Windows Basic Command Small set

Windows Basic Command Small set Winver---------Check the Windows version Wmimgmt.msc----Open Windows Management Architecture (WMI) Wupdmgr--------Windows Update wscript--------Windows Script Host Settings Write----------WordPad WINMSD--

"Turn" cmder--windows command line tool

Original link: is an enhanced command-line tool that can not only use all the commands under Windows, but also the commands that can be used by Linux, shell commands.Install

Distributed Monitoring System zabbix-3.0.3-add Windows Monitoring host

In most cases, the on-line servers are Linux systems, but occasionally there are Windows machines. Below is a brief introduction to the following Zabbix adding Windows Monitor:1) Download zabbix_agent for Windows:

You cannot start a service from the command line or from the debugger, you must first install the Windows service (using Installutil.exe), and then start it with the ServerExplorer, Windows Server Management tool, or the net start command

Open the CMD window as an administratorWin7:Registration Service CommandCD C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727InstallUtil.exe D:\HardWareServerService.exe (Hardwareserverservice the name of the project)net start Computerservice

Windows Decompression Edition installs 64-bit Apache2.4.29

Version of Apache [This version requires the installation of the VC 2015 Runtime Library for Windows computers] ( Windows.html#down) (version may be upgraded)Baidu

Build a well-laid Windows program

DataSet object When the application needs to query the data, it can use the DataReader object to read the data, and DataReader can only read one row of data at a time to memory. And keep it connected to the database all the time. It is also

Implementing Windows Data Binding

DataSet DataSet resides in memory temporarily stores dataSimple to understand as a temporary databaseSave data from a data source in memoryIndependent of any databaseCreate a DataSet objectIntroduce a namespace: System. DataDataSet DataSet Object

How to install SVN Server Implementation Code versioning on a Windows PC

One download-Install SVN SvnserverFirst go to the official website to download the server version of SVN server: a version to downloadConfigurationRepositories is the Repository users manage logged-in

Windows PowerShell Script execution

Execute PowerShell under CMD into shell mode: commands under Windows can be executed such as:Date ping ipconfig shutdown-Select-string255" Address"1, execute script preparation: Get-executionpolicy You can choose to use the execution policy is:

Implementing data updates for Windows programs

1: A new type:Enumeration:Enumeration is a descriptive nameDefine a limited set of values that cannot contain methodsTo constrain a possible valueEnumeration guarantees the rationality of the assignment2:public enum grader (name of enum)

Scripts may close only the Windows this were opened by it browser JS Control cannot shut down the current page

Not form Open sub-page with JS Window.close under Chrome will be prompted to shut down.Many of the online solutions are to empty the current page, in IE and 360 browser can not directly close the page, to the stack Overflow solution:if

Check the password suite supported by the Windows system

Windows 10 clients and Windows Server 2016 servers can use the PowerShell command to obtain a list of system-supported cipher suites, disabling the ability to enable the appropriate cipher suites.#命令链接:

Windows Server 2008r2 Roaming User Configuration

Roaming A user profile refers to a server-based user profile that is downloaded to the local computer when a roaming user logs on, while the user logs off when both local and server are updated . Roaming enables users in a domain to log on to any

Forwarding: How Windows manages memory

(1) There are three ways: virtual memory, memory mapped file, memory stack.Virtual memory is the loading of page files into memory and is suitable for larger objects or structures;A memory-mapped file is a memory-sharing process that loads files on

Windows server2008 DHCP Relay Agent

Windows server2008 DHCP Relay AgentDHCP Relay Agent role:in a large network, there may be multiple subnets. DhcpThe client obtains through the webcast messageDHCPthe response from the serverIPaddress. However, broadcast messages cannot span subnets.

PCL 1.60 +windows+vs2010 Installation and configuration

about PCLPcl(Point Cloud Library) is a large cross-platform open source that has been built on the basis of previous point cloud-related researchC + +programming Library, which realizes a large number of point cloud-related general-purpose

Windows codeblocks error undefined reference to ' wsastartup@8 ' |

Windows C++socket Programming, call WSAStartup function error: undefined reference to ' [email protected] ' |I'm using Codeblocks MinGW.MinGW provides a simple and convenient development environment based on the GCC program under Windows. MinGW

Django1.9.8 + xadmin + Windows Quick Build website

1. Create a Python virtual environmentPip Install Virtualenvwrapper-winMkvirtualenv env3.4Workon env3.4DeactivatePip Install VirtualenvVirtualenv-p C:\Python27\python.exe env2.7CD Env2.7\scripts\activateDeactivate2. Install DjangoPip Install django==

Ubuntu 12.04 Simple configuration Samba service for host and virtual machine interoperability (set up Windows virtual Disk)

Environment:VirtualBox ubuntu12.04First of all, if you go to this step, it means that your window and Linux network has been well-equipped, they can ping each other, if not, please see my previous article Because my Linux connection Way is the

Logstash+elasticsearch+kibana-based Log Collection Analysis Scheme (Windows)

PartyCase BackJingTypically, the logs are stored on different devices that are scattered. If you manage hundreds of dozens of of servers, you are also using the traditional method of logging in to each machine in turn. This is not feeling very

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