The FTP service for Windows 2003

One: FTP (File Transfer Protocol) overview • Working principle FTP, like most Internet services, is a client/server approach. The use of the method is simple 1> to start the FTP client and establish a connection to the remote host 2> sends a

Experience: Migrate Windows hosts to virtual machines using VMware Convert

A few days ago in a unit, 7 Windows Server 2003 R2 servers (running SQL Server, Web site) migrated to the virtual machine, using VMware Convert 3.02 can be easily migrated, the main steps: Find a larger server, create a shared folder, the folder

Windows log goto syslog tool: Nxlog

Today we recommend a--nxlog Download Address: installation, because it is in MSI format, so it is not said. A simple configuration is required. The test platform is Windows 7 64bit, so after

Using Virtual PC for Windows kernel debugging

The following is an example of Virtual PC 2004, which describes the detailed process of using a Virtual PC for Windows kernel debugging. 1, download and install Virtual PC 2004, Conlio. 2, start Virutal PC Console (console), create a new Virtual

Solution to Windows XP system operation unresponsive failure

When using a Windows XP system, sometimes when you start to enter the system interface, the point is not open, it will take about a minute or so to open. So how do we solve it? Here are a few possible causes and how to deal with them. First of all,

How to establish a GPRS connection in Windows Mobile so that the socket can communicate properly

A recent program to write a medical program, using Windows Mobile to do communications, requires that the data from the phone's end be sent over GPRS to a server on the public web. Data transfer I used the socket, with data line +activesync

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (25) Selector: File Selection window, etc.

Selector: File Selection window, folder Selection window, File Save window Introduced Re-imagine the Windows 8 Store Apps Selector Fileopenpicker-Select a file or multiple files Folderpicker-Select a folder Filesavepicker-Save file to specified

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (46) Multi-thread thread synchronization: lock, etc.

Multi-thread thread synchronization: Lock, Monitor, interlocked, Mutex, ReaderWriterLock Introduced Re-visualize the thread sync for Windows 8 Store Apps Lock-is actually a encapsulation of the Monitor.Enter () and Monitor.Exit () Monitor-Lock

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (38) Contract: Search Contract

Introduced Re-imagine the contract for Windows 8 Store Apps Search Contract-The right-hand sidebar is called Charm, where "searching" is known as search Contract Use search Contract to suggest that the data source is local and that you get

Install apache2+php5+mysql5+phpmyadmin under Windows Vista

In order to reinstall the system later, it is recommended not to install in the system disk, which is installed in D disk. It can be a root directory, or it can be a different directory, but the best directory name should not have spaces, so that

Differences between Windows 7 multiple monitors and multiple displays

When a user is developing an application, it may need to have two screens. One screen is used to display the development interface and another screen to display the results of the test. In this way, users can avoid the hassle of switching between

Teach you to make your own personality Windows 7 themes

I'm tired of the themes I windows7 with? Is it a monotonous day to spend time with beta fish? Here to teach you to make Win7 personalized theme. 1. Right click on the desktop, select "Personalized", in the personalized window to choose "Desktop

Troubleshooting Windows XP that cannot wake up after hibernation

One day, the author was pulled by a friend, said his computer recently appeared a strange phenomenon, that is, every time the computer standby, always to restart to recover, very annoying, ask me what is going on in the end? What should be

Windows XP Pull out the killer who occupies the hard drive

I recently to a friend installed, the new computer home after I helped him install the system, now of course, the preferred Win XP. When you want to partition the system disk, the original thought of an XP system installation is to occupy less than 2

Do you know? Windows 7 XP Mode has blocking malicious program features

Windows 7 's XP mode is very secure when running Office 2003 (virtual Machine) and Office 2007 (local run), and can disrupt the operation of malicious software and interrupt the tools of many hackers. This is actually an unexpected benefit, but the

To change file associations in a Windows XP system

You can specify that files with a specific file name extension are always opened with the same program. You can also modify an existing file type to change its association with a program. You can work with file associations in Windows Explorer or in

How to add programs and Windows components in Windows 2003

This article describes how to add programs and Windows components to a Windows Server 2003-based computer. The Add or Remove Programs tool helps you manage programs on your computer. With this tool, you can add new programs or change, and delete

The five odd strokes of Windows XP recovery system Administrator password

In the process of using the Windows XP operating system, we may have lost the admin password for some reason, but how to recover? Below we introduce five cool strokes can be effective recovery password: Trick 1: You know, Windows xp password is

IE browser add-on management under Windows XP

What is an Internet Explorer add-in? Internet Explorer Add-ins are components that are loaded into the browser for easy and efficient browsing. Common add-ons include additional toolbars, dynamic mouse pointers, stock market information and ad

Mysterious digital signatures in Windows 2000/XP

Do you know? The SP2 of Microsoft's digital signature is the official version (right-click to open the file Properties window to see the digital signature information shown in Figure 1). Figure 1 The File Protection feature of Windows In

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