Synchronous application of heterogeneous database based on Windows service

With the development and application of electronic information, each unit of each enterprise has developed and applied its own information system. Different development technologies and back-end databases are used between the units, and they are

Windows 2003 Server Security Configuration complete article


First, close unwanted ports I'm more careful, I turn off the port first. Only opened 3389 21 80 1433 Some people have been saying what the default 3389 unsafe, on this I do not deny, but the use of the way can only one of the poor lift blasting, you

Windows Web site Server security settings

There are many people who think that Microsoft has too many loopholes, Microsoft's system security is too poor, the Web server is usually not recommended by the Microsoft system, but if the site maintenance staff is very small, by doing some

Windows Advance serve security settings

Network security should be a focus of network management, how to build a secure enterprise network, is the important work of each enterprise management, Windows Advance serve is one of the more popular server operating system, but to secure the

Essential Tools Windows System Group Policy advanced Tips

System Group Policy is almost a network management personnel to manage the network, one of the necessary tools, the conventional application of the tool skills, I believe many people have been familiar with. But the author has always believed that

Windows operating system Group Policy application full Raiders (1)

One, what IS Group Policy (i) What is the use of Group Policy? When it comes to Group Policy, you have to mention the registry. The registry is a database of system and application software configuration in Windows System, and with more and more

Windows system security Settings Method--Advanced Security Chapter

  1. Close DirectDraw This is the C2 level security standard for video cards and memory requirements. Closing DirectDraw may have an impact on programs that need to use DirectX (such as games, playing StarCraft on the server). I'm dizzy. $%$^%^&?? ,

Eight tips to ensure Windows 2000 security

Windows 2000 systems are so much more user-led to the top of the system, but that's not to say that Windows 2000 is not as safe as it is reasonably configured and well-managed. I use Windows 2000 time is not short, for the maintenance of its

Introduction and application of NTFS permissions in Windows 2000

WIN2000 adds a feature that differs from the WIN98 and previous versions of Windows, which is NTFS permissions, and because of this feature, the folder and file level security controls can be implemented in WIN2000, unlike the accounts and passwords

Eight tips for securing your Windows 2000 security

Windows 2000 systems are so much more user-led to the top of the system, but that's not to say that Windows 2000 is not as safe as it is reasonably configured and well-managed. I use Windows 2000 time is not short, for the maintenance of its

Integrating Apache, Tomcat, and IIS under Windows Server

In the article "Perl, PHP, ASP, JSP technology comparison", I used to evaluate and contrast four popular web design languages. As the saying goes, the fish and bear paws are my desire, both can not be both, then there is a way to do the fish and

Windows IIS Log File Analyzer

Windows server has the ability to log records of events that include the following information in its IIS log file: Who visited your site, what visitors viewed, and so on. By periodically checking these log files, site administrators can detect

Five tips for managing Windows servers remotely

Management of a server is not a simple thing, in addition to the "Top ten Webmaster Server Tools" I mentioned yesterday, we may also encounter some puzzling problems and errors, today, I will introduce some moonlight blog in peacetime management

Windows desktop style page production (1)

window| page idea of Windows desktop style page About 1.5 ago, at that time Eva just learned to make a Web site soon, all day for the hard work of the Web page no one looked at, just started to use a drawing software, so in bed to think: Why not do

Management of Windows Web and FTP servers

Once the Web and FTP servers have been created, proper management is required to enable the user's information to be securely and effectively accessed by other visitors. Web and FTP servers are basically the same management, including some general

Two strokes to fill Windows 2003 DNS server vulnerabilities

DNS is the abbreviation for the domain Name System. Everyone in the Internet input URL, is through the domain name resolution system to find the corresponding IP address to access the site. But the recent Microsoft Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 DNS

Windows 8 Store Apps Learning (51) Input: Graffiti Board

Introduced Implement a basic function of a graffiti board by pointer related events Implement a full-featured graffiti board through Inkmanager Example 1. Demonstrates how to implement a graffiti board with only basic functions through pointer

Windows Server 2003 System Quiz Collection


This article describes seven problems that readers may encounter during the use of the Windows Server 2003 operating system. 1. How to turn on DirectX's Directx3d hardware acceleration: A: Open desktop properties, set-> advanced-> Troubleshooting->

Shadow copy feature for Windows 2003 shared folders

In previous Windows File Server resource sharing, when a client accidentally deletes or overwrites a shared file, the administrator must rebuild the shared file so that the shared resource can return to normal. In Windows Server 2003, all this

. NET platform Introduction to Windows Forms programming

Introduction: Microsoft's. NET platform is a new generation of Internet platform. For technical developers,. The two features of the net platform are remarkable, first of all, the common language runtime, the common language runtime platform, and

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