Windows Live Writer Implementation code highlighting _ Web editor

In order to achieve code highlighting, before looking for a lot of plug-ins, but the effect is not very ideal. After research has finally found a perfect solution, this solution has the following advantages: Code concise, using tags to

Implement a method for installing LIGHTTPD under Windows _win Server

Go through a few steps roughly: 1, Windows system needs the support of the Cygwin environment, the first download installation cygwin. 2, download lighttpd source code and decompression (from 3, in the Cygwin

Windows Svnserver installation and configuration detailed _win server

This section describes the installation and configuration of Windows Svnserver, mainly including installation, configuration, testing, building and import, and so on, the following is a specific introduction, I hope to help you learn. 1. Configure

A concise tutorial on building SVN servers under Windows _win Server

SVN (Subversion) is a version management tool. Currently, most open source software uses SVN as the code versioning software. In addition to remembering all the changes to files and directories, SVN can also restore files to a previous version, and

Windows+apache+mod_python Configure Django Runtime Environment _ server other

1, create MySite test site: startproject MySite 2, create test page:, the contents are as follows: From django.http import HttpResponse def index (Request): Return HttpResponse (' Hello, django! ') 3, create

Using Cwrsync to implement a scheduled synchronous backup of server files under Windows (with error handling method) _ Server Other

First to download the Cwrsync server and client software, download the following address: Service side: Cwrsync Server (multiple server file Sync Service) V4.1.0 Free Edition Client: Cwrsync (multi-server file synchronization Client) V4.1.0 Free

Windows Powershell Foreach Loop _powershell

Here are two examples: Copy Code code as follows: $array =7..10 foreach ($n in $array) { $n * $n } #49 #64 #81 #100 foreach ($file in dir c:\windows) { if ($file. LENGTH-GT 1MB) { $File. Name } } #explorer. exe

Conditional operator _powershell for Windows PowerShell conditional expressions

Comparison operators in Powershell-eq: Equal To-ne: Not equal to-GT: Greater Than-ge: greater than or equal-LT: Less than-le: less than or equal-contains: Contains-notcontains: does not contain For comparison You can enter the comparison

PowerShell to view the current version, Windows version,. NET version information of the code _powershell

PowerShell view current version, Windows version,. NET version informationThere are a number of cmdlet or cmdlet parameters that are not supported in different versions of PowerShell. Therefore, it is very important to find out the current version

OpenStack Create a Windows mirroring implementation step _openstack

OpenStack Create a Windows mirror Create a Windows Mirror Create an IMG file Kvm-img create-f qcow2 Win7.qcow2 30G Download Virtio Driver wget Http://

Windows Direct Click Startup.bat Start Tomcat Service sample code _dos/bat

On the XP has already installed the JDK1.5 and set up the Java_home, but the Tomcat is not found in the boot process. The error message is as follows: Neither the Java_home nor the JRE_HOME environment variable is defined at least one of these

Programming Windows system directory variables shorthand _dos/bat

%allusersprofile% C:\Documents and Settings\All Users %USERPROFILE% C:\Documents and Settings\ Current user name %homepath% C:\Documents and Settings\ Current user name %SYSTEMROOT% C:\WINDOWS %WINDIR% C:\WINDOWS %comspec%

Windows 2003 Server Installation IIS6.0 and IIS self-service FTP server graphics tutorial _win server

Write this article is mainly to help just contact the server or cloud host small white, the vast majority of novice just contact Windows 2003 Server are installed IIS server, below we have 2003 server to install IIS and IIS with the FTP server to do

Aliyun Windows 2003 installation iis+ftp Graphics Tutorial _win Server

Windows IIs +ftp Installation Start----Control Panel----Add or Remove Programs as shown The following interface appears click "Add/Remove Windows Component (a)" as shown The following interface appears Select Application Server Click

Installing Apache2, PHP5, MySQL5, and resin with windows on the integration of multiple systems _linux

Behold bumpy many, so feel the need to record down, one for the memo, and secondly hope to help later, avoid unnecessary detours. My installation procedures also refer to the experience of many predecessors, in this together to express our gratitude.

Windows Powershell environment variable _powershell

Conventional consoles generally do not have such advanced variable systems as PowerShell. They are all dependent on the environment variables of the machine itself to operate. Environment variables are important to PowerShell because they cover a

Windows Powershell Introduction and Installation _powershell

Powershell is a command-line scripting environment that runs automation of system and application management on a Windows machine. You can think of it as a command-line prompt Cmd.exe expansion, no, it should be subversion. PowerShell need. NET

Nginx Proxy Django Installation configuration instance under Windows _nginx

I. Installation of Djanjo1, download the source code This article downloads the Djanjo version is 1.5.1, the download link is as follows: Https:// 2,

Windows SP2 Free installation version-Deepinxp PLUS V2 Beta Download _ Common Tools

Design principles:1. Easy installation: No activation, no unattended, no manual loading Sata/raid drive, automatic installation of a variety of hardware drivers, free to choose landscaping themes and common software.2. Fast, Save resources: Optimize

Batch code for Windows bulk Add firewall exception port _dos/bat

Windows bulk Add firewall exception port Copy Code code as follows: echo off Cls Set var=30000 Set end=30010 : Continue set/a var+=1 echo Add Port%var% netsh firewall add portopening TCP%var% ftp_data_%var% If%var%

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