Installation and configuration under Windows platform mysql5.7

Bo main QQ:819594300Blog address: any questions friends can contact Bo Master, Bo Master will help you answer, thank you for your support!Installing mysql5.7 on Windows requires Administrator privileges on the system.

Windows Server 2008 64-bit MySQL5.6 Installation-free version configuration instructions

1 through the official website download MySQL5.6 version compressed package,;2 Create a directory in the D drive, such as D:\MySQL, to extract the into this directory, as shown in:3 Modify the System

MySQL5.7 installation under Windows

This article explains installing MySQL from a compressed package.1. Download the MySQL compression pack, "Windows (x86, 64-bit), ZIP Archive";2. Unzip the zip package to the desired directory, such as D:\mysql-5.7.18-winx64;3. Create the My.ini file

Windows common Commands Encyclopedia gpedit.msc-– Group Policy2. Sndrec32 ——-Recorder3. Nslookup ——-IP Address Detector is a command-line tool that monitors whether DNS servers in a network can correctly implement domain name

Common DOS commands for Windows

createtime--2016 October 15 16:43:32Author:marydonMigration Time--August 4, 2017 11:50:39Common DOS commands for WindowsRun Win+r, enter CMD to enter DOS command1. View System InformationInput SystemInfo, enter can be2. Copying informationCopy right-

Windows kernel Right

Windows By default is vulnerable to several vulnerabilities this could allow a attacker to execute malicious code in ORD Er to abuse a system. From the other side patching systems sufficiently are one of the main problems in security. Even if an

10 minutes with Windows Server simple to build DHCP Relay Agent!!

for 10 minutes Windows Simple Server Setup DHCP Relay Agent!! First, what is a relay agent?we all know that. IP broadcasts are required for DHCP- assigned addresses , but broadcasts cannot be made between two network segments. So How do clients that

KVM uses Virtio to drive Windows Server virtual machines

KVM installation Windows uses the QEMU virtualized IDE hard drive mode by default, in which case the IO performance is relatively low, and if you use Virtio, you can improve the performance of virtual machine IO. The Virtio-driven network card also

Introduction to Docker for Windows use

In the previous article, the process of running an ASP. NET Core Web API application in Docker was described in the walkthrough Guide. This article describes the use of Docker for Windows.PrerequisiteIn the first two weeks, Docker released the full

Ways to uninstall and install Win10 native apps using Windows PowerShell

The newly refurbishedWin10with a lot of real work and less common in lifeAPP, if you feel that theseAPPuse disk space or want to uninstall these apps (APP),Win10cannot use theWindowsApplication Manager directly and graphically uninstalls these apps,

NPM does not respond to pits------windows configuration Nodejs

Today tried to install Nodejs under Windows, recording a pit of learning:npm-v directly without any reaction after configuring global variables (no matter restart, reload, repair Nodejs is useless)Learn article

Install the IIS 6.0 Management compatibility components in Windows 7 or in Windows Vista from Control Panel (v=exchg.80). aspxInstall the IIS 6.0 Management compatibility components in Windows 7 or in Windows Vista from Control Panel Click Start, click Control Panel, click Programs and Features,

Basic concepts of Windows Program Foundation--windows Applications

Windows is a microcomputer-based operating system that provides applications with a multi-tasking platform that provides consistent graphical Windows and menus for applications.Windows applications have a graphical interface and are driven by events

MAVEN installation under Windows

must have JDK installed Installation steps: 1. Download maven to maven official website download:, download file, If you want to read the source code and want to build

"Git" GitHub for Windows uses (3) GitHub flow usage

In chapter three, there is a pull request on GitHub, which shows all of this project or resource pulling requests.This development process is based on GitHub flow's development model.Online about GitHub Flow Simple introduction There are a lot, but

Installation and configuration of Composer&laravel under Windows configuration First, make sure your PHP version is above 5.59. Open PHP extension, found in php.ini;extension=php_openssl.dll;extension=php_mbstring.dll;extension=php_pdo_mysql.dllRemove the

Windows leverages swarm native Docker cluster Pit summary

Environment: Role Machine name Operating system Ip Note mater web30 windows Server GUI Install the latest recommended patches node web31

Windows automatically deletes batch scripts for files that are N days ago

The database backs up files daily, but only seven days of backup is required, writing a batch script file to automatically delete files from seven days ago and set up scheduled tasksThe Forfiles command is required to delete files

Windows program background Run

Background run configuration for Spring boot appsort out some of the ways that spring boot background runs. Before we introduce the background run configuration, let's review some of the ways that the spring Boot app works: Run the Spring

Copy command for Windows system

Purpose: Copying Files in batchesEnvironment: Windows 7The commands for copying files in the system are generally copy and Xcopy, where the Copy command, which can only copy files, cannot copy folders .Format:Copy source File New fileThe file can be

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