MySql5.7.11 for Windows installation (ii)

Original: MySql5.7.11 for Windows installation (ii) After installation, first create the Data folder (the old version would have been), the administrator open CMD,CD to the Bin folder, enterThe Mysqld–initialize-insecure–user=mysql,data

MySql5.7.11 for Windows installation Lite (i)

Original: MySql5.7.11 for Windows installation Lite (i) Download the compressed package from the official website, I downloaded the 64-bit. Extract. Streamline:-bin only keep Mysqladmin.exe mysqld.exe Mysql.exe Share

Windows platform VC + + 6.0 under the Network programming Learning-Simple test Winsock.h header file

Recently learning data structures and algorithms have been a little tired (seemingly not so tired ...) )... Looking for this network programming turned over as a small basis, and intend to continue to learn the data structure side also look at the

Research on concurrent thread programming of Windows multithreading

As a distributed server developer, in the field of server development, multi-threaded development and concurrent programming have their own experiences and experience, willing to share to colleagues, today discusses the Windows thread concurrent

Java6 and Java8 coexist on windows

0x00 RequirementsRecently in an Android project, the first installation was JAVA8 for project development. However, in the latter part of the project need to use Drozer to detect the security of the project, to build Drozer test environment must use

ANGULAR/CLI installation (Windows environment).

1. Uninstall the previously installed ANGULAR/CLINPM uninstall-g ANGULAR-CLINPM Uninstall--save-dev angular-cliNPM uninstall-g @angular/CLI2: Remove the NPM and NPM cache folders under C:\Users\lenovo\AppData\Roaming.3. Uninstall the latest version

Simple use and configuration of 32-bit Windows Nginx

The first few days of work and the front-end department of Students encounter a problem: the front-end students call the server-side interface, the server-side interface gets no cookie. The project is a front-end separation, the server side uses

Windows Server registers the bat batch as a service that runs in the background and logs off correctly

Batch processing has the following characteristics:1. When you log in to the current window to run, if you close the console, it will be closed together with the program you started.2, if it is started in the form of start/b, then also in the

Install NVM management Nodejs version under Windows

excerpted from 11900000076120111. Download installation and usegithub:download nvm-windows---nvm-setup.zipDuring the program installation process, in Set Node.js Symlink This step directory setting,is the nvm use directory where your nodejs program

LEDAPS1.3.0 version ported to Windows platform----HUCSM Cloud Mask Module

This is 2012 years or so in the Baidu space, who knows Baidu space closed ... Transfer to the blog park.Recent projects use the 3.1.2 version of Ledaps, and the new version will be used slowly in subsequent articles.HUCSM is the product of migrating

Windows installation composer

Download Install Https:// I installed the c:/composer, and did not set the environment variable.The following detects whether the installation was successful.CMD to perform the installation

Windows 2016 installation of SharePoint 2016 preinstalled components failed

Windows 2016 installation of SharePoint 2016 preinstalled components failedThe logs are as follows:1 .- the- One -: +:Panax Notoginseng-Request forInstall time of the Web Server (IIS) role2 .- the- One -: +: --Request forInstall time of the Web

Idea download after initial configuration (in Windows environment)

The professional version of IntelliJ can be used for 30 days free of charge. For future development convenience, we need to download the professional version for cracking and configuration.First, crackThe installation process has an interface as

Windows Server + Exchange +office365 Hybrid Deployment (iii)

Windows Server + Exchange +office365 Hybrid Deployment (iii)The previous two articles focused on the pre-deployment of hybrid deployments, which are almost ready, since we are doing a hybrid deployment, we also need to synchronize local domain users

Windows Server + Exchange +office365 Hybrid deployment (i)

Windows Server + Exchange +office365 Hybrid deployment (i)Long time no some blog, recently busy with other work, so take some time to hurry to write a few articles about Office365, hoping to help the needy friends; in fact, Office365 has been out

Windows Management Framework WMF overview

Windows Management Framework WMF overviewWindows Management Framework WMF is a Windows-based, cross-server architecture for the consistency management interface. It contains the following features: Windows PowerShell Windows PowerShell

Shortcut-based Putty password-free login on Windows

Create Putty.exe shortcut, right click Putty Shortcut, properties, target, plus account password port parameters, save, close;Putty.exe [-ssh |-telnet |-rlogin |-raw] [[Email Protected]]hostExample:putty-ssh-l VAGRANT-PW vagrant-p 2222

CMD window case: The default encoding for Windows CMD is GBK

Want to view SQLite's Utf-8 Chinese under windows need to do chcp 65001 to change the current page to UTF-8 encodingCHCP command:Chcp 65001 is replaced by the UTF-8 code page, right-click on the command line title bar, select "Properties", "Font",

Windows right-of-reference list

The vulnerability list #Security Bulletin #KB #Description #Operating System cve-2017-0213 [Windows COM elevation of Privilege Vul Nerability] (Windows 10/8.1/7/2016/2010/2008) ms17-010 [KB4013389] [Windows Kernel Mode Drivers] (Windows

1.cocos-x failed to create a project after Windows Setup is complete

After using Python to install the Cocos Environment, a new project error occurred.Conjecture may be a path error, because the original directory is in the D:\360 speed browser download \cocos2d-x-3.15.1, containing the Chinese path , and finally

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