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Windows 8.1 is about to release a public preview on June 26, and Microsoft has already introduced many of the new features of Windows 8.1, and for readers who want to learn about Windows 8.1 and don't like to read long speeches, we summarize the new features of Windows 8.1 that are currently known with simple text. Take a look at it:


--optional local or stored photos in SkyDrive as a lock screen wallpaper, and can be displayed in slide form.

--Theme colors are completely adjustable: You can choose any selection in the full color spectrum, and you can select colors for backgrounds and themes alone.

--More Start screen backgrounds, which also contain dynamic wallpaper.

--You can use desktop wallpaper as the background for the start screen.

Active magnetic Paste

--New Tile size: oversized (2x2 times of normal size) and ultra small size, the weather, calendar, mailbox and other systems built-in applications and Third-party applications can be selected.

--desktop application of the magnetic background color will be based on the software icon of the main color, no longer unified.

--Adjust the activity of the magnetic paste method: Press and drag the tile to resize, reorder, uninstall, you can select multiple tiles at the same time batch processing.

All Applications List

--A new way to access the list of applications: 1, Touch: From the beginning of the screen to slide up; 2, mouse: Click Out now to start the screen in the lower left corner of the downward arrow; 3, set the Start screen in system settings to display the list of applications directly.

--New sorting options: You can filter, sort by name, installation date, most commonly used, type.

--When you download and install a app from Windows store, instead of placing it directly on your start screen, Windows 8.1 will be placed on the "all apps" screen and labeled "New", and you can choose to have the application on the Start screen.

Snap View

--can be displayed side-by 4 application (depending on the screen resolution)

--Adjust the size of the application window in the snap view arbitrarily

--One application can open multiple windows at the same time and show

--No longer limit the minimum screen resolution

--When you open another application from one application, the system will automatically adjust these two applications (for example, open the photos from the mail, then mail application and photo album application will be displayed in 6:4 proportion, from the mail to open the site, then mail application and IE will be displayed in 5:5 proportion)

PC Settings

--metro version of the PC Setup can see all the device settings entries, no longer go to the desktop Control Panel.


--search results from Bing and third party apps (e.g., Bing images, Wikipedia, Bing News, local media, Xbox Music, apps, etc.)

--Customizing search results (for example, filtering for photos in search results based on color)

--Full Screen view

-either on the start screen or on the desktop, you can use the Windows+s shortcut key to open search Charm.

Integrated SkyDrive

--System depth Integration SkyDrive, new SkyDrive folder in File Manager

--Automatically synchronizes content information and previews

--You can choose which files, folders, or file types can be accessed offline

--PC settings and specified application data can be synchronized between multiple PCs via SkyDrive

--Manage SkyDrive storage via PC settings

Network and business

--NFC Touch Matching print: You can match your Windows 8.1 device to a printer that supports NFC technology without networking.

--wi-fi Direct Printing: Windows 8 devices can connect directly to the Wi-Fi Direct printer without installing additional drivers.

--Native Miracast wireless display: Without a data cable or connection card, Windows 8.1 devices can be directly matched by Bluetooth or NFC with a projector that supports Miracast technology, wireless display of your work

--Broadband data sharing: This feature enables Windows 8.1 Mobile broadband PC or tablet machine Wi-Fi hotspot (up to 10 devices to connect to the hotspot).

--On-demand access (assigned access): You can limit the running of a Windows store application to a device based on your actual requirements. When this feature is turned on, the system will block the operation of other programs based on a set of preset filtering conditions, and the user can only access the specified application and cannot access the system files and other applications.


--windows defender new Network activity monitoring function

-Biometrics: All Windows 8.1 editions will contain end-to-end biometric capabilities, allowing you to authenticate using biometrics anywhere in Windows (Windows logon, remote access, UAC, and so on).


--Built-in IE11

--Soft keyboard support spell check, 109 languages

--Built-in application upgrades for albums, music, new readings, calculators, alarm clocks, Bing diets, Bing healthy slimming, camera, help and more.

--Using a Microsoft account to log in to any Windows 8.1 device, this device will "become" yours, your settings, applications and other data with your Microsoft account came to this device.

--Take a picture: You can use a camera with a computer or a tablet in a lock-screen interface without having to log into the system.

--You can listen to Skype calls in the lock screen interface

Files stored in the--SD card will be displayed in each application (such as albums, music, etc.)

--Release date: June 26 Public Preview, official release scheduled for the end of this year, free, through Windows Store push.

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