Windows removes useless services

How do I delete a useless service in Windows?The Windows service, also known as Windows Services, is the foundation of the Windows operating system and the Windows network and is part of the core of the system and supports various operations across

The edit command was canceled in 64-bit Windows DOS

While playing the DOS command line, I wanted to edit the txt file with copy con, and then I didn't want to use Notepad, so I went online to find the command line to edit the text file (just want to install B), and the result saw the edit command.As

Windows compile and debug Nginx

Typora-copy-images-to:imagewindows under Compile and debug NginxLinux uses the GDB tracking code is inefficient, in the tracking code for source analysis, and positioning complex logic problems, if there is a simple and easy to use debugging

[K8s]kubectl Windows configuration (kubernetic)


Reference:Https:// the win client and put it in pathHttps://

Windows uses Gogs to build a Git server

Just a couple of words.Previous use of Gitblit in Windows to build a git server, also very good, may be installed a little bit more trouble. Now the full use of gogs in Windows to build a git server, mainly because the interface looks good, more

Windows gets MAC address

Windows obtains the MAC address, StringBuffer is a custom string class that can be referenced #include #include #include extern "C" {# Include "StringBuffer.h"}typedef struct _mac{char

Windows configuration git

Every time you want to use GIT commands to open the GIT bash operation, too much trouble, to use the git command directly under the DOS window requires the following environment variable configuration.1. System environment variable path added:

Create a RABBITMQ cluster in a single-machine environment in Windows

This article is based on: finishingRABBITMQ has a very good messaging performance, but also open source software, the use of a wide range.Because you are using a Windows system, in a

Windows Server system Security Defense hardening method

Windows Server system Security Defense hardening method Update:2017-06-01 19:24 The Windows Server security hardening scenario, which is primarily for Windows Server R2, is also applicable for other systems such as 2012. 1Delete

Install node. js on Windows

Windows installation package (. msi)node. JS Installation Address: paper takes Node-v8.9.1-x64.msi as an example,Step 1: Double-click the downloaded installation package Node-v8.9.1-x64.msi, as shown in:Step 2:

I. The selection (SELECT) model of the Windows I/O model

1. Select Model:Select model: Through a Fd_set collection management socket, after the socket requirements are met, the socket is notified. Let the socket work. Avoid sockets entering blocking mode and making unnecessary waits. Select the Fd_set

"Turn" cmder--windows command line tool

Original link: is an enhanced command-line tool that can not only use all the commands under Windows, but also the commands that can be used by Linux, shell commands.Install

Windows Deployment JBoss

First step: Install MySQLMySQL version is version650) this.width=650; "Src=" Https:// -wmp_4-s_4027285295.png "title=" 1.png "alt=" 6e51b1ac3c5284050

You cannot start a service from the command line or from the debugger, you must first install the Windows service (using Installutil.exe), and then start it with the ServerExplorer, Windows Server Management tool, or the net start command

Open the CMD window as an administratorWin7:Registration Service CommandCD C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727InstallUtil.exe D:\HardWareServerService.exe (Hardwareserverservice the name of the project)net start Computerservice

Build a well-laid Windows program

DataSet object When the application needs to query the data, it can use the DataReader object to read the data, and DataReader can only read one row of data at a time to memory. And keep it connected to the database all the time. It is also

Implementing Windows Data Binding

DataSet DataSet resides in memory temporarily stores dataSimple to understand as a temporary databaseSave data from a data source in memoryIndependent of any databaseCreate a DataSet objectIntroduce a namespace: System. DataDataSet DataSet Object

Implementing data updates for Windows programs

1: A new type:Enumeration:Enumeration is a descriptive nameDefine a limited set of values that cannot contain methodsTo constrain a possible valueEnumeration guarantees the rationality of the assignment2:public enum grader (name of enum)

Windows XAMMP Multi-port Access project

Some days did not tidy up knowledge, many new things do not tidy up a long time to forget. It seems that we have to keep on finishing.Configure XAMPP Multi-port, multisite the following steps:Multi-Port:(multiple ports are configured under a single

PerfDisk "failed to read disk performance information from the system in Windows Server 2003.

PerfDisk "failed to read disk performance information from the system in Windows Server 2003. "The problem solved 2015-01-22 09:49:02Tags: Windows Server2003 perfdisk Disk Performance counter original works, allow reprint, when reproduced please be

Find memory leaks with CRT and find memory leaks with CRT

Find memory leaks with CRT and find memory leaks with CRT Reference original address: Https://   1. include strictly in the following order in program 1 #define _CRTDBG_MAP_ALLOC 2 #include 3

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