Windows 2000 Security Checklist-Introductory article

In fact, Windows2000 contains a lot of security features and options, and if you configure them properly, Windows 2000 will be a very secure operating system. The specific list is as follows: Primary safety Articles 1. Physical Security The server

Configuring and applying security Templates on Windows 2000

First, Introduction: A security template is a new feature of Windows 2000. It is a physical representation of the security configuration, consisting of a file (. inf) of the security properties supported by Windows 2000. It organizes all existing

Windows XP Super Application Tips 28 Cases

window| Tips If you need to reinstall Windows XP, you usually have to reactivate it. In fact, if you back up the Wpa.dbl file in the Windowssystem32 directory the first time you activate it, you don't have to work on the activation. After you reload

Windows XP Operating System FAQ Questions

window| problem I use Windows XP system, what method can I use to improve the speed of startup? Using the "Bootvis" software provided by Microsoft can effectively improve Windows XP startup speed. This tool is provided in-house by Microsoft and is

Windows starts Cross-platform planning

Just as a few days ago, as it was expected for 2010 (next-generation Windows may support X86 platforms), Microsoft's official window 8 announced yesterday that it first supported the first platform ARM architecture outside X86. This is a milestone

Windows Server Security Settings Introduction

window| Security | server | raiders Objective In fact, in the server security settings, although I have some experience, but there is no research, so I write this article when the heart is very not practical, always afraid to say wrong will be

Manually install the TOMCAT5 into Windows services

Window Because of the habit of directly decompressing, and then copying the entire tomcat to the server, it is necessary to manually install Tomcat as a Windows service; Use the following script to implement:RemREM NT Service install/uninstall

Eight essential methods for ordinary users to maintain Windows system

Window Although it is already a windowsxp/2003, we know that Windows itself is a very open and very fragile system, the slightest use of carelessness may cause system damage, or even paralysis. If the installation and uninstall of the application

Improve efficiency and make Windows operations smarter

window windows to make the system more efficient and more intelligent, is the tireless pursuit of users! However, to do this, we also need to use their brains, the system reasonable tuning. This article summarizes some of the system tuning

Implementation of Windows Automation management (3)

Window The WMI Software Development Kit (SDK) makes it easy to view the available CIM and WIN32 classes. WMI SDK can be from Url=/code/sample.asp?url=/msdn-files/027/001/566/msdncompositedoc.xml

12 Tips for network management of Windows operating systems

window| Skills | Network |window| Skills Network has brought convenience to the application, but also brought danger, therefore, management and security has become a very serious problem. Windows operating system in this area provides a wealth of

Windows Server 2003 cluster post-Setup configuration

Server|window now that the network on each node is configured correctly and the Cluster service is configured, you need to configure the network role to define its functionality in the cluster. Here is a list of network configuration options in

Windows 2003 Clustering Benefits (installation)

The window cluster feature is installed by default. You only need to start Cluster Administrator configuration cluster, or use Cluster.exe to write configuration scripts. In addition, you can install Third-party quorum resources beforehand, and then

Windows XP System Super Practical Tips

window| XP installation For more than a year, recently found that the system has slowed down significantly, using a lot of optimization software, uninstall installed software is useless. In order to find out the crux of the problem, the author first

Windows 2003 Server Technical topics (11)

Server|window First run regedit, find the following build [Hkey_local_machine\system\currentcontrolset\co Ntrol\lsa] RestrictAnonymous = The key value of the DWORD is changed to: 00000001. RestrictAnonymous REG_DWORD 0x0 Default 0x1 Anonymous users

Analysis and application of 8 kinds of Windows security modes

window| people who often use computers safely may have heard that when a computer fails, Windows provides a platform called "Safe Mode" where users can solve a lot of problems-whether it's hardware (driver) or software. But will you use this safe

Delay/timing/Forced popup Windows JS code

Pop-up windows | timing Parameter explanation: Set time: Then.settime (then.gettime () + 1*60*60*1000) Mylove/ttan.htm (Transition page)http://pop-up page in ttan.htm/is the page to be ejected Scroll:1 (scroll bar)Status:1 (status bar)Help:1 (Help

Windows Server 2003 R2 Chinese version to be released soon

server|window| Chinese Since its inception, Windows Server 2003 has been widely used in a variety of user environments, helping many users build a "rock-solid, fastest" application hosting platform. At the same time, Windows Server 2003 goes deeper

Fine solution-Secure configuration of Windows 2000 Server

window| Security | Server Currently, WIN2000 server is one of the more popular servers operating systems, but it is not easy to configure Microsoft's operating system securely. This paper attempts to make a preliminary discussion on the security

COM functions in PHP4 (Windows)--there are examples in which Word documents read and write.

Window|word COM functions in PHP4 (Windows) Alain M. Samoun Introduction The built-in COM functionality of PHP4 is quite attractive for some to us programming in the Win32 environment. So far, there isn't much documentation on the subject. This is

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