Windows compiled Python2.7 source code

This article began a series of articles, in-depth understanding of the Python source code, reading the "Python Source code Analysis," a book reading notes, is a long-term work. There are three parts: Python object model, Python virtual machine,

How to use Windows version Docker and run the Spring Cloud project with Docker at IntelliJ idea

How to use Windows version Docker and use Docker to run Spring Cloud project in IntelliJ Idea # #: Prerequisite Preparation1.1 First please make sure your computer is WINDOWS10 Pro or Enterprise Edition, only these two versions are only available

Windows server2008 DHCP Relay Agent

Windows server2008 DHCP Relay AgentDHCP Relay Agent role:in a large network, there may be multiple subnets. DhcpThe client obtains through the webcast messageDHCPthe response from the serverIPaddress. However, broadcast messages cannot span subnets.

Windows:tomcat Installation-free environment variable configuration + JDK configuration

1. After downloading, I unzipped the directory: D:\Tomcat\apache-tomcat-9.0.1-windows-x642. Install the JDK and JRE, and configure the environment variables;2.1 User variable new Java_home;  2.2 System Variable Classpath added:.; C:\Program

. NET chapter fourth Windows Forms programming

2. Create an MDI form appMDI is a multi-document interface, because an Excel spreadsheet user sometimes needs to manipulate multiple tables at the same time, and MDI just provides a great convenience for this kind of operation.To add a subform to

ANGULAR/CLI installation (Windows environment).

1. Uninstall the previously installed ANGULAR/CLINPM uninstall-g ANGULAR-CLINPM Uninstall--save-dev angular-cliNPM uninstall-g @angular/CLI2: Remove the NPM and NPM cache folders under C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Roaming.3. Uninstall the latest version

Logstash+elasticsearch+kibana-based Log Collection Analysis Scheme (Windows)

PartyCase BackJingTypically, the logs are stored on different devices that are scattered. If you manage hundreds of dozens of of servers, you are also using the traditional method of logging in to each machine in turn. This is not feeling very

Windows under node config NPM global path (stepping pit)

The cause of the matter is: KOA requires v7.6.0 above the Nodejs.However, the window environment to upgrade node is not easy, tried NPM install-g N and N stable and other commands are not valid, and the online recommended NVM does not support

Windows 64-bit system non-hook mode monitoring process creation

The following refer to the hacker line of Defense 2012 consolidated 354 pagesMSDN Quote:The Pssetcreateprocessnotifyroutineex routine registers or removes a callback routine that notifies the caller WH En a process is created or

Windows Local build Hadoop-spark Runtime Environment (hadoop-2.6, spark2.0)

Download Hadoop Http:// Hadoop-2.6.5/hadoop-2.6.5.tar.gz Install HADOOP, configure Hadoop_home, put ${hadoop_home}/bin in Path Download

Windows system timer restarts custom EXE program

The Windows system periodically restarts the custom EXE program as required by the job. Write the following procedure to modify four parameters in a batch file according to the instructions (Readme.txt):1.readme.txtFirst parameter: Process name

Pid=4 problem with 80 ports in Windows being consumed by the system

In Windows, if Tomcat needs to use port 80 and finds that the port is already occupied, Netstat-ano discovers that the 80 port is occupied by a system process, and pid=4. We can find the corresponding process in the following way and then end the

"Windows 10 app development" elaborate text resource file (RESW)

Recently, operas bone version of the Dream of Red mansions is very hot, the old weeks after reading 9 episodes, has been seen Surface of the fan sound. Lin Daiyu and Xue Bao the two characters are not very good, but the Shi Xiangyun doll play well,

Simple use and configuration of 32-bit Windows Nginx

The first few days of work and the front-end department of Students encounter a problem: the front-end students call the server-side interface, the server-side interface gets no cookie. The project is a front-end separation, the server side uses

Windows install git

Build Environment: Windo Server 2012Scheme:Server side: Gitblit. : Git for Windows. : Https:// steps:Server-side:1. Download the JDK. : Http:// (can

Windows Server registers the bat batch as a service that runs in the background and logs off correctly

Batch processing has the following characteristics:1. When you log in to the current window to run, if you close the console, it will be closed together with the program you started.2, if it is started in the form of start/b, then also in the

Install NVM management Nodejs version under Windows

excerpted from 11900000076120111. Download installation and usegithub:download nvm-windows---nvm-setup.zipDuring the program installation process, in Set Node.js Symlink This step directory setting,is the nvm use directory where your nodejs program

Nodejs+npm+windows Configuration

Original article link:| very grateful to the original article Bo master to provide sharing1, download the node installation package, the official website Zip package for decompression free

LEDAPS1.3.0 version ported to Windows platform----HUCSM Cloud Mask Module

This is 2012 years or so in the Baidu space, who knows Baidu space closed ... Transfer to the blog park.Recent projects use the 3.1.2 version of Ledaps, and the new version will be used slowly in subsequent articles.HUCSM is the product of migrating

CMD window case: The default encoding for Windows CMD is GBK

Want to view SQLite's Utf-8 Chinese under windows need to do chcp 65001 to change the current page to UTF-8 encodingCHCP command:Chcp 65001 is replaced by the UTF-8 code page, right-click on the command line title bar, select "Properties", "Font",

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