Win7 how to start and stop Windows service programs using the command line

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There are a number of ways to start the Stop service program:

Some programs themselves provide a set of interfaces, you can set up the Kai-stop in this way, you can also use a number of Third-party programs to control the start and stop, such as a certain guardian programs, and the Windows System service management to specify the service program Kai-stop; But these methods are cumbersome to operate, If you need to switch frequently to stop, the above mode of operation is a bit verbose, at this time through the command line to start and stop is very convenient way. The use of the command line is also very simple, the following into the actual operation.

Methods/steps are as follows:

1, the right mouse click on the desktop "Computer" to select the "Management" menu item.

2, click on the "Management" menu, will open the Computer Management window, in the left tree-shaped list, click the "Services" node. The right side of the window is the list of system services items, with service names, service descriptions, status, and so on, where you can terminate the service and adjust how the service is started. Below, we take the "MSSQLSERVER" service in the red circle in the figure as an example.

3, select the service in the list of services, click the right mouse button, in the pop-up menu select the "Properties" menu, open the Properties window.

4. The purpose of opening the Properties window is to get the service name, because the name you see in the list is called "Display name" and you must specify the service name when you use the command line. The red circle in the picture, this name can be selected with the mouse, press the shortcut key CTRL + C to copy to the system Clipboard standby. WINDOWS10 Tutorial

5, with any editor can edit the text, the system comes with Notepad, open Notepad, paste just copied the service name to the text.

6. Add the other parts of the order. Start Service command: NET STAR, stop command with command: net stop, supplemental to service name. Start and stop creating a separate text to control startup and stop.

7. Save the document as. bat format. Click on the File menu in the Notepad menu, select Save, in the pop-up Save dialog box Note: Set save type for all files so that you can name the file suffix. You can, of course, change the file name extension to. bat after you save it in the explorer. In this way, the service command line files that start and stop are all done, and you can easily start and stop the service.

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