ensure there is enough space on the C drive before installation! About 20g! mainly due to the installation process to be decompressed during

Installing composer in the Wamp environment of Windows

Attention:PHP lacks the OpenSSL extension.You might go to the Wamp console in the lower right corner of the screen, load the php OpenSSL extension, or remove the comments from the Extension=php_openssl.dll line at the php.ini and restart the server,

Fix Windows 10 upgrade tips once and for all (reprint)

Since its release, the Windows 10 upgrade package is quite a variety of domestic software "true line", gwx or bright or dark installation path is very alarming, especially recently even mixed with important updates, so many productivity users in the

Windows Client Development--Keep your client runtime in mind about the size and location of the last shutdown

Almost all Windows clients can be resized, so the user adjusts the size and location of the client to suit their preferences.But when the client exits and re-runs the client, we often have to adjust the size and location of our preferences.The

The audio and MIDI APIs for Windows 10 will be unified

Microsoft Unified Audio and MIDI API for Windows 10Microsoft made a keynote speech at the A3E Conference on the summer NAMM, and they made new plans for the Windows 10 audio and MIDI APIs, and the developers ' apps for Windows 10 could run on phones,

GetHostByName code example (Windows CE)

1 /* 2 * Function: Get IP address by domain name3 * Entry parameters: Pdomain domain name, such as: Www.163.com4 * Pipbuff Save the parsed IP5 * Export parameters: Pipbuff Save the parsed IP6 * return value: TRUE: Success; FALSE: Failed7 */ 8BOOL

Windows Programming Menu Actions

Distinguish several concepts "main Menu" and "Top level menu" is a meaning. the items in the main menu are called "Pop-up menus" or "submenus".The popup menu item can be another popup menu. Status of the menu: enabled, disabled. Invalid, invalid

Configuration of the Windows system Stunnel client

Stunnel official Windows version, to the following address download:Https:// " stunnel-X.XX-installer.exe " and install to a "writable" location, because Windows Vista/7/8 if installed in the system C:\Program

27th. Windows and messages (1)

27.1 Message Queuing for Threads(1) Windows user Object① types: Icons, cursors, window classes, menus, accelerator tables, etc.② when a thread creates an object, the object is owned by the process of that thread, and when the process ends, the

Message (Three ways to intercept logged messages) for window functions when creating empty windows

A Button1 and Panel1 are placed on the new form, and only FORM1 receive the following message:procedureTwincontrol.defaulthandler (varMessage);begin ifFhandle <>0 Then begin withTmessage (Message) Do begin if(MSG = wm_contextmenu) and(

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