[Windows]7 kind of network programming I/O model Code implementation Instance __ programming

from:http://blog.csdn.net/woshinia/article/details/8585930 Some of the code refers to [Windows Network and Communication programming]. Wang Yanping, the code of some I/O models in the network does not have a deep research on whether the socket can

Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Development Notes (iii) depth frame and IR frame acquisition

(reprint please indicate the source) Using the SDK: Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Public Preview I'll tell you this. Acquisition of depth frame and infrared frame acquisition The Kinect's infrared laser device is able to capture the depth and

Process Explorer for WinCE: Powerful tool to uncover Windows CE System Runtime State

This is an introduction to my own writing a tool for monitoring the Windows CE runtime System State-windows CE Remote Process Explorer. I started developing the Windows CE platform in 2004, and I almost knew nothing about Windows CE, and I wrote

New VULTR mount custom ISO Install Windows XP system and open Remote Desktop tutorial


In the previous article on Vultr "vultr the latest 20 knife discount code 1 years effective-with vultr new version of the explanation" in the blogger introduced vultr new user discount code and other basic situation, the host is often targeted at

Windows Clock Sync problem

Windows clock Sync problem During the system deployment process, the clock synchronization problem is required, which only illustrates the problem of Windows clock synchronization1, the clock server settingsWindows Server 2000 has the Time service

Windows FTP uses

1. Download Address: http://mina.apache.org/ftpserver-project/download_1.0.6.html 2. Extract to D:/ftp 3. Modify D:/ftp/res/conf/ftpd-typical.xml default port is 2121, set password is not encrypted 4. Modify D:/ftp/res/conf/users.properties 5.

Digital image processing into introductory notes--chapter one Windows bitmaps and palettes

the concept of 1.1 bitmaps and palettes 1. True Color map: Its color is as high as 256x256x256 species, that is, including the above mentioned R, G, B color to represent all the colors in the method. A true color image is that it has the ability to

Windows bat batch deletes files that are specified n days ago

Windows under Bat batch, automatically gets the last modification time of the file, and then deletes the file number of days before the specified date, requires Windows Support Forfiles command, XP and the above system with forfiles command.

Install VIEWVC for Subversion under Windows 2003+IIS6


A few days ago curious, also just got a bit of free, and then want to see VIEWVC to Subversion support degree, so want to pretend to play. Good to die, on my VMware workstation just have a Windows Server 2003, I thought, it, but so a lazy, toss me

Using Windows scripts to implement automatic backup of files

We always have some files in the system that need to be backed up regularly. For example, Web pages, configuration files for some applications, and so on. In general, under the Linux system, we can use the TAR command to package some of the

The first part of the detailed process of using ireport to make reports (under Windows environment)

1. Preface On the network can search a lot of use ireport and jasperreport work together to achieve a variety of reporting tasks, but I think very few (almost no) to do a more detailed description of how to use ireport to make a report of the whole

Register the Node.js program as a Windows service __js

Reprint Address: http://www.grati.org/?p=236 Write an article on the deployment of the Nodejs program in Windows and provide a "deploying-node-with-spark (how do I use Spark deployment node)" On the Lemonhall request. The link to the article (thank

Microsoft has no plans to natively support Jet under 64-bit versions of Windows.

The Jet Database Engine'll remain 32-bit for the foreseeable future. Microsoft has no plans to natively support Jet under 64-bit versions of Windows. This means is native 64-bit applications (such as the 64-bit versions of SQL Server) cannot access

Apache recovery after Windows system reload

the Apache recovery after system reload D:/APACHE2/BIN>HTTPD/? USAGE:HTTPD [-D name] [-D directory] [f-file] [-c ' directive '] [-c ' directive '] [-W] [-K start|restart|stop|shutdown] [- K Install|config|uninstall] [-N service_name] [-v] [-v]

Building a UEFI environment under windows

Building a UEFI environment under windowsfirst, the environment preparation1. Install 2012 and above vs https://visualstudio.microsoft.com/2. Download Nasm 2.13.03 http://www.nasm.us/, the default installation directory is C:\nasm and added to the

DOS Command Basics for Windows

What is a DOS commandDOS commands, computer terminology, refers to DOS operating system commands, is a disk-oriented operation command, mainly including directory operation class commands, disk operation class commands, file operation class commands

Second, under Windows ShellCode writing preliminary

Chapter II, under Windows ShellCode writing Preliminary (a) ShellCodeDefinition: The first Shell refers to the human-computer interface, ShellCode is a set of machine code that can accomplish the function we want, usually in the form of a

Three solutions to install Ubuntu Dual system under Windows system

One, virtual machine installation (not recommended)Using the tool: VmwareVirtual machine installation is not recommended if you are not forced to do so, such as Mac OS is incompatible with hardware, frequent Federa installation errors, various

Openssl-1.1.1-pre1 Windows environment Compilation

SceneVS2015 compiling Openssl-1.1.1-pre1ToolsNasm-2.14rc0-installer-x64.exeActiveperl- variablesC:\Program files\nasm (add assembler path)C:\Program Files (x86) \microsoft Visual

Windows Disk Management Overview and technology

Overview of Disk ManagementThe organization of files on storage media is managed by the file systemFAT file systemNtis File Systempartitioning the way MBR and GPT canMBR(master boot record main boot recording)Include Bootstrapper and partition

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