Using filezilla[server+client] to build an FTP service under Windows

FTP server, client open source, commercial very much, tried a lot, really feel filezilla good, popular, open source, stable, safe, high performance.The following illustrated way to explain the quick start filezilla, here a few words, about the FTP

Getting Started with Windows drivers (ii) code structure

Windows Driver basics, reproduced in the source:Windows Driver Architecture:What I want to say is that the structure of the Windows driver is the same as the C + + program structure, and you will feel a lot easier after you know it. First, do the

Ping command tips detailed Windows ping command knowledge Daquan

Windows ping command for most computer enthusiasts are not unfamiliar, through the ping IP can know whether the network is unblocked or network transmission quality, is the network technician commonly used detection network command, most friends to

Getting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speed

This series of articles navigationGetting Started with Windows FFmpeg High speedExplanation of FFmpeg parametersMEncoder and FFmpeg specific explanations (Java processing Video)Java Generate video thumbnails (ffmpeg)Convert video files to FLV using

Windows 7 configuration-driven development environment (using WDK)

1. Install VS2010; Download the WDK (the early DDK), unzip the installation (grmwdk_en_7600_1);2. Create an empty project in VS2010, the project can be named "Driver";3. Configure the solution to add a configuration scheme called driver;4. Configure

Windows platform compiled libiconv-1.11 library (32-bit, 64-bit)

Download libiconv-1.11.1.tar.gz source code from, compile the Win64 bit0. Transfer to command line cmd1, execute AMD64 bit script, D:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft Visual Studio

Zabbix How to monitor Windows machines

Recently, I've been studying Zabbix monitoring Windows machines, involving how to quickly install agents, how to modify and refine Windows monitoring templates, and more. I would like to share my experience with you and hope to help you.1) Install

Windows Game Server-side framework Firefly installation instructions and demo run

Original address: the Company A game server selected Pomelo framework, and then out of a firefly, in order to make a comparison, decided to study Firefly. Look at the Firefly, feel

Using JMeter under Windows

Brief introductionApache JMeter is a 100% pure Java desktop application designed to test the C/s structure of software (such as Web applications). It can be used to test performance including static and dynamic resource programs, such as static

Troubleshoot Ubuntu and Windows file garbled issues (reprint)

Solve the problem of garbled files in Ubuntu and Windows (Debian is also common)1. convert File content encodingA plain text file under Windows, in which the text is encoded as GBK and garbled under Ubuntu, can be converted using the Iconv

Windows Driver Development Fundamentals (v) Data structures for drivers

Windows Driver Development Fundamentals: The data structure of the driver. Reprint please indicate source: is important that the I/O manager defines some data structures.1. Drive Object (Driver_

Open source Ext2read code-How can I tell how many hard disk devices are in Windows?

int Get_ndisks (){HANDLE Hdevice; Handle to examinedint ndisks = 0;Char path[20] = {"\\\\.\\physicaldrive0"};do {TRACE ("ndisks%s", path);Hdevice = Createfilea (path,//drive to openGeneric_read,//access modeFile_share_read,//SHARE modeNULL,//default

Sphinx Simple installation and use under Windows

1,, I here is "Win64 binaries w/mysql+pgsql+libstemmer+id64 support", File name after download:;2, unzip it to D: \ Sphinx, and in D:\sphinx under the new directory

Windows file Memory Mapping

Static intMaplogfile (void) {hfile= CreateFile (". \\db.bin", Generic_read|Generic_write,0, NULL, Open_always, File_attribute_normal|File_flag_write_through, NULL); if(Invalid_handle_value = =hfile) { Gotoerr; } Hmap=createfilemapping (hfile,

Slime: KVM installs Windows Server R2 using Virtio hard drive

This article is starting in Slime Line the world . In the previous article, we introduced the use of the IDE hard disk to install Windows Server R2, which we described using the Virtio hard disk to install Windows Server R2.Description: The default

Character code and keyboards under Windows

Character code and keyboards under WindowsCharacter Setbasically, Windows uses the ANSI character set and not the 8-bits ASCII char set. The ANSI char set contains 255 chars. To enter a char, the user hits a key or a combination of keys (SHIFT,

How to enumerate all processes under Windows

How to enumerate all processes under WindowsPosted on 13:37:00 by Aria and filed under Coding, Windows, Windows MobileTo write a software similar to Windows Task Manager, the first problem is how to implement enumerating all processes. For the

Windows Azure Free First experience-Create a deployment site

A few days ago when I saw a learning Windows Azure Course, send Windows Azure activities, course address: After living to experience the qualification, I can't wait to get over it. Here's how to deploy your

Chrome Notoginseng Beta: Using Windows Directwrite and support <dialog> elements

Today's Chrome Beta release contains a number of new developer features. These features help you create richer, faster, and more compelling web content and applications, especially on mobile devices. Unless otherwise noted, the changes described

Windows Server Note (vi): Active directory Domain Services: New user

Once you've verified the installation of a domain, the first thing you should do is create a domain account:A user account represents a physical entity, such as a person. You can also use a user account as a private service account for some

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