Parsing HTML with Qtwebkit under Windows

Environment Windows7 + VS2010 + Qt5.2_opengl Configuring the development environment 1. Installation VS2010 2, install QT 5.2 QT Website: Download and install QT5.2:QT 5.2.1 for Windows 32-bit (VS, OpenGL, 517

Windows 9 increases the storage awareness feature

Microsoft will formally display the Technology Preview version of Windows 9 system at the end of September, and now has a batch of data, screenshots and videos on the Windows 9 system on the web. It is now largely confirmed that the Start menu,

How do I use GitHub for Windows 2.0?

Git is currently the most advanced Distributed version control system, and as a programmer, we need to master its usage:   One: Download github for Windows 2.0   Two: Install GitHub Click after download For the

What to do if a lite Windows system Arduino driver installation fails

If you are using a compact Windows system, you may encounter the problem of "system cannot find the specified file" When installing the Arduino driver, as shown in the following figure: This is because the compact window system deletes

How Windows XP Windows 7 systems manually update a single driver

Failure Phenomenon: How the Windows XP Windows 7 system manually updates a single driver.   Solution: Windows XP System Operation interface 1. Open Device Manager, find the driver that needs to be updated to select "program"; 2.

Explanation of sleep, hibernation, shutdown in Windows system

Failure phenomenon: Sometimes need to leave the computer, shutdown after the computer again will wait for a long time, if not close and more waste of energy, I heard that the Windows system has sleep, hibernation and other functions, what is going

What is the process of Windows Modules Installer worker?

Disabling the Windows Modules Installer worker process is used to ensure system security and stability, disabling the process does more harm than good, and does not recommend that friends be disabled. What is the process of Windows Modules

2 versions of Windows view methods

  Windows version View method One: View from the computer system 1, on the Windows computer desktop "Computer" on the right mouse button, and then click "Properties", as shown in the following figure. Note: If it is a Win8 computer,

Four things to note when performing Windows desktop auditing

When was the last time you had a Windows desktop audit? If you're like most of the network administrators I work with, then you're lucky to be able to use a standard desktop image. A formal audit of everything on the desktop seems impossible.

What is the function of the F1-F12 key in Windows system

F1: If you are in a selected program and need help, please press F1. If you are not in any program now, but are in Resource Manager or desktop, the Windows helper will appear when you press F1. If you are working on a program and want Windows Help,

XP is starting Windows time long or stuck how to do

Do not know when, home computer (Xp SP3), each time you start, in the "Windows are starting" waiting screen, each time to wait for a 45 seconds or so. The following figure: Check the boot start item, and did not find anything unusual, should

Windows which services cannot be blocked

1. Antivirus software service 2.DNS Client Official explanation: The DNS Client Service (dnscache) caches Domain Name System (DNS) names and registers the full computer name of the computer. If the service is stopped, DNS names will continue to be

4 Windows 10 Technology Preview Tips

Windows 10 Technology Preview has already provided downloads, a return to the Start menu, and a second emphasis on the desktop UI to make Windows 10 Technology Preview and Windows 8.1 work differently. The following Windows 10 Technology Preview 4:

Install JMeter pressure test tool in Windows system

The Apache JMeter is a Java based stress testing tool developed by the Apache organization. Used for stress testing of software, which was originally designed for Web application testing but later extended to other test areas. It can be used to test

What about the blue screen when Windows enters system Safe mode

Both the normal access system and the system security mode are blue screen. Sometimes I use a computer and suddenly I use a blue screen. Memory causes of the blue screen, is too much, just a detail of what the reason, if it is a desktop computer

About security policies for Windows servers

1.1.1Windows Server installation system requires at least two partitions, the partition format is in NTFS format; Install the operating system in the case of disconnected network; Install IIS to install only the necessary IIS components (disable

Parsing the main process of Windows XP system

With the XP system running, there are a lot of system processes that support the operation of the XP operating system, which is the main process of XP, but many friends do not understand what the process is? The process is the foundation of the

Windows system security mode has permissions that can be manipulated

The way into Safe mode is to start the computer, press the F8 key (or hold down the CTRL key while you start the computer) before the system enters the Windows splash screen, and in the Startup Options menu that appears, select Safe Mode (safemode)

Which versions of Windows are free to upgrade WIN10

Which versions of Windows can be upgraded free of charge WIN10? Microsoft Official release July 29 will officially launch Windows 10, then the most concerned about is the free upgrade of the problem now. What are the requirements for free upgrades

How to add Windows Defender scan Options to the WIN10 system right-click menu

Familiar friends will know that Windows defender can monitor the system in real time, remove installed ActiveX Plug-ins, and clear the history of most Microsoft programs and other commonly used programs. Can we also add the Windows Defender Scan

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