Windows Home-made background running process, exe start-up service

1, production background running programFirst, create a bat script, App.bat, to write the Run command, such as: node App.js >log.logThen download a tool Bat_to_exe_converterto convert bat to exe, convert bat to EXE, as followsAfter generating exe

Recovering the original system method unexpectedly shuts down during Windows Server 2012 upgrade R2

2012 The upgrade R2 process forces the computer to shut down, causing the blue screen to "Bad_system_config_info" after starting again. Using the 2012 installation disk into the attempt to repair the failure (Safe mode nothing to think about), go to

LOGFONT:: Inside windows, the font is represented by a structure called LOGFONT.

Structure prototype:typedef struct taglogfont{//LF LONG lfheight; LONG Lfwidth; LONG lfescapement; LONG lforientation; LONG Lfweight; BYTE Lfitalic; BYTE Lfunderline; BYTE lfstrikeout; BYTE lfCharSet; BYTE lfoutprecision; BYTE lfclipprecision; BYTE

Using the SharePoint REST API in Windows store apps

In the previous article, we introduced the use of the official tools for the Office 365 Rest API, and this article looks at the description, structure, and usage of the SharePoint Rest API itself, as well as some usage experience.Let's take a look

Zabbix Monitoring (ix): Automatic monitoring of Windows services


First, monitoring the status of the service key: Service_state[service] State of service. 0-running, 1-paused, 2-start Pending, 3-pause pending,4-continue Pending, 5-stop Pending, 6-stopped, 7-unknown, 255-no such serviceReturns 0

Windows Server R2 working Folder II experience Chapter

This trial is to experience the Windows Server R2 working folder, but the WIN8.1 system is supported by default, but Microsoft also released the WIN7 support working folder patch, below we first install our patch on the WIN7 computer,

Change the Windows command-line font

Regular work will occasionally use the Windows command line, compile a small program or use some command-line programs or something, but the Chinese version of Windows command line optional font only dot matrix font and the new song body, I do not

Delphi object becomes a previous life of Windows control (key is handle and callback function)

----------------------------------------------------------------------The first step, preparation: Predefined a global win control variable, and a streamlined win control classVarCreationcontrol:twincontrol = nil; Defines a global variable that

Folder link functionality under Windows system MKLINK/LINKD

The Mklink command for Vista and above can create a link to a folder (it feels like a map of a folder). This link is transparent to the application because it implements the folder link from the bottom. (the corresponding function of Windows 2000,xp,

Windows Service Control classes

/// ///Service Invocation Control/// Public classWinservicecontroller {/// ///Service start enabled/// /// types of service calls /// name of the service /// application launches passed in Parameters

debugging Windows programs on XenServer

WinDbgWINDBG is one of a number of tools available from Microsoft that can be used for debugging Windows guests in XenServer env Ironments.You can get the QEMU to passive-open a TCP port in DOM0 for serial output and wait for a connection, the This

Windows Git+tortoisegit Easy-to-use tutorials

Reprinted from tutorial: version)Why Choose git efficiencyA lot of people have a habit of it, what software should be up-to-date, the

Use Scheduled Tasks in Windows Server 2008 to perform a bat batch file in a timed and graphical tutorial

This article focuses on the use of scheduled tasks to execute the BAT batch file in Windows Server in a timed way, so that you can perform your own tasks on a timed basis.First, Windows Server 2008 differs greatly from the other server operating

How to convert the disk format (GPT format) of the WINDOWS8 system to the disk format (MBR format) of a Windows 7 system

Knowledge Point Analysis:Randomly preloaded Win8 computer, the disk is in GPT format, if need to install Win7 and other earlier version system, need to convert to MBR format, use the DiskPart command to complete the conversion.Operation Steps:Note:

Build FileZilla FTP server under Windows

Build FileZilla FTP server under WindowsFTP server is essential, in view of serv-u more and more redundant settings, individuals or prefer simple, clean, to meet the needs of East, so choose FileZilla. The main reason is that TA is a free use of

Installing APC under Windows Server


Eaccelerator seems faster than APC, however, if you are running multiple instances of Apache on the same server, you will understand the second caching utility PHP uses. I use two APC and Eaccelerator, the APC seems to be getting better, only within

How to fix "file missing or corrupt in Windows/system32/config/system" failure

How to fix " Windows/system32/config/system the file is missing or corrupted in the "Failure English original quoted type of error usually indicates that the

How to fix "file missing or corrupt in Windows/system32/config/system" failure

How to fix " Windows/system32/config/system the file is missing or corrupted in the "Failure English original quoted type of error usually indicates that the

About the Windows®api Code Pack for Microsoft®.net Framework

Window 7 (or Vista) offers many new features compared to previous operating systems, which we can use to enhance the user experience in application implementations.These features mainly include the following aspects: Shell Enhancements

Change the location of the Temp folder under "Sonarqube" windows

The latest version of Sonarqube (4.5.1) downloaded by Startsonar.bat file can be started, but cannot be started by Startntservice.bat file because the default temp file is not writable, Java.lang.IllegalStateException:Temp Directory is not

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