Compilation of sqlite3 static libraries and dynamic libraries under windows

1, download Sqlite3 Source:,, Sqlite-dll-win32-x64-xxxxxxx.zipDynamic Library Compilation:PS: If there are no special requirements, you can

One of the workarounds that Adb.exe cannot start in the Windows environment

Using Eclipse to develop Android, after changing the workspace, there will be a situation where the adb.exe cannot be started, the reason is unknown, but after consulting the data found one of its solutions, now described below.Operation Steps:1:wir+

MFC about Windows operations.

VC Common Tips--to let the window start to maximizeWindowMaximize the window as soon as it startsPut the Application class (Cxxxapp) in the InitInstance () functionM_pmainwnd->showwindow (Sw_show); SwitchM_pmainwnd->showwindow (sw_showmaximized);The

Windows program Debugging Series: Using VC + + to generate debugging information to turn

Windows program Debugging Series: Using VC + + to generate debug information zhangtao,[email protected], translated from "Generating debug information with Visual C + +", Oleg Star Odumov Source:

Starting from 0 WPF MVVM Enterprise-level framework implementation and description----first, the Windows Messaging mechanism in WPF

When it comes to desktop applications, our first response is how the message mechanism is handled, so let's talk about the Windows Messaging mechanism first.Talking about the word "message mechanism", we all think of the message mechanism of Windows,

Integrated configuration process for IIS 6.0+tomcat Server environments in Windows systems

Iis6.0+tomcat Integration1. Prepare for work firstWindows IIS 6.0Apache-tomcat-7.0.26.exeTomcat-connectors-1.2.33-windows-i386-iis.zipJdk-7u1-windows-7.0.exeThe software is ready to download, so let's start installing the software.1. Install Java

Windows PowerShell ISE

Windows PowerShell integrated Scripting Environment (ISE) is a host application for Windows PowerShell. In Windows PowerShell ISE, you can run commands and write, test, and debug scripts in a single Windows graphical user interface that features

Windows configuration nginx for load Balancing cluster

Most of the online tutorials on nginx load Balancing clusters are Linux environments. How to implement a load Balancing cluster in Windows configuration Nginx, install nginx1 on windows, download NginxMost of the online tutorials on nginx load

Github for Windows using graphics tutorials

Original: has become so popular that even CodePlex now has the main push to Git. GitHub is full of high-quality open source projects, such as Ruby on rails,cocos2d and so on.For programmers accustomed to

DNS server installation and configuration for Windows server

DNS server installation and configuration for Windows serverThis article is a keyword: Windows Server, DNS. IIS Server installation and configuration, DNS serverThis article source: http://www.ip-tcp.comFirst, get a general look at the DNS server :

How to set support UTF8 encoding in CMD in Windows

This problem many people will not know at the beginning, of course, including once I, when used, had to resort to the great groove and Niang. There is a way to set up online, but say clearly enough detailed system, say set font for: Lucida Console.

Write a daemon on Windows (7) Catch exceptions and generate dump

Write a daemon on Windows (7) Catch exceptions and generate dumpNo one can guarantee that their code is not a bug. Once out of the bug, it is best to crash, so quickly can be found, if not crash, but the business process is wrong, it is troublesome,

Windows under Network command Ping, netstat, ipconfig, ARP, tracert finishing (i)

Network command Ping, netstat, ipconfig, ARP, tracert usage collation1.PingPing is a command under Windows,Unix , and Linux systems. Ping also belongs to a communication protocol and is part of the TCP/IP protocol. the ping command allows you to

Windows 7 (64bits) + virtual machine run Cocos2d-x 3.8.1 cpp-tests Project

This document records the process and experience of the Cpp-tests project that has taken some time to run through Cocos2d-x 3.8.1 in recent days.Celebrate first:650) this.width=650; "title=" 01.JPG "alt=" wkiom1ynjnvitofkaaorrs2phz0208.jpg "src="

Introduction to Windows messages and Windows

I. Introduction to Windows ' Messages and Windows:1, what is windows here I do not introduce, but as a programmer we want to know that Windows is the most important one of our programmers commonly used to be a thing is the message. The window is

Read error handling in Chinese JSON format under Windows: Valueerror:no JSON object could be decoded

File"C:\Python27\lib\json\", Line 290,inchLoad**kw) File"C:\Python27\lib\json\", line 351,inchloadsreturnCLS (encoding=encoding, * *kw). Decode (s) File"C:\Python27\lib\json\", line 365,inchdecodeobj, End=

Make a static library and a dynamic library under Windows

One: Creation of a static library The new one in vc++6.0 is the Win32 Static Library project, followed by two options. Choose it according to your needs. The process of adding a specific class or function is like a standard project,

teach you to compile libav under Windows using MinGW (refer to libx264)

Transferred from: you to compile libav under Windows using MinGWLIBAV is in Linux under the use of pure C language development, inevitably, libav source uses some GCC features, it is difficult to

Winform-dotnetbar Add for Windows forms installation

WinForm interface is not good-looking, occasionally on the internet to see the WinForm of the interface landscaping, compared to choose DotNetBar for Windows Forms1, cracked version of the online a lot, provide a reference

Windows 7 Driver Development

This article is a summary of the development-driven Win7 (+vs2010+wdk7.1.0)(winddk\7600.16385.1). First, System Tools1,Win7 (amd64 bit ) systemNote: After the system is installed, the administrator runs the cmd command, viewing bcdedit/set

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