Universal player VLC for Windows 8 about to be released

VLC for Windows 8 is finally on the table, the development team announced that the Metro version of the VLC is about to be released, it seems that their troubles in the Windows Store audit has been resolved almost. VLC for Windows 8 VLC for

Remote connection server for Windows 2003 & 2008

1. Select "Start Menu"-"All Programs"-"attachment"-> "Remote Desktop Connection" TIPS: You can also start Remote Desktop Connection by using the Start menu-run, enter the command "MSTSC", or use the shortcut "Win" + "R" to start the Run

How to troubleshoot Windows 8 application Run exception problems

How to troubleshoot Windows 8 application Run exception problems Microsoft has been launching a Windows 8 system for some time now, although its compatibility is much better than other Microsoft's operating systems, but there are still some

Gene6 FTP fails to start after Windows 2008 is cracked


Gene6 FTP is a very good use of FTP server software, the function can say no worse than serv-u, green resource Network All servers are steps G6 FTP. The latest green resources online has a Windows 2008 Enterprise version of the server. Also as

Two quick ways to install network printers under Windows

Windows7 system's Network service is better than the previous Windows system, the installation of network printers under Windows7 is very simple, for many users in the company or school LAN user friends, should have learned a similar approach. Today,

Turn on Windows 8 Self-V feature to create virtual machines

The Hyper-V component was early equipped with a Microsoft Windows Server for easy creation and management of virtualized server computing environments. The Windows 8 system is the first to integrate the enterprise's Hyper-V functionality into a

Hard disk installation Windows 8 system graphics and text tutorial

No optical drive, no CD, no U disk, install a brand-new Windows 8! What do you mean? You don't believe me? Let's see how the software sketch teaches you how to use a hard disk to install a new Windows 8! see this illustrated hard drive installation

Detailed answers to special Flash Player with Windows 8 system self

1. This Flash player is born with the installation of Windows 8 and the uninstall program is not found in the Control Panel, but the icon for the configuration is visible. 2. This flash Player uses no restrictions in the desktop version

Github for Windows use tutorial diagram

1. Download GitHub for Windows: and then install it without saying 2. Landing, after installation, open GitHub, with your GitHub account login. To be aware of, Github for Windows will help you create SSH key, you open the mail should

A detailed tutorial to install a program into a Windows service using Srvany.exe

The Srvany.exe describes Srvany.exe as a useful gadget for the Microsoft Windows Resource Kits toolset. Used to run any EXE program as a Windows service. That is, Srvany is only the service shell of its registration program, this feature is

Windows 7 system taskbar IME icon discoloration

Have to admit, Win7 really should be known as Microsoft's proud, not to mention other, alone beautiful one can not out of its left and right, and to Win7 system to install a beautiful new theme, the replacement of various colors of the operation is

The best alternative to Windows 8 BitLocker

BitLocker Disk Encryption is the overall encryption system that Microsoft has provided in the latest version of Windows. Windows 8 BitLocker also supports disaster recovery for cryptographic systems and data. BitLocker also integrates many

10 practical ways to turn off Windows 8 systems

We have their own consistent way of shutting down, for example, from the Start button under the shutdown, but you know, in fact, there are many ways to close the win 8, now on the introduction of the Windows 8 system to close the multi-method

How does Windows 8 set storage space?

The new features of storage space will make up a data pool with a physical storage facility. This data pool will be created using SATA, USB, and SAS hard drives and can use additional hardware extensions. These virtual hard disks, called "spaces",

How to select a few versions of Windows 8

There are three major versions of WIN8 that we currently have: Windows RT, Windows 8, and Windows 8 Professional, as the Enterprise Edition is primarily enterprise-class, and is of little significance to our average consumer, so we don't think about

What should I do if the Windows system files appear garbled?

Baidu know friends ask the question: why My Computer system files display garbled? The Win7 of my PC is in English, but after downloading and installing the Chinese Language pack, the Chinese software that is downloaded to the computer still

What kind of Windows 8 device is best for you

Today, computer equipment has a wide variety of variants, including tablets, hand-held, and flat-panel hand-held two-hop. These devices all have their own characteristics, so be careful when choosing the equipment. If you are afraid to pick a

How to extend Windows 8 notebook endurance

The new features of the Windows 8 system allow more notebook products to start with touch screens and use app apps to get a better experience so that we often have to use laptops in our daily routine, which means that the laptop lasts longer than it

Unable to open OneDrive Web page under Windows system how to solve

Unable to open OneDrive Web page under Windows system how to solve 1, open the path c:windowssystem32driversetc, in this folder, the Hosts file copy to the desktop; 2, right click on the desktop Hosts file, choose to open with Notepad,

Windows System file Synchronization tips

to sync two batches of files, some might say it's as easy as an elephant's fridge. In fact, the file synchronization is not as simple as I thought. According to the different requirements and environment, file synchronization has different attention.

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