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Computer Store u disk installation system-specific tools, is often called the U disk to start the function of the production tool upgraded version, can be more convenient for computer technicians installed, maintenance computer use of the Super tools. This works 100% successful production of U disk startup, integrated tools more comprehensive, can fully deal with computer technicians common computer fault maintenance work. His advantage is also to support the PE custom automatic quick installation system, DOS state one-click Installation Recovery Gho system, support installation version WIN7 fast installation, reduce installed time more than 5 minutes. Below we will learn how to use U disk to install the original Windows 7 system of the specific steps and methods.

The first kind of method:

The original U disk installation, the tool produced by the U Disk boot menu with WINDOWS7 operating system installation function, use this feature can be Win7 system perfect transplant to your U disk. This feature does not need to enter PE without virtual optical drive, not subject to FAT32 and NTFS file system restrictions, no longer format the U disk, speed far faster than the CD installation, is a pure u disk installation. Since the start command has swapped the disk order, so there will be no installation when the first disk is the situation (real machine test), please feel free to use.

Reminder: Do not test this installation method under the virtual machine, the virtual machine test will generally fail.

Specific steps:

Step 1, the first use of computer store U disk Startup Disk production tools to create a U disk start.

Step 2, find the ISO image of Windows7, open the Win7 ISO image with UltraISO or WinRAR, and extract/extract all files to your U disk root directory.

Step 3, finally in your USB drive to find a file named Bootmgr, the bootmgr renamed to Win7mgr.

Step 4, start the computer with a U disk, select Menu 11, and then select Menu 2 to install the WIN7 operating system directly.

The following steps and CD-ROM installation is not much different, when the installation process automatically reset when you unplug the U disk can continue to install.

The second type of method:

Enter PE to install using Virtual optical drive or hard drive installation tool

Brief steps: Go to boot Menu 11, then select Menu 1, enter PE.

Method 1, use the virtual CD-ROM to load the ISO image of the Win7 system, then open the virtual optical drive and double-click setup.exe to install it. (The computer shop adopts the original method to solve the problem that the original Win7 can not create the system partition under the PE)

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