Windows Service Manipulation Tips

Along with the study of Windows services, gradually mastered some tips, now share with you. Turning a Windows service into a console program Because of the default Windows service program, the Win32 window program is compiled. When we start or run

Windows Server 2008 FTP Server instance

This example applies to Aliyun. 1, open management, configuration-user-new user, such as: Ftp_user, and set the password, choose never expire and password can not change, others do not move. 2, in IIS (here ignored) in the right site, new-FTP site,

Windows 2003 Erecting user isolation FTP site

The installation of the FTP site seems to be not a difficult thing, we do not need the help of any external tools, only the use of Windows Server system with the IIS features, you can easily set up an FTP site. However, the FTP site installed in

Windows operating system Group Policy application full Raiders (1)

One, what IS Group Policy (i) What is the use of Group Policy? When it comes to Group Policy, you have to mention the registry. The registry is a database of system and application software configuration in Windows System, and with more and more

How to enable SYN attack prevention at the Windows operating system level


SYN (synchronous) is a handshake signal that is used when TCP/IP establishes a connection. When a normal TCP network connection is established between the client and the server, the client first emits a SYN message, the server uses the Syn+ack

Repair and recovery of Windows 2000 active catalogs

Windows2000 in the course of use, we will encounter ad due to accidental damage, then we use what method to restore it? Here we'll discuss Active Directory repair and recovery. First, use Ntdsutil to repair active Directory Depending on the system'

Windows 2000 Active Directory Fault Tolerance

Windows 2000 organizes and manages resources in the network as an Active Directory, and the Active Directory is implemented in the form of a domain, each of which consists of one or more domains. In the domain, the most important server is the

Security management for FTP servers under Windows

Setting up an FTP server has always put security first, especially with FTP servers built with tools like IIS. If the improper setting suffers a malicious attack, the entire server system crash is not alarmist! Therefore, it is necessary to take

Windows 2000 Active Directory Structure Chapter

After a basic understanding of the Active Directory in the previous article, let me touch on the real side of the Active Directory-the structure of the Active Directory. In the last article we talked about the Active Directory is comprised of two

Features of Windows 2000

Windows 2000 was formerly known as Windows NT 5.0, and with the release of a variety of beta versions, people began to deepen their understanding of it from all sides. The new interface, highly integrated functions, consolidated security, convenient

Analysis of the development principle and implementation of Windows Task Manager

WINDOWS2000/XP included in the Task Manager (TASKMGR) I believe everyone is familiar with it, compared to the 2000 features XP is more powerful, the return of the information is more detailed, but do you think there is a lot of hope to get the

API Primer Series III-that deluded Windows character and character pointer type

Hello everyone, through the first two articles, I also read the message, thank those who give me advice and point out the wrong place. Thank you again for your support. In addition, the Windows SDK programming Communication Group has been

One of the API starter Series-that ' annoying ' windows data type

Hello Everybody This is Beyondcode Hello, everyone. I am beyondcode, this whim, planning to do a series of Windows API programming tutorial, used to help some of the Windows API programming confused, puzzled, confused novice friends. Let's explain

Windows interface Programming (1) bitmap background and bit drawing brushes

You can set the background of the dialog box by WM_CTLCOLORDLG messages, as described in MSDN on this message: The Wm_ctlcolordlg sent to a dialog box before the System draws the dialog box. The dialog box can set its text and background colors

Console output under Windows

The console output is like a DOS output, not a graphical interface. Such orders as ping/ipconfig/ftp are such procedures. Recall the past, in a DOS file operation, commonly used to "file handle" concept, the use of file handle operation, very

The class of Windows for compiling tutorials

In this talk, we will learn what window subclasses are and how to use it conveniently in the way you want. Theory: If you've ever worked in a Windows environment, you'll sometimes find that there's a ready-made window with almost all the

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (64) Background tasks: Developing a simple background task

Introduced Re-imagine Windows 8 Store Apps after a task Develop a simple background task Example 1. Create a new background task with Windows runtime components Backgroundtasklib/demo.cs * * Background Task * NOTE: * Background task item

Windows platform DNS Standalone Server zone transfer

Lab Environment Description This experiment was demonstrated using 2 Windows R2, first to install the DNS Service feature role on 2 servers (no need to add domain). The final implementation feature automatically synchronizes to the secondary

SFTP build @windows using Freeshhd&filezilla

Transferred from: XP to build an SSH-based sftp server, server can be used freesshd,f-secure server, etc.,FileZilla server is not available, before the silly with Filez Illa

Windows Session Management

Killing an Oracle process from inside OracleI had a following situation few days Ago–i is running a CREATE TABLE as SELECT over a heterogenous services Dblink. However I cancelled this command via pressing CTRL + C twice in Windows Sqlplus (this

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