Use NMAP for your Windows network to find the vulnerability of the graphic analysis _ security settings

It can be said that if your network has a loophole, or your firewall has holes, or your server is open port, then your network is vulnerable to attack, the risk of damage. The first strike is strong. To prevent others from destroying their own

Windows XP SP3 RC Refresh 2 build 3282 provides BT, Thunderbolt download _ Common Tools

The standalone Update Package for Windows XP Service Pack 3 Release Candidate Refresh 2 has already appeared on Moninova. friends who need to download it now (English version) The following are file information:Date 24.01.2008Size 311.58MBVersion 328

The coolest Windows Backdoor Sethc.exe_ security tutorial ever seen in a perverted invasion

Back door principle: Under Windows 2000/xp/vista, press the SHIFT key 5 times to open the glue, run the Sethc.exe, and open it in the login interface. This is reminiscent of Windows screensaver, after replacing the program with Cmd.exe, you can

Implementation of Simple Libevent server _ server in Windows other

Recently learned libevent because of its use of the Windows system, unfortunately, there are few programs that can be referenced under vs. After referring to a number of blog posts. I groped myself to write a simple libevent server program. And

Windows Vista manually install SATA hard Drive Full Process _ Application Tips

Netizens say with this not to install, but I just don't give up, study for 20 days, yesterday finally installed. SATA Driver and registration information can be manually added to Vista's temporary directory from XP after the installation

Windows XP system SP2 Fire Wall Overview _ Web Surfing

Windows Firewall is an updated version of the original Internet Connection Firewall that was replaced in Windows XP Service Pack 2. The firewall is open on all network card interfaces by default. This option can provide more protection for network

Windows Management Scripting Learning _vbs

Webmaster (reterry) Recommended this article, want to learn VBScript friend, I suggest to Microsoft's official website to see, where things are very good, vivid humor, I used to learn vbscirpt often go there to see, and a lot of things, not

Windows Server R2 Service Manager Auto-start shutdown method _win Server

Before using Win Server 2008, in the lower right corner of the Server Manager can be directly selected "boot does not start", but now use 2012 time to find the button is gone, the original in Manager Server--> Management--> Manager Admin Properties-

Windows 7 Erection OpenSSH Server Practice _win Server

A recent idea is to open an SSH service on your own computer, and then, if you need to work on your computer remotely, just SSH to your computer and connect to your computer's IP with mstsc Remote Desktop. 1. Download

Advanced Configuration of FTP server in Windows IIS _win Server

mentioned FTP server, may be thought of serv-u, vs-ftp and other software, in fact, Microsoft built in IIS FTP service is enough, do not believe to look down. To manage multiple users First you need to cancel the "Site Properties/Allow anonymous

Windows Nginx installation, configuration, and use _nginx

At present, the major domestic portal sites have been deployed nginx, such as Sina, NetEase, Tencent, etc. several important domestic video sharing sites have also deployed nginx, such as six rooms, cool 6. Recently found Nginx technology in the

Windows PowerShell Microsoft Official explanation _powershell

By providing more than 100 systems management utilities, consistent syntax, and better navigation for common management data (such as enrollment or Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI)), Windows PowerShell makes Windows Administrators have

Installation and configuration method of nginx+php5 under Windows _nginx

Here are the steps I Nginx and PHP5.2 in Windows 2003 installation, but the Nginx performance of Windows version is much worse than the Linux/uninx version of Nginx。 Install PHP5First, download the latest version of Php5.2.9-2 Windows from

Two or more Tomcat-initiated methods are configured under Windows _tomcat

Make sure that catalina_home and catalina_base are not found in the window's environment variables Modify the Server.xml, use the uncompressed version of Tomcat, do not use the installation version. 1. Modify HTTP Access Port conf under the

Setting tips in Windows Recycle Bin-Application Tips

★ Use the "Recycle Bin" Edit menu If you want to delete most of the files in the Recycle Bin without having to bother to select them by one by one, you can first select the files that are not deleted, and then click edit → reverse select, and the

Windows Optimizer Master V7.75 build 7.806 non-registration cracked version provides download _ Common tools

The Master of Windows optimization is currently applied to the Windows98/me/2000/xp/2003/vista,windows optimization Master runtime will automatically detect the user's operating system, and according to the user's different operating system to

Bo-blog dedicated IIS rewrite program _php instance to Windows Server

This article provides a scenario where a bo-blog user implements a URL rewrite on a Windows IIS 5.1/6.0 server. The advantage of this scenario is that no component support is required and no ISAPI filters need to be installed (there is a lot on the

[Windows Server]serv-u Login information Settings _ server

Using the FTP serv-u to install Ftpserver friends, you can use the Serv-u symbolic information parameter to display some important information to the client side. Like what: Mon Dec 10 22:32:46 2001 220-============================== Mon Dec 10 22:32

Windows 98 Remote Control Implementation _ Web surfing

The author of a friend in the unit a lot of work is done through the LAN. As a unit of network maintenance, he often found that some computers because of the user's improper operation of the system instability, panic, application software because of

59. Configure Windows NT_ network surfing in Wan

59. Configure Windows NT in the WAN Windows NT 4.0 as a high-performance 32-bit multitasking, multi-user network operating system, because of its user-friendly interface and powerful and intuitive management capabilities, both novice network and

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