Getting started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (i) Development environment configuration

A few days ago, Microsoft released the Kinect for Windows sensor, went in to look at some examples of the Kinect application, and found that the Kinect was able to develop some cool apps in addition to its peripherals as a xbox360 game, and

Improvements and new features of the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.8

This March, Microsoft launched the Kinect for Windows SDK 1.7 update, including the gesture recognition Kinect Interactions and the real time 3D modeling Kinect Fusion two new technologies. Yesterday, Microsoft released the 1.8 version of the Kinect

Windows 8 Instance Tutorial: Layout control

Similar to traditional applications, Windows store application allows developers to manage the application UI through layout controls. This article will discuss WINDOWS8 layout design control. Windows 8 Layout controls In the Windows Store

Getting started with the Kinect for Windows SDK Development (iii) basic knowledge

1. Performance improvement In the code above, for each color image frame, a new bitmap object is created. Because the Kinect video camera has a default acquisition frequency of 30 per second, the application creates 30 bitmap objects per second,

Watch the European Cup games with Windows 7 Video retention Classic

The fiery opening of the European Cup, how many football fans can miss such a wonderful game, but the tragedy is that the European Cup is the early morning live, because many people to work the next day, so can not enjoy the wonderful game, so some

Use Windows 7 Group Policy to "slim down" the system

We know from the Windows XP era that we can optimize the system with Group Policy features, including making the system more secure and efficient. Again, this is inherited in Windows 7 (hereinafter referred to as Win7). This article will explain

Windows 7 patch to help users remove redundant updates

Microsoft has released a Windows 7 update patch to help computer users remove patches that have been downloaded before, easing some of the user's hard disk space. This action shows that while Microsoft has no intention of pushing the second service

Windows Server 2008 R2 offline Join domain environment

This article describes the new features of the Windows Server 2008 R2 that are joined offline (Offline join domain). It provides the following benefits for the enterprise: 1, reduce the TCO of the data center 2, make the enterprise deployment more

Windows 2008 Failover Cluster Preparation article

A failover cluster must meet certain requirements of the hardware, software, and network infrastructure, and it requires an administrative account with the appropriate domain permissions. Specifically as follows: (i) Hardware requirements for

Deploying Exchange Server 2007 SP1 CCR cluster on a Windows Server 2008 failover Cluster

Remember last year that you wrote a piece of Exchange Server 2007 SP1 CCR, but it's a Windows Server 2003-based platform. The failover cluster for Windows Server 2008 has been a number of projects, including SQL 2005, Exchange 2007, and so on. Today,

Detailed deployment steps for the AD DS Active Directory for Windows Server 2008

The Active Directory is not covered here, and the deployment process is essentially the same as compared to Windows server 2003来. New feature features on the ad I have an article in my blog that is reproduced from Gil Kirkpatrick (Windows Server 2008

Windows Server 2008 R2/windows 7 Management 21 Web IIS7.5

This article introduces the simple Web site construction and single IIS multiple domain name, in addition to the introduction of the next 2008r2 IIS has been updated to 7.5, then 7.5 brought us what changes, the following from the user from the MSDN

Windows 2003 Active diretory (ii)--AD and domain

In the 03 domain has been the most important core position, but many people do not understand what is the domain. The next simple definition is that the collection of computers that share the same AD database is a domain. 1, the domain and the

Windows 2003 Active diretory Introduction (i)--Directory Services

First, learn a few important basic concepts: First, directory Services A directory is a collection of information about a group of objects in a particular environment, such as a phone book that records some areas of the phone number. The

Windows XP installation CD 5 step Thin

Many of the files on the Windows XP installation CD are rarely used or even never used, but they occupy a certain amount of disk space. Through the method described in this article, we can produce a more than the original CD-ROM less than 100

Utilize Windows 2000/xp/2003 Recovery Console

The Recovery Console is a tool used by Windows 2000/xp/2003 to repair a system that enables and disables services, formats drives, reads and writes data on local drives (including drives that are formatted as NTFS file systems), and performs many

Windows 2000 logs and how to delete them

Log files for Windows 2000 typically have application logs, security logs, system logs, DNS server logs, FTP logs, www logs, and so on, depending on the services that the server opens. When we use streamer detection, such as IPC detection, will be

Windows XP Console Commands detailed

First, the application of the console detailed 1. Install using Recovery Console There are two ways to use the command Recovery Console, which is booting with the Windows XP boot CD, and then choosing to use the command to restore console repair

Windows Server 2003 mail full introduction (ii)

Basic configuration and management of SMTP service The SMTP virtual server is used to send e-mail to incoming SMTP clients and to forward e-mail messages based on the destination e-mail address. SMTP is similar to an FTP site, with an IP address

Windows Server 2003 mail full introduction (i)

The whole mail system is mainly composed of electronic post Office system and e-mail sending and receiving system. The email send and receive system is called MUA. An electronic post Office system is called an MTA. (1) MUA: When the message is

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