Windows configuration Memcache methods

Before I have written a "PHP implementation of multiple server sharing session data" article, the text of the session is used to save the database tutorial, in a large number of concurrent visits, the server load will be very large, often exceeding

Installation and configuration of PHP5 and Apache under Windows


Here take PHP5 as an example of how to install and configure Apache and PHP5 under Windows. Download installation program Apache can download from PHP can be downloaded from the

How to configure Memcache under Windows 7/8 System

Today modified a long time ago a program, found that the new concept of data operation is far more complex than before, the original caching mechanism is not good, and do not cache the frequent reading of the data is too scary, so began to consider

How Windows system enters the cmd command line window

Windows XP system enters CMD window In the start-"Run" window, enter "CMD" to open the command Line window as shown in the following figure. Windows 7 system enters cmd line window At the start-All Programs--attachments--command prompt, or

Nine characteristics of Windows Server2008 Server System _windows2008

The release of Windows Server 2008 is around the corner, its first candidate version has been released, and the official version will be released shortly thereafter. The previous server version of Windows or Windows Server 2003, although Microsoft

Deceitful Act Windows XP two-step vista_windowsxp

Microsoft's latest operating system Vista is the topic most of the computer fans talk about, and everyone wants to see her face, but Vista's hardware configuration requirements are more stringent, which makes many friends in their own low

Does the quick turn off opportunity cause Windows data corruption? _windowsxp

Anhui Zhaokai Reader Letter: "I recently downloaded a fast shutdown software, the software is very powerful, almost in a blink of an eye to shut down the computer." Many people say the software may be damaging the data, but they are not telling the

Windows system Desktop Cleanup full Raiders _windowsxp


a better way. Windows system contains all the tools you need to customize your desktop cleanup automatic reminder mechanism to clean up your desktop so you can easily find shortcut icons, files, and folders that you haven't used recently. At the

Windows me CD Start installation process _ Installation Tutorial

First, the preparatory work: 1. Prepare the Windows Me Simplified Chinese version of the CD and check the optical drive for support from boot. 2. If possible, scan all hard drives with ScanDisk before running Setup to check for hard drive errors

Several "automation" applications for Windows XP _windowsxp

Efficient, fast use of computers, I am afraid is the pursuit of every friend's efforts, of course, the author is no exception! This is not, in their own Windows XP system, after several groping, "mining" out of the following "automation" of the

Windows XP SP2 installation settings full Raiders _WINDOWSXP

Windows XP Service Pack 2 has been officially released and many friends may be unfamiliar with the latest system patch Service Pack 2 (hereinafter referred to as SP2) for Windows XP, and I'll talk about my installation process and experience. From

Windows System Group Policy application full Raiders (top) 1th/2 page _windowsxp

One, what IS Group Policy (i) What is the use of Group Policy? When it comes to Group Policy, you have to mention the registry. The registry is a database of system and application software configuration in Windows System, and with more and more

Windows XP Alternative Garbage detox strategy _windowsxp

Mention the computer cleanup work, we are very familiar with it! However, a lot of friends in the understanding of cleaning has some limitations, more is focused on the deletion of some windows generated by the garbage files, and so on, in fact,

Detailed explanation of RDS configuration under Windows 2000

Under Windows 2000, because the default security configuration for RDS is different from the IIS4, which causes RDS to be unusable, the following are the configuration steps that I translate and summarize in accordance with the instructions for RDS

Host1plus custom ISO can install Windows system

Host1plus Cloud Host In fact also launched to have a period of time, the beginning of the price seems to be relatively high, the original minimum monthly payment of 8 U.S. dollars, is estimated to sell not move now Half-price promotional activities,

Rancher v1.3 Released: Windows container comes!

At the beginning of December 2016, when we released Rancher v1.2, we set a plan for "more frequent iterations" in the future. Just last week, Rancher v1.3 officially released! In addition to fixing some bugs in v1.2, it has several new features: 1)

Winspy the Windows APIs involved

Winspy the Windows APIs involvedWinspy is an open source project that mimics Microsoft Spy + +, but it only covers the window handles of Spy + +, window properties, styles, class name child windows, process thread information, and so on. While not

How to configure solr + tomcat in windows 2003

As an enterprise-level search engine server, solr provides powerful functions and excellent performance. In order to improve users' on-site search experience, we will build solr to work with us to implement professional-level search functions. Let's

Windows network shared ing drive connection may be lost solution

On a computer running one of the Windows versions listed at the beginning of this article, if you map a drive to a network share, after a fixed period of inactivity, the mapped drive may be disconnected, and Windows Resource Manager may display a

Build a GIT Server on Windows Server 2008 R2

Bonobo Git Server is an open source GIT source code Server running on IIS6/7, MVC 3, and. net 4.0 platforms. The following describes how to install Windows Server 2008 R2:1. Prepare the environmentMsysGitTortoiseGITInstall IIS 2008 on Windows Server

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