Windows Development: Windows Ribbon

WINDOWS Feature Area Overview This tutorial is for C + + programmers who develop desktop applications and want to take advantage of the Windows Ribbon framework. The experiment steps will help you add an empty ribbon to your small application, add

Common methods for troubleshooting VPN servers under Windows

The Windows Remote access server allows VPN clients to be identified and transparently connected to the internal network as if they were connected directly to the network. This enables users to work remotely in a secure manner. This article mainly

Introduction to Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services

In today's era of ubiquitous networks, traditional media stand-alone products have become increasingly unable to meet the needs of people, more software vendors have been aware of the network to bring them the convenience and challenges, Microsoft,

Ras+radius in Windows Server 2008

Experimental environment: Windows Server 2008 Intranet IP Extranet IP Windows Server 2008 (NPS) IP Windows XP analog Access side IP Address:

Windows 7 let Messenger to the system tray icon

Windows 7 brings us a whole new set of taskbar and jumplist features that facilitate our management of desktop programs or forms. However, a significant number of users may be temporarily unable to adapt to the location of the icon after installing

Windows Vista SP1 New Create Recovery disk feature

First, SP1 has a very significant performance enhancement and the code has been optimized. Interestingly, this SP1 still has Microsoft internal network share tags embedded with the update source code, such as:

Windows Vista vs. windows 7 taskbar pixel dimensions

One of the most attractive new features of Windows 7 is the Super taskbar "SuperBar", but the powerful footprint of the screen also seems to be a bit larger, and the available space is slightly more stressful for small-size display users. Next, we

Install the application under Windows Server 2008

1. Install Windows Server 2008 on the test computer. 2. Install the application on Windows Server 2008. If you are prompted for permission to install the application, click Allow and continue with the installation. If the installation is successful,

Power Management tips for Windows Vista operating system

In Windows Vista, Microsoft takes the state of sleep as the default energy-saving way. Compared with traditional standby or hibernation, sleep states combine the advantages of both: when the system goes to sleep, automatically saves the data in

Windows 7 improvements in font and text display

Although pictures and videos are now very common on PCs, in fact, the most we usually see is text. In Windows 7, improvements to text and fonts continue, with Directwrite,windows 7 doing better in font display. Why do I need to improve my text

The six versions of Windows Vista are detailed

Windows Vista Product Version classification In various versions of Windows Vista, there are two broad categories of home and business that correspond to each version of Windows XP. XP is currently divided into Windows XP Starter, home, Media

Windows Vista system installation Novice must read

No.1 what to do with the downloaded Windows Vista installation files Currently downloaded documents are generally divided into two situations: A. Download to the ISO file (general Microsoft official download file for this type), use the method is

Installing the Windows 8 experience on a Mac: poor support for the retina screen

Many Mac users occasionally need to use Windows applications, and virtual machine solutions such as Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion, and VirtualBox are often the most convenient. This can result in some loss of performance, but for most people, the

Windows Server-Hyper-V Failover cluster virtual machine affinity policy detailed

Received a mail consultation today how to implement a virtual machine affinity policy in Windows Server 2012, a technical home familiar with VMware vsphere Solutions is sure to be familiar with a dynamic migration strategy called DRS, The VM

Azure Services Platform Step by step nine Windows Azure storage overview

In the first article in this series, "Azure Services Platform Step by step-1th" Introducing the Azure services Platform, Azure services Platform includes 4 sections. Windows Azure is the foundation for supporting the entire Microsoft Cloud Platform (

Detailed explanation of JBoss configuration under Windows

JBoss Configuration User name and password settings for 1.jmx-console logins By default access Http://localhost:8080/jmx-console can browse JBoss deployment management of some information, do not need to enter a username and password, use a bit of

memcached for Windows modify port and maximum memory

To use memcached in Windows, you must first download the memcached for Win32 installation. Download Address: After decompression, just enter the following command in the Command Window

Windows XP quickly creates a list of files using TC

TC (total commander) is a lot of friends like a Super resource management tool, in fact, we can also use TC to quickly create a list of files and management. For example, I want to get all the executable names under the "C:\Windows\SYSTEM32" folder,

Windows XP search Failure Point Pass


Failure 1: The system does not respond by clicking the Search button on the Explorer toolbar or by pressing F3. Workaround: First enter the C:\Windows\inf folder (the Folder property is hidden), right-click the Srchasst.inf file, select the

Microsoft Windows Home Server adds backup capabilities

Microsoft pushes Windows Home Server to upgrade software power Pack3 Beta: Backup is back. Microsoft is about to launch a new power Pack 3 upgrade software for the Windows Home Server system, and Windows home after installing this upgrade software

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