python2,3 two versions of Windows systems exist at the same time

Specific steps:1Install the downloaded Python2 and Python3 interpreter locally, such as the C packing directory2. Open, Control Panel \ System and Security \ System, select Advanced system settings, environment variables, select Path, click Edit,

Creating a new thread in a multithreaded programming Windows environment

In the Win32 API, the basic function for creating a thread is CreateThread, and _beginthread (ex) is a function of the C + + runtime. Why should there be two of them? Because there are some functions in the C + + runtime that use global quantities,

Windows XP SP1 Privilege escalation

ms05-018 ms05-018Works for Windows 2K SP3/4 | Windows XP SP1/2Download Ms05-018.exe: E6%8f%90%e6%9d%83%e5%b7%a5%e5%85%b7/ms05018%e2

Introduction to Windows server 2016-nano server

WindowsServer 2016 provides a new installation option: Nano Server. Nano Server is a remotely managed server operating system optimized for private clouds and data centers. Similar to the Server Core mode of Windows server, but significantly smaller,

Using Docker for Windows first experience Eqid=8f2ab9fe0000958c000000025a7a66adThis is the second time that you have used Docker for Windows.Recently prepared to study some of the advanced

The 3rd chapter of Windows core programming--in-depth understanding of handle

This article uses WinDbg to understand how functions in a program use handle to query a handle table. So first to open the Win7 under the WinDbg and debugging functions. Solve the kernel debugging problem under Win7 Win7 Debug is not

Windows Server 2016-three ways to query FSMO role information

There are five FSMO operations master roles: the forest-scoped operations master role (schema master) and the domain naming master role (realm naming master), and the domain-wide operations master role three, respectively, the RID master role (RID

Set the local virtual domain name Windows+apache

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hostsAt the bottom of this file, add the following.[HTML]View PlainCopy Info from:

Docker for Windows

Install Package: Click hereDocker for WindowsGet started with Docker for WindowsEnvironment Setting Value: Shared Drivers: You can share drives in a host (that is, a Windows machine) in a Docker container Advanced: For configuring the

How to bulk Add ad users and Custom OUs on Windows Server 2008r2


First of all, we need to find HR to staff information table, the more detailed the betterNote: The password can not be too simple, be sure to meet the complexity of the requirements of the password, or will prompt an error messageThen save the

Windows configuration Receive message is interrupted

Function: When the network programming, the program receives the message, can not wait for the loop and to judge whether the message receives the complete. After you configure Windows to disable the middle end of the network, the program you write

WINDOWS 64-bit SSDT location ideas

In 32-bit Windows we have many methods for locating SSDT, most directly using the export symbols to find SSDT. And then there is through the nt! Disassembly search in the Keaddsystemservicetable function. However, neither of these methods is

Create a file name with a timestamp under Windows

English environment:echo Archive_%date:~-4,4%%date:~-10,2%%date:~-7,2%_%time:~0,2%%time:~3,2%%time:~6,2%.zipChinese: echo generates the file name based on the current date time, ... Set yyyymmdd=%date:~0,4%%date:~5,2%%date:~8,2% Set

Use the Iisnode module to let your node. js app run in Windows system IIS

Recently I prefer to use node. js to do some simple applications, always want to deploy to the production environment, but only one Windows Server 2008 server, and has opened the IIS service, running a lot. NET development site, Port 80 is already

Windows service Programming

1 Basic Concepts1.1windows Service Introductioncreated in their own An executable application that can run for a long time in a Windows session. These services can be started automatically when the computer starts, can be paused and restarted, and

Windows command-line basic usage:

PWD Print working directoryhostname My Computer ' s network namemkdir make DirectoryCD Change DirectoryLS List directoryRmDir Remove DirectoryPUSHD Push DirectoryPOPD Pop DirectoryCP copy a file or directoryRobocopy Robust CopyMV move a file or

Zabbix Installing the Client Agent (Windows and CENTOS7)

On a simple introduction of how to build Zabbix monitoring Server, next to introduce how to install the Zabbix_agent client on Windows and CENTOS7.Zabbix is an enterprise-class open source solution that provides distributed system monitoring and

Offline Weibo tools Open Live writer (and Windows Live writer) installation process and server error 500 troubleshooting

Required Conditions:The. NET Framework 3.5 framework (presumably requires 3.5 or more, unsure as if no one had encountered this related issue) July 27, 2017 the latest official version of 0.6.2 English offline client network disk download

Extranet Zabbix-server use active mode to monitor the company intranet Windows Server

Extranet Zabbix-server use active mode to monitor the company intranet Windows Server1.Zabbix Agent Active Batch tuning client for Active mode monitoringTo adjust template OS Windows templates to active modeSpecific reference

Quickly create a custom file, right-click it, and run the command prompt menu as an administrator.

Quickly create a custom file, right-click it, and run the command prompt menu as an administrator.    Most Windows users use the default file formats created by right-clicking. This may be inconvenient for people we love or have special requirements.

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