Transfer plsql under Windows to Ubuntu

1, first download the installation wine, install the unsuccessful update under the source can be.2,ctal+alt+t Open the console:CD ~/.wine/drive_cMkdir-p Oracle/binMkdir-p Oracle/networkCopy the Tnsnames.ora under Windows Oracle Server into the

MD5 encryption fails to start: This implementation is not part of the Windows platform FIPS validated cryptographic algorithm

A problem occurred:This problem occurs because of a booking assistant. NET uses the MD5 algorithm, and the system's Group Policy security settings prevent this algorithm from being used.To fix this problem, follow these steps (choose one of the two

"Turn" JS () detailed (URL, name, features, replace)Arguments -parametersURL Optional String parameter that points to the URL of the document to display in a new window. If this argument is omitted, or if the argument is an empty string, the new window does

Qt for Windows message loops, LIBQXT analysis, and WinCE accelerator processing

Qt for Windows message loops, LIBQXT analysis, and WinCE accelerator processingUsing QT to do Windows graphics interface development compared to MFC, the personal feeling is relatively simple and useful: first Use the designer tool to make a UI file,

Windows creators Update full version download link

"WINDOWS10 Creators Update official edition"windows10creatorsupdate,2017 April 5 release, Development code Redstone2 (RS2), the system version number Version1703, compile version number Build15063.This is the latest official version, which replaces

Windows Mount NFS File system

Host Operating system IP Address Package nfs host centos7.2 nfs-utils, Rpcbind windows Client windows server, Network File system

Windows command line Cmder tool

Windows under the system comes with command-line tools, it is too ugly, after entering the command, sometimes typesetting messy, and the use of LIUNX system commands, it is not acceptable, such a crappy tool, so I recommend a practical open source

Windows Web site Configuration ipv6

I. OverviewIPV6 is a next-generation IP protocol designed to replace the current version of the IP Protocol (IPV4) in the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), Internet Engineering tasks, and IPv6 and IPv4 compatibility is not good, difficult to

LVS Load Balancer realserver Windows configuration

It's easier to tie a VIP to Lo in Linux, and Windows is easy.First open run--input Hdwwiz will pop up adding device: 650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float : none;

18. Use Windows Device Portal to get user flash dump

Collecting dump on a user's computer is an effective way when the UWP has a flashback on the user's computer and is not easy to use VS for remote Debug because of the user's distance, and it is more unlikely that users will be able to install Visual

SCCM 2012 upgrade to 1702 Windows 10 patch update issue

After upgrading SCCM version 2012 to 1702 (, two Windows 10 installations and personal Windows 20,161 were not receiving push update patches directly , both the client version and the status are normal.

Windows Mount Gluster replicated volumes

Tag:mina   reader    file     pattern matching    software    stat   cmd    explain     avoid     -T Glusterfs[[email protected] mnt]# df-hFilesystem Size used Avail use% mountedon/dev/mapper/volgroup-lv_root

Nginx+tomcat build high-performance load Balancing cluster-windows local beta

First, install Tomcat and NginxFirst install two apache-tomcat-8.0.41,:http://tomcat.apache.organd install a nginx-1.13.0, green version, directly decompression can be used, do not need to do environment variables

Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 Development Note (15) Gesture frame

??(reproduced please specify the source)Using the SDK: Kinect for Windows SDK v2.0 public preview1409As before, the function/method/interface hyperlink is not attached because the SDK is not complete.This is the end of the new thing. Is the "gesture

Installing the dig command under Windows system

Dig is a tool for DNS query information under Linux, the full name is Domain information Groper, similar to Nslookup, but more powerful than Nslookup functionality. Windows only Nslookup, if you want to use the dig command, you can only install it

Windows under Bat script determines whether a port is available

Environment:A server on the use of Portmap do port forwarding, but this program often kneel, need to manually restartSolution Ideas:Through the bat to monitor the program port, does not automatically restart the time, if the port is available, then

NBU Client for Windows installation

NBU Client for Windows installation Client Add NBU SERVER hosts resolution 650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "/>2. Add client hosts resolution in Nbu server

Wampserver Configuration Tutorial in Windows environment

For the first to make a PHP website for friends, it is certainly hoped that in their own computer is to build PHP environment, save space and upload trouble! But building the environment is not an easy thing, especially for novice students! So here

Logging the Windows Remote Desktop User logon log through a CMD script

@echo offif "%1" = = "h" goto begin Mshta Vbscript:createobject ("Wscript.Shell"). Run ("%~nx0 h", 0) (window.close) && ; Exit:begin set Port=3389set checkinterval=2set prev= "": Loopset curr=for/f "delims="%%i in (' Netstat-n-p TCP ^|find ^ ":%port%

Load balancing under IIS for Windows

From the large-scale Web application system, due to the large amount of data requested and the factors of concurrency, the web system will be the phenomenon of downtime, the method of solving this

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