WSL and Windows interaction practices

1. What is WSL? 2. WSL new features 3. WSL Management configuration 4. WSL interaction 5. Solution? * 5.1 Using aliases? * More than 5.2 copies one copy? * 5.3 redirect? * 5.4 Symlink 6. Other? * 6.1 Chat? * 6.2 References 1.

Wondering: When Windows 7 hits the KB3159398 patch, what does the GPMC do with user-object-based policies?

In the past, in order to facilitate management or other purposes, we sent the user policy in Group Policy through the GPMC (for example, user folder redirection), simply link this policy to the user's sibling \ Ancestor OU, and then in the "

Windows, switch syslog collection

WINDOW2008 uses the Windows evtsys_x64 dll and EXE files to \windows\system32\Administrator runs cmdCD

DHCP Server (using Windows recommended)

Some small services windows do better than LinuxDHCP Service Overview:name : DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol-Dynamically hosted Config protocol)function : is a LAN protocol that dynamically assigns IP addresses to clients within the LANIt

Windows server, Server Core management

When you install Windows Server 2008 or Windows Server R2, there is a situation in the Setup Wizard where two installation modes appear when you install the Unified version: Full installation and Server Core installation mode (server kernel

RDS Deployment for Windows Server 2016

BrieflyRDS is the abbreviation for Remote Desktop Services, which accelerates and expands desktop and application deployment to any device, helping to secure critical intellectual property while increasing worker productivity and simplifying

A system Backup tool made using Windows API+QT

A system Backup tool made using Windows API+QTBecause the company used a large number of installed equipment, the previous use of Ghost software to deal with, but since the UEFI mode has not been very good application, although there is now Acronis

Windows core programming (3) character encoding detailed

First, the character encoding detailed introduction1. Bytes (byte) is a unit of measurement that is a unit of computer information technology storage capacity2. Meaning of characters: number of characters text and symbols used in computer text, such

Windows Assembly Environment Configuration

Original addressSoftware downloadThe required software has been packaged, including DOSBox and MASM. If not, both software can be downloaded at the address below.汇编环境.zipClick to downloadInstalling DOSBoxInstall the

Windows installation Tomcat

1. Open Official website In the left navigation bar download Select the latest Tomcat 9 below, click "64-bit Windows Zip (PGP, MD5, SHA1)" below the page to proceed3. Unzip to a directory4. Configure Environment

Build your own blog using GitHub pages+jekyll (Windows edition)

The latest whim is to try GitHub pages to build a blog. A whole bunch of online searches, uh ... It seems to be quite simple ... So I roll up my sleeves and do ...Results for my this kind of github registered, git useless, Ruby, Jekyll is not know

Windows configuration Aria2 and Web management panel tutorials

Today is nothing to do, want to find something to toss down, and then see a Debian 7 x64 system environment Configuration ARIA2 and Web Management Panel tutorial, for the Linux server. But many people do not have a server, do not know what is Aria2,

Windows Named Pipes

A named pipe is a network that completes inter-process communication, shielding the underlying network protocol details.When a named pipe is used as a network programming scheme, it actually establishes a C/s communication system and transmits the

Windows configuration Apache Server

Downloaded Apache version: Httpd-2.4.32-o102n-x64-vc14Simple Brute-style configuration:1. Open \conf\httpd.conf to modify lines 60th and No. 224, where 8081 is the port number that is not being used on the computer:Comment out lines 171th,

"Windows core Programming" chapter 3rd--handle Replication related experiments

Write a program that looks at the kernel object of the process so that we can compare whether the child process inherits a handle from the parent process: #include #include#defineNt_success (x) ((x) >= 0)#defineStatus_info_length_mismatch 0xc000

Scripts for automatically deleting outdated files under Windows

scripts for automatically deleting outdated files under windowsPreface :For example, log files are generated every day, long time will have a lot of rubbish. Sort out How to delete files regularly. text :Windows:periodically delete tomcat logs and

Windows XP SP1 Privilege escalation

ms05-018 ms05-018Works for Windows 2K SP3/4 | Windows XP SP1/2Download Ms05-018.exe: E6%8f%90%e6%9d%83%e5%b7%a5%e5%85%b7/ms05018%e2

Introduction to Windows server 2016-nano server

WindowsServer 2016 provides a new installation option: Nano Server. Nano Server is a remotely managed server operating system optimized for private clouds and data centers. Similar to the Server Core mode of Windows server, but significantly smaller,

The 3rd chapter of Windows core programming--in-depth understanding of handle

This article uses WinDbg to understand how functions in a program use handle to query a handle table. So first to open the Win7 under the WinDbg and debugging functions. Solve the kernel debugging problem under Win7 Win7 Debug is not

Windows Server 2016-three ways to query FSMO role information

There are five FSMO operations master roles: the forest-scoped operations master role (schema master) and the domain naming master role (realm naming master), and the domain-wide operations master role three, respectively, the RID master role (RID

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